Island beendet die Beitritts Gespräche zur EU

Warum sollte man der nicht reformierbaren EU beitreten, welche ein Bürokratie Moloch ist und wo kleine Länder Nichts mehr zu Sagen haben.

Island hat die Beitrittsgespräche mit der EU bis auf weiteres beendet. Dies sei Demokratie, so der neuen Außenminister Islands. Das Volk habe sich für zwei Parteien entschieden, die keinen EU-Beitritt wollen.

Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson

World | June 14, 2013 | 14:01
Iceland tells EU its membership bid is over
Source: FoNet,

BRUSSELS — Iceland, a candidate country for EU membership, has decided to abandon its bid to join the organization, it was announced on Friday.

(Beta/AP, file)
(Beta/AP, file)

The European Commission heard the news from Iceland’s Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson during his visit to Brussels.

„This is how democracy works,“ he said, and pointed out that both parties in the new government had campaigned against EU accession, and that the citizens supported them.

„The main purpose of this trip was to tell the commission that the new government has made decision to put negotiations on hold. We are part of Europe and want to strengthen our relationship in other ways,“ Sveinsson said during what the


described as a „frosty press conference“, held with EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule.

Fule told journalists that Iceland’s decision was „a personal blow.“

„I am also a professional and I respect without any questions and any doubt, the will of elected representative and citizens,“ he said, and added that he „still maintained“ that that talks on Iceland’s accession to the EU should still be completed.

The country’s former government began EU accession talks in 2010, arguing that joining the bloc would offer economic security to the country devastated by an economic crisis in 2008, reported.

However, opinion polls now show that only 25 percent of Icelanders support EU membership.

Iceland is abandoning its membership bid after having closed about a third of the 33 negotiation chapters in the EU’s body of legislation, known as the acquis communautaire.