Moldawien: Drehscheibe für Mord und Geldwäsche

Auffälllig ist hier das die KAS (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung) auch hier nur dummes Zeug von sich gibt, nach dem Motto:
Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt. Moldawien, spielt eine Rolle auch bei dem Mord an dem Anwalt: S. Magnitski

The Moldovan House of Fraud
MagnitskyIn the winter of 2008, more than US$52 million poured through the bank accounts of two ghost companies based in Moldova. These companies were conduits for money that a ring of Russian state officials and organized crime figures stole through a complex tax fraud scheme.

The fraud was exposed by Russian lawyer Sergey Magnitski who was working for Hermitage Capital, an American owned company that was unknowingly used by the ring.  However, Russian officials instead jailed Magnitsky and he died from mistreatment in a Russian prison. The case has led to an acrimonious dispute among the governments of Russia, the United States and several European Union countries.

The Organized Crime and Corrupting Reporting Project (OCCRP) has found that more than one-fifth of the money was channelled by two companies, Bunicon-Impex SRL and Elenast-Com SRL — to beneficiaries through a maze of companies stretching from Russia’s far east to Cyprus.


Following the trail of the money stolen in Russia’s largest tax scam.

The OCCRP investigation is at the heart of official inquiries in the Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia and Switzerland. Swiss authorities froze bank accounts associated with some of the persons and companies mentioned in our reporting.

Now OCCRP reporters have found new evidence that the fraud Magnitsky uncovered was part of a larger money laundering operation….

A Murderer’s Trail

Friday, 05 April 2013 00:34
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Vitalie Proca shot an innocent man in Bucharest, Romania (

By Mihai Munteanu, Luke Harding, Ion Preașcă, Iurie Sănduță, Cristi Ciupercă

In November of 2012, a Mercedes pulled up to a home not far from downtown Bucharest, the capital of Romania.  As the young driver got out of his car, a thin, blonde man in his early 30s emerged from the shadows and fired a dozen bullets from a Kalashnikov rifle into his chest and head.

In an eerily similar scene, six months earlier in London, the same blonde man fired six bullets from a Makarov semi-automatic pistol into a Moldovan-Russian banker as he exited a London taxi near his apartment.  As he left, he quietly dropped the gun.

Both attacks were classic organized crime hits by a professional hired killer.  Police identified him as Vitalie Proca, 33, from the Republic of Moldova.  OCCRP along with the Guardian traced Proca’s life and business relationships and found him connected to an ultraviolent network of criminals.  This network of hit men is paid to pull the trigger to settle conflicts between criminal gangs. Together they are known to be responsible for a number of murders and attempted murders of alleged criminal figures. Police say they are also involved in cigarette smuggling, trafficking in persons and other organized crime activities.


The Romanian police say that the Bucharest attack was a case of mistaken identity.  Proca mistook the innocent man for Puiu Mironescu, the alleged leader of a Romanian organized crime group. Acco


Balkan Styl – Scandal – final qualification exam tests sold via Facebook and in the street

Scandal – final qualification exam tests sold via Facebook and in the street
Miljana Leskovac | 19. 06. 2013. – 02:00h | Foto: RAS | Comments 0

A pupil of the Dusko Radovic Compulsory School forwarded to Blic the complete exam test in Serbian language that his school mates obtained a few days before examination. The Ministry of Education accepted to announce the correct replies for that test due to the procedure.

Žarko Obradović

This is a proof that solutions to the test exam in Serbian Language were known in advance, as this pupil said revolted to be one of the rare who passed exam honestly. Blic came in possession of the other two tests in Serbian Language that were also sold among pupils.

‘The results of the qualification exam test in Serbian Language shall not be cancelled as long as concrete proofs that there was abuse are found’, the Minister of Education Zarko Obradovic said. He, however, has not replied to our messages that Blic has all three combinations. As pupils told us tests in Serbian Language were sold via Facebook or near their schools for 90 Euros at the beginning and 2,000 Euros a day before the examination was to take place.

The qualification exam test in mathematics was postponed for today at noon after the Republican Enrollment Commission had found a photocopy of the test. The Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Home Ministry is searching for the individual responsible for revealing the tests in mathematics.

As we learn unofficially the Ministry of Education has suspicion that the institution where test exams were published made omissions, while director of that institution claims that the protocol was strictly respected by them.–final-qualification-exam-tests-sold-via-Facebook-and-in-the-street