Syria War was Planned In Advance, Because Syria is Anti-Israel, Says Ex-French Foreign Minister Dumas

same for the war in Kosovo, Irak !
Syria War Was Planned In Advance (in 2009), Because Syria is Anti-Israel, Says Ex-French Foreign Minister Dumas

The war in Syria was planned years in advance, and the motive was to overthrow a regime that Israel regards as hostile, says former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas. „I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria,“ said Dumas in a recent interview with French television LCP. „This operation goes way back. It was prepared, preconceived and organized …“ Responding to a question on the motive behind the war, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives, Dumas said, „Very simple! With the very simple aim! To overthrow the Syrian government, because in the region, it’s important to understand, that this Syrian regime has a very anti-Israeli stance. Consequently, everything that moves in the region — and I have this from the former Israeli prime minister, who told me ‚We’ll try to get on with our neighboring states, but those who don’t get along, we will take them down‘.“

Wesley Clark told the same: in about 2002

Es ist bisher keinem Kommentator gelungen, auf folgendes Interview des ehemaligen französischen Außenministers Roland Dumas zu verlinken:
Meine Übersetzung:
Ich will Ihnen mal was sagen. Ungefährt zwei Jahre vor Ausbruch der Feindseligkeiten war ich in anderen Geschäften in England, nicht wegen Syrien. Ich traf mich mit britischen Vertretern, und einige von ihnen, Freunde von mir, gaben mir gegenüber zu, indem sie nach meiner Meinung fragten, daß sie etwas in Syrien vorbereiteten. Das war in England, und nicht in den Vereinigten Staaten. England bereitete die Invasion der Rebellen in Syrien vor. Sie fragten mich als ehemaligen Außenminister sogar, ob ich daran teilnehmen wolle. Natürlich lehnte ich ab. Ich bin Franzose, das interessiert mich nicht. Das heißt, diese Operation kommt von einem Ort weit entfernt (von Syrien).

So etwas kann man natürlich nicht veröffentlichen.


Having covertly provided arms to Al Qaeda insurgents, they have now moved to the overt stage, a move over which even arch hawks such as former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, and former Republican Senator Richard Luger, urged caution.


The aggressor nations in the war on Syria need to be held accountable for their part in fomenting the conflict in the country, and should be made to pay war reparations.

Kosovo – Syrien – Bosnien – Libyen – Afghanistan – Irak : American cultur

NATO Kultur:

Erdogans real problems

Turkey’s real estate boom may be poised to hit a wall< Business News Correspondent – 28.06.2013

Turkey’s raging real estate boom, visible in the ever-soaring skyline, may be poised to hit a wall as consumer demand crumbles on the back of dual blows from domestic unrest and the broad-based emerging market selloff.

Borrowing costs in Turkey had been rising from a record low 4.61% to 6.08% in the two weeks ended May 31 as investors left developing economies amid U.S. Federal Reserve signals that it will end monetary easing. Three weeks of violent protests then sent yields on the government’s benchmark two-year bonds soaring past 8%.

The spike threatens the rapid expansion in Turkey’s real estate market, a darling of both foreign and local investors. Rapidly rising home prices that outpaced many emerging market peers were supported by mortgage rates that more than halved in the last three years and steady consumer confidence in the government’s ability to weather waves of global economic crises.

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