2 Türken, wollten mit 850.000 € aus Serben in Richtung Bulgarien ausreisen

Jeder überweist höhere Gelder was u.a. über Western Union möglich ist.

2 Türken wurden 840.000 € an der Grenze in Serbien beschlagnahmt, weil sie keinen Nachweis hatten, woher das Geld stammt. Es wird die Deutschen Finanz Behörden interessieren.

Two Germans attempt to smuggle out EUR 850k
Source: Beta

BELGRADE — The Serbian Customs Administration has said that its officers prevented the smuggling of EUR 850,000 in cash from Serbia.

(Photo courtesy of the Serbian Customs Administration)
(Photo courtesy of the Serbian Customs Administration)

The money was found in possession of „two German citizens of Turkish origin,“ the Customs said, and added that they were attempting to leave the country via the Gradina border crossing with Bulgaria.

The foreign nationals could not provide any proof that they had declared the cash when they entered Serbia, a statement said.

One of the Germans said that he was the owner of the money and that it was taken from a bank account, and provided a document „which he claimed was proof about the origin of the money,“ the Customs further said.

But since he could not provide a document proving that foreign currency had been declared on entry, both were allowed to keep the legal limit of EUR 10,000, while the rest of the money has been temporarily confiscated, pending the outcome of a misdemeanor court procedure.

The Customs Administration stressed that while cash can be taken to Serbia in unlimited amounts, travelers must declare any sum over EUR 10,000 both as they enter and leave the country. http://www.b92.net/eng/news/crimes.php?yyyy=2013&mm=06&dd=06&nav_id=86531

Die Verhaftung von Darko Saric ist seit langem angekündigt, Nicht geschieht.

Serbia is searching „all over the world“ for the suspects in a case of cocaine smuggling from South Africa – Darko Šarić and Rodoljub Radulović – and the country is cooperating with international services on that, the Serbian prime minister also told the conference.


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