Jovica Stanisic (working for the CIA) and Simatovic – UN court acquits Milosevic’s ex-intelligence chief

Der frühere Serbische Geheimdienst Chef Jovica Stanisic, arbeitete direkt auch für den CIA, und die bedanken sich mit einem Schreiben an den ITCY, das die Amerikaner es Stanisic zu verdanken haben, das gefangene Amerikaner und abgeschossene Piloten, wieder frei kamen.

“They [the CIA] wanted us to help them establish a presence in Republika Srpska, and we did. They wanted to know information from the ground, in Croatia, in Bosnia, they wanted to know what the president [Milosevic] thought about certain issues. And we made sure we explained to them as much as was permissible,” he added.

Asked about the relationship between Stanisic and the CIA liaison in Belgrade, the witness said that “Stanisic was their man of respect and trust, and all the contacts went through him, [which] especially intensified after 1995, when Serbia became a guarantor for peace in Bosnia after the signing of Dayton [Peace iwpr


Serbian spy’s trial lifts cloak on his CIA alliance

As Milosevic’s intelligence chief, Jovica Stanisic is accused of setting up genocidal death squads. But as a valuable source for the CIA, an agency veteran says, he also ‚did a whole lot of good.‘

March 01, 2009|Greg Miller

30 May 13
Stanisic and Simatovic, Belgrade’s Security Strongmen

Serbian security officials Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic are facing judgement in The Hague for allegedly controlling the most notorious combat units that fought in the Balkan wars.
Marija Ristic
Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic

“Milosevic’s men on the ground” was the most common description of these two leading Serbian state security officials – Jovica Stanisic, chief of the interior ministry’s State Security Service and his right-hand man, Franko Simatovic, commander of the service’s Special Operations Unit.

On Thursday, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, ICTY will hand down its verdict after the two men’s war crimes trial.

The unit which the ICTY believes that they controlled had various names during its existence from 1991 until 2003 – the Knindze (‘Ninjas’ from the town of Knin), the Scorpions, Arkan’s Tigers, the Red Berets and the Special Operations Unit.

The armed group changed names and commanders several times but was always referred to as ‘the Unit’, until its secretive existence was officially made public in 1996.

Known for their physical prowess and brutal fighting methods, its members spread fear wherever they went during the conflicts in Bosnia and Croatia.

Their uniforms were augmented with masks, usually decorated with emblems depicting eagles or wolves, but they were best-known for their distinctive headgear – the red berets that gave them one of their nicknames.

Several low-ranking servicemen from the Unit have been convicted by local courts over the its violent campaigns in Croatia and Bosnia, but its battlefield commanders have never faced trial for war crimes.

However the Unit’s last commander, Milorad Ulemek, known as Legija, was sentenced to 40 years in jail for his role in the assassination of late Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003, while two other former commanders, Zeljko Raznatovic, known as Arkan, and Radovan Stojicic, known as Badza, were killed in mafia shootings in Belgrade after the war.

According to the ICTY prosecution, the people who organised, supplied, financed, supported and directed the training of the Unit were Stanisic and Simatovic.

The indictment alleges that they were part of a joint criminal enterprise together with Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj, Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic, Croatian Serb commander Milan Martic, Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic and Bosnian Serb ex-president Biljana Plavsic.

Their aim, it says, was the forcible and permanent removal of the majority of non-Serbs from large areas of Croatia and Bosnia.

The idea to form a special unit that would protect Serbs outside the country, in areas of the former Yugoslavia which were already on the brink of war, came from former president Milosevic in March 1991.

Speaking at a gathering of local Serb leaders, Milosevic said: “The government has an assignment to prepare additional groups which will make us safe and enable us to defend the interests of our republic, but also the interests of Serbs outside Serbia.”

A month afterwards, Jovica Stanisic, who at the time was chief of state security, and Dragan Vasiljkovic, known as Captain Dragan, went to the Croatian town of Knin, where the leadership of the Krajina Serbs was based, to help local Serbs form a secret military unit.

Captain Dragan, who was later accused of war crimes by Croatia, was the first to train local Serbs and created the armed group known as the Knindze to help Croatian Serbs to maintain their self-proclaimed Republic of Srpska Krajina.

Frenki, the arrogant boss
Franko Simatovic and Zvezdan Jovanovic, who was jailed for the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic

The formation of the Unit was a secret operation, conducted under the auspices of the Belgrade leadership, while the man who took care of operation on the ground was Franko Simatovic, known as ‘Frenki’, who did intelligence work in Croatia and Bosnia.

According to the ICTY indictment, Simatovic “functioned under the authority of Jovica Stanisic”, while many witnesses at the trial described him as Stanisic’s “eyes, ears and right hand”.

Despite the fact that Simatovic denied that Serbian state security ever coordinated or controlled special units on the ground, a speech he made in 1996 became crucial evidence for the ICTY prosecution.

Announcing the official establishment of Serbia’s Special Operations Unit, the JSO, in 1996, Simatovic said: “The unit was formed in May 1991, when Yugoslavia was falling apart and from its foundation the unit functioned as a tool for maintaining the national security of the Serb people… in all their ethnic areas.”

A number of other witnesses, mainly insiders from the Unit, confirmed that they were part of state security and that they were on its payroll.

“Salaries in the Berets and Tigers were paid in cash, in special envelopes, while in the Berets people received twice as much as the Tigers,” Dejan Sliskovic, a former member of the Unit, said at the trial in 2010.

Other ex-members claimed that “everyone knew that Frenki controlled the units”. Some described him as “bossy and arrogant”.

The trial also heard that the various commanders of the Unit – like Arkan or Legija – were “regularly coming for consultation at the headquarters of Stanisic and Frenki”.

Arkan and Badza’s bloody traces
Arkan and his fighters at a training centre in the Croatian village of Erdut I Photo: Printscreen

As the conflict started to spread to other areas of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, the Serbian leadership decided to put another man besides Frenki in the picture, and appointed Radovan Stojicic, known as Badza, as the head of Territorial Defence.

The ICTY has listed Stojicic as a part of the joint criminal enterprise together with Milosevic, Simatovic and Stanisic, but has never issued an indictment against him. For the most brutal operations in parts of Croatia and eastern Bosnia, Stojicic engaged Arkan and his Serbian Volunteer Guard unit, popularly known as Arkan’s Tigers.

According to the indictment against Simatovic and Stanisic, Arkan’s men were responsible for killing at least 40 detainees near the Dalj mountain in Croatia and 26 Croat civilians who were dumped in the River Danube, while in Bosnia, the Tigers allegedly killed at least 80 people in the town of Sanski Most and 20 non-Serb civilians in the town of Zvornik….

Jepet vendimi për dajën e Damir Fazlliç, krijoi…
Ai është miku personal i kryeministrit Sali Berisha. E ka pranuar edhe vetë ky i fundit. Quhet Damir Fazlliç dhe trazon..

Admin – Mar 23, 09

March 23, 2009 (Sunday Herald) – The late President Milosevic’s secret police chief and organiser of Serb death squads during the genocidal ethnic cleansing of disintegrating Yugoslavia was the UnitedJovica Stanisic States‘ top CIA agent in Belgrade, according to the independent Belgrade Radio B92.

The claim that from 1992 until the end of the decade, Jovica Stanisic, head of Serbia’s murderous DB Secret Police, was regularly informing his CIA handlers of the thinking in Milosevic’s inner circle has shocked the region.

Stanisic is said to have loyally served his two masters for eight years. He is facing war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

In the terrifying years of Yugoslavia’s internecine wars, he acted as the willing „muscle“ behind Milosevic’s genocidal campaigns in Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia, including Srebrenica.

According to the charges he faces, Stanisic was „part of a joint criminal enterprise that included former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic and other Serbian politicians“.

Dermot Groome, The Hague’s chief prosecutor, has specifically accused him of sending in the Serb Scorpion and Red Beret death squads into the states seeking independence from Belgrade. Stanisic has pleaded not guilty.

Like in a Cold War spy thriller, Serbia’s secret police chief met his CIA handlers in safe houses, parks and boats on the river Sava to betray his master’s action plans. He provided, it is claimed, information on the whereabouts of Nato hostages, aided CIA operatives in their search for Muslim mass graves and helped the US set up secret bases in Bosnia to monitor the implementation of the 1995 Dayton peace accord……………..


Der Auftrags Killer Sylejman Selimi, wird wegen Kriegs Verbrechen von der EULEX angeklagt: ebenso Sami Lushtaku verhaftet

update 28.5.

Die Verbrecher Organisation UCK, demonstriert natuerlich gegen diese Verhaftungen

Heute ist der billige Pyschopat bei Salih Berisha: Kosovo Botschafter, und dies obwohl keine Bestaetigung hierfuer von der Kosovo Praesidentin je geschah. Man ernennt sich selbst zum Botschafter, um seinen Reichtum in Albanien rund um kriminelle Netzwerke und Terroristen Umtriebe zu verwalten.

Sylejman Selimi e pesë të tjerë sot para gjyqit

, 24.05.2013 – 08:35

Ambasadori i Kosovës në Shqipëri, Sylejman Selimi është…

23 May 13
Kosovo Mayor Arrested For Alleged War Crimes

Police have detained the mayor of Skenderaj/Srbice, Sami Lushtaku, and four other suspects for alleged war crimes against civilian prisoners during the 1999 conflict.

Edona Peci


Officers from the EU rule-of-law mission EULEX and Kosovo police arrested the five men on Thursday on suspicion of abusing civilian prisoners held at a Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA detention centre during wartime.

“The five individuals are being investigated for war crimes against the civilian population in the form of the violation of the bodily integrity and health of civilians held in a KLA detention centre located in Likovc/Likovac (Skenderaj/Srbica municipality),” said a statement from EULEX.

“One of the individuals is also being investigated for a war crime in the form of the killing of one civilian,” the statement said.

Lushtaku’s lawyer Arianit Koci confirmed that his client had been detained.

“Mr. Lushtaku is charged with war crimes against the civilian population in violation of the Geneva conventions,” Koci told BIRN.

He said that more information about the case was expected on Friday when Lushtaku and the other four suspects will appear before a pre-trial judge.

“Tomorrow we’ll see if he remains detained or if he will be released,” the lawyer said.

The Kosovo authorities have not commented on the arrests so far, but the War Veterans Association accused EULEX of “trying to attack the KLA’s war”.

“The continuous prosecution of liberation heroes by EULEX has proved that they [the EU mission] have only one aim in Kosovo:  the defilement of the liberation war of the Albanian nation with the Kosovo Liberation Army at the front,” the association said in a statement.

Wir berichteten schon vor 6 Jahren, das Sylejman Seilimi ein Auftragskiller ist, und trotzdem von der Deutschen Bundeswehr, ebenso den US Amerikaner vor allem als Partner behandelt wurde. Immerhin wusste das jeder auf dem Balkan, ebenso die Geheimdienste, welche die Liste, inklusive der Auftragskiller auch von Agim Ceku, Hashim Thaci und Co. vor ueber 10 Jahren hatten.

Die Mord Progrome und Ethnischen Säuberungen 2004 im Kosovo bleiben ungesühnt

Auftrags Killer Sylejman Selimi und heute Kommandat der Kosovo Security Forces (KSF)?

Auftrags Killer Sylejman Selimi, heute Kosovo Botschafter in Tirana, erhält kein US – Visa

Prominenter Auftrags Killer: Sylejman Selimi wird Kosovo Militär Chef

Die NATO – KFOR zelebriert ihr scheitern in der Cooperation mit kriminellen Banden wie dem KSF

Ebenso identisch der Moerder Sami Lushtaku, ueber den wir ebenso seit Jahren berichteten und es auch genuegend andere Quellen gibt. Ebenso ein Partner der UNMIK Profi Kriminellen, welche nie angeklagt wurden. Auch gegen Sami Lushtaku, werden nun offizielle Verfahren eroeffnet.


Lushtaku dhe katër të tjerë ndalen në mbajtje

Wenn jemand wegen Mord usw. verhaftet wird, auch wegen Drogen Schmuggel, demonstriert die komplette Familie, denn Mord und Raub ist Ehrenhaft in der Gesellschaft wo Diebstahl und Pluenderungs Feldzuege zur Ehre einer kaputten Kultur, ohne Bildung gehoert. Nun wird demonstriert, und protestiert, wie es ueblich ist und am naechsten Tage, schwafelt man etwas von unabhaeniger Justiz, weil es der Westen hoeren will.

UN knew about Kosovo organ trafficking, report says 

No “Freedom Fighters”, Just Criminals and Thugs

On the preceding pages, the latest Drugs & Crime UN report offers a rarely accurate analysis of the situation among the ethnic Albanians (both next door to Serbia, in neighboring Albania, and in Serbia itself, mainly in the southern Kosovo province), which led to formation of the Albanian terrorist KLA (UCK) and to the terrorist attacks in Serbia — an unusually honest glimpse at the root-causes of Albanian insurrection and occupation of part of Serbia, impossible to find in the tons of worthless junk produced daily by the Western mainstream media.

The following excerpt effectively dismantles the pompous claims of heroic “struggle for freedom and independence” and disingenuous references to the “self-determination” of an ethnic group which has already exercised its right to self-determination with the formation of state of Albania.

No, it has nothing to do with “freedom”, “independence” or “self-determination”, it is all about illicit trade, crime without punishment, lawlessness, thuggery and insatiable greed.
Criminals, Terrorists or Politicians? In Kosovo-Metohija, all Three.

Excerpt from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime report for March 2008

[pg 52] According to an Interpol statement made before the U.S. Congress in 2000:

Aufruf: “Zum Spass Serben töden!” Der Terrorist: Florin Krasniqi der US – Kosovaren Mafia


Kerry’s Wahlkampf Financier: Aufruf: “Zum Spass Serben töden!
Wesley Clark, Holbrook,
Verbrecher unter sich: Wesley Clark, Holbrook, Fljoren Krasnici
Und wieder wird Amerikanische Propanda enttarnt.
Und von solchen Leuten lassen sich höchste Amerikanische Politiker
finanzieren und erzählen der Welt etwas von Demokratie, Freiheit
bringen usw..!
Und mit solchen Leuten haben westliche Politiker Kontakt!
“Now let’s go kill some Serbs” | 15:45 December 24 | SRNA
BELGRADE – Friday – Serbia’s state media has shown documentary
footage of members of the Kosovo Liberation Army smuggling arms into
Kosovo from a Western country.
The Dutch-made “The Brooklyn Connection” discusses threats by
Albanians to begin terrorism against the international community
unless Kosovo becomes independent.
Part of the film shows guerrilla commander Fljoren Krasnici buying
military supplies, including an elephant gun, in a shop, before
having it delivered by plane an mule-teams to Kosovo.
In one sequence of the film, Krasnici and a mule driver set off from
Albania for Kosovo with the words “Now let’s go kill some Serbs”.

Killer swadron: Wesley Clark, Richard Holbrook, Florin Krasniqi

18/08/2011Kosovo ex-premier retried by war crimes court

Kosovo’s former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj was back in court Thursday on war crimes charges after appeal judges found witnesses were intimidated during his original 10-month trial.
Haradinaj, 43, the most senior Kosovo leader to stand trial at the Yugoslav war crimes court, is being retried with fellow ethnic Albanian Idriz Balaj, 39, on six counts of murder, cruel treatment and torture committed during Kosovo’s 1998-99 war.
A third accused, Lahi Brahimaj, 41, is facing four charges before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for his role in the fight between independence-seeking ethnic Albanian guerrillas and forces of the late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic.
“Victims were murdered, tortured… regardless of their ethnicity whether they may be Serbs or Roma,” prosecutor Paul Rogers told judges on the opening day of the tribunal’s first ever partial retrial.
The war crimes prosecutor opened his case by saying he wanted to show how Haradinaj’s Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) established control of an area in western Kosovo through the “brutal elimination of those perceived to be collaborating with the Serbs or not supporting” the ethnic Albanian forces.
He added that Haradinaj — still considered to be a hero by many of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority — had played a large role in organising those forces.
“He was seen at the time as a person with significant influence in the area and had great respect in the Albanian culture,” Rogers said.
Haradinaj and Balaj, considered his lieutenant and commander of the notorious “Black Eagles” unit, were acquitted in April 2008 on 37 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Brahimaj was convicted of torture and sentenced to six years in jail.
But on July 21 last year, appeal judges agreed with prosecutors who said the court refused to give them “additional time to exhaust all reasonable steps to secure the testimony of two crucial witnesses.”
Appeal judges said the trial chamber seriously erred in failing to take measures to secure the testimony of certain witnesses, “particularly in the context of the serious witness intimidation that formed the context of the trial.”


US ally in Kosovo admits murdering Serbs
August 17, 2011 – 4:30 am
Kosovo Albanian bandit, Ramush Haradinaj, has admitted in his new book, “Story of war and liberty”, that he led daily attacks on Serbs and that he commanded over daily murders of Serbs.

“We attacked Serbian forces always. At every place. During the day and night. Without hiding. Every day we killed Serbian police,” writes Haradinaj.

Jo Biden, with the criminal Dashamir Tahiri

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Know About US Covert Operations In Yugoslavia?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

What Did The CIA’s George Tenet
Know About US Covert Operations In Yugoslavia?

“The Croatian World Congress sent a letter last week demanding that Carla Del Ponte, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), open a criminal investigation into Mr. Clinton and other top officials of his administration [includingthe CIA’s George Tenet] for ‘aiding and abetting indicted Croatian Gen. Ante Gotovina in a 1995 Croatian military operation known as ´Operation Storm.´… Secretly supported by the Clinton administration, Croatian forces launched a massive three-day military offensive – known as ‘Operation Storm’ – on Aug. 4, 1995, in which Croatia recovered territories occupied by rebel Serbs following Zagreb´s drive for independence from Yugoslavia in 1991…. The Croatian World Congress said the U.S. administration gave the green light for the operation and provided diplomatic and political support for it.”
Balkans tribunal turns to Clinton
Washington Times, 8 July 2002

The complaint filed today [by the Croatian World Congress] alleges that the US officials aided Gen. Gotovina and the Croatian Army (‘HV’) in Operation Storm by violating a UN arms embargo and allowing  Croatia to obtain weapons US officials established a CIA base inside of Gen. Gotovina’s military base which provided the US officials with real-time video footage of events transpiring on the ground during Operation Storm (and thus imputing to them knowledge of events on the ground), but also from which they could provide such intelligence data to General Gotovina to assist him in conducting Operation Storm.  If General Gotovina carried out a pre-planned campaign to deport 150,000 to 200,000 Croatian Serb civilians, then theCIAbase was not only used to provide knowledge to US officials of such a plan and course of conduct on the part of General Gotovina, but was also used to assist General Gotovina in achieving the goals of his alleged plan.  The US officials gave the green light for the Operation and provided diplomatic and political support for it.  The US officials at all times had the ability to halt the military operation.  Accordingly, the US officials named in the complaint should be indicted for having aided and abetted General Gotovina.”
Croatian World Congress, Press Release, 4 July 2002

Click Here to view Croatian World Congress letter

“Americans in military uniform, operating from a cream-colored trailer near the runway, directed the GNAT-750 drone to photograph Serb troop positions and weapons emplacements. The images were transmitted back to base, analyzed and then passed on to the Pentagon. According to top Croat intelligence officials, copies were also sent to the headquarters of the Croatian general in command of ‘Operation Storm.’… Now the successful CIA operation is about to become defense exhibit A in a war-crimes case at The Hague tribunal. Last month prosecutors announced the indictment of General Gotovina for atrocities committed during and after Operation Storm, including the murder of 150 Krajina Serbs, the forced displacement of as many as 200,000 others and the torching of thousands of homes…. Now a NEWSWEEK investigation has shown that U.S. intelligence cooperation with Croatia went far deeper than Washington has ever acknowledged. According to Miro Tudjman, son of the late president Franjo Tudjman and head of the Croatian counterpart to the CIA in the mid-1990s, the United States provided encryption gear to each of Croatia’s regular Army brigades. He says the CIA also spent at least $10 million on Croatian listening posts to intercept telephone calls in Bosnia and Serbia. ‘All our [electronic] intelligence in Croatia went online in real time to the National Security Agency in Washington,’ says Tudjman. ‘We had a de facto partnership.’ American officials familiar with intelligence issues confirm that the CIA operated drones from a base near Zadar on the Adriatic coast, during and after Operation Storm… And the country’s former intelligence chiefs have decided to speak out about their ties to the United States as a way of vouching for Gotovina’s innocence. ‘I always said that the only people in Croatia who know everything are the Americans,’ says Markica Rebic, the former head of military intelligence. When Gotovina stands trial, some of those Americans may be asked to testify about their country’s role in an ugly conflict.”
What Did the CIA Know?
NEWSWEEK, 21 August 2001

“President Clinton has authorised an all-out campaign to topple Slobodan Milosevic, according to sources close to the US Government. Earlier this spring, Mr Clinton signed a secret presidential ‘finding’ giving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the green light to try to bring down the Yugoslav president, said sources quoted in the US news-magazine Time. The reported campaign has two tracks, overt and covert….Now, six new radio transmitters outside Serbian territory will beam a 24-hour diet of pro-Western broadcasts to bolster dissident elements. “
‘CIA ordered to topple Milosevic’: US report
BBC Online, 6 July 1999

“I read the latest reports concerning a recent Executive Order that hands the CIA a black bag in the Balkans for engineering a military coup in Serbia, for interrupting communications, for tampering with bank accounts, freezing assets abroad and training the Kosovo Liberation Army in terrorist tactics, such as how to blow up buildings. How this is intended to help establish a democracy in Serbia or Kosovo hasn’t been explained. Nor has the failure to substantially demilitarize the KLA been explained. Nor has thereverse ethnic cleansingtaking place in Kosovo by the KLA while NATO rules the province been explained.”
Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ohio
The Progressive, Vol 63, No.8, August 1999

“American intelligence agents have admitted they helped to train the Kosovo Liberation Army [KLA] before Nato’s bombing of Yugoslavia. The disclosure angered some European diplomats, who said this had undermined moves for a political solution to the conflict between Serbs and Albanians… Several KLA leaders had the mobile phone number of General Wesley Clark, the Nato commander…”
CIA aided Kosovo guerrilla army
Sunday Times , 12 March 2000

“The United States secretly supported the ethnic Albanian extremists now behind insurgencies in Macedonia and southern Serbia. The CIA encouraged former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters to launch a rebellion in southern Serbia in an effort to undermine the then Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, according to senior European officers who served with the international peace-keeping force in Kosovo (K-For), as well as leading Macedonian and US sources. They accuse American forces with K-For of deliberately ignoring the massive smuggling of men and arms across Kosovo’s borders…. European officers are furious that the Americans have allowed guerrilla armies in its sector to train, smuggle arms and launch attacks across two international borders. …One European K-For battalion commander told The Observer yesterday: ‘The CIA has been allowed to run riot in Kosovo with a private army designed to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic….”
‘CIA’s bastard army ran riot in Balkans’ backed extremists’
Observer, 11 March 2001

“On April 8 [1999] the Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany [PDS], an opponent of the war, issued a report describing an allegedCIA covert operation named ‘Operation Roots’ aimed at sowing ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia to encourage its breakup. The report claimed that this operation has been going on ‘since the beginning of Clinton’s presidency.’ It was supposedly a joint operation with the German secret service, which also sought to destabilize Yugoslavia. The final objective ‘is the separation of Kosovo, with the aim of it becoming part of Albania; the separation of Montenegro, as the last means of access to the Mediterranean; and the separation of the Vojvodina, which produces most of the food for Yugoslavia. This would lead to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable independent state.’ The report also asserts that the KLA was founded by the CIA with funding was funneled through drug-smuggling operations in Europe.”
Fun Facts About Our New Allies
The Progressive Review (Washington), 22 June 1999

“Albania … offered NATO and the U.S. an important military outpost in the turbulent southern Balkans (in the 1990-96 period Albania opened its ports and airstrips for U.S. military use and housed CIA spy planes for flights over Bosnia)…. The U.S. played a major role in the DP’s 1992 electoral victory, and it then provided the new government with military, economic, and political support. In the 1991-96 period Washington directly provided Albania $236 million in economic aid, making the U.S. the second largest bilateral economic donor (following Italy)…..Following Berisha’s visit to the U.S. in March 1991, Washington began supplying direct assistance to the DP, including donations of computers and cars for the 1992 electoral campaign. William Ryerson, the first U.S. ambassador, stood next to Berisha on the podium at election rallies. The U.S. failed to criticize, and at times encouraged, the new president as he purged critics of his policies within the judicial system, police, and the DP—often through illegal means. By 1993 DP loyalists and family members held most of the prominent positions in Albania’s ministries, institutes, universities, and state media. Citing the threat of communism’s return, Berisha successfully instilled fear in the population and discredited his rivals. The U.S. embassy in Albania contributed to the polarization of Albanian politics by refusing to meet most of the opposition parties (former communists as well as others) for the first two years of DP rule. This one-sided view of democratization helped Berisha dismantle most political alternatives, some of which were moderate and truly democratic. Albania had become a strategic outpost in the region, and the U.S. did not want to jeopardize its new control and political influence in the country. In 1992 Washington deployed a Military Liaison Team to the country and started outfitting the Albanian military with nonlethal equipment, technical expertise, and training. Albania was the first East European state to request NATO membership, and in February 1994 it became a member of the NATO-associated Partnership for Peace. Albania has participated in numerous military training operations with the U.S. and other NATO powers, and the CIA has used Albania as a base for air reconnaissance missions over Bosnia. In January 1995, the U.S. Army finished building a radar station in northern Albania for use by the Albanian military. In addition, Albania opened its land, marine, and airport facilities to NATO operations in the former Yugoslavia….In the volatile Balkans, the U.S. is faced with a serious crisis that it helped fuel. The raging anarchy in Albania is both a serious setback for Albania’s democratic development and a threat to regional security. In this regard, the disintegration of police and military forces has resulted in the widespread availability of weapons. These are easily purchased or stolen not only by Berisha’s opponents but also by criminal gangs and terrorist elements both inside and outside Albania. “
Foreign Policy In Focus, Volume 2, Number 33 May 1997

“During Senate hearings, [head of the National Security Council] Lake was forced to admit that the U.S. knew of the Iranian arms flights [into former Yugoslavia] and did nothing to stop them. Lake, who was then up for the newly vacated CIA Directorship, admitted the misdeeds and resigned in disgrace. The sudden admission of a U.S./Iranian plot to arm the Muslims strained relations [with European allies]…..”
How Clinton created Serb war
WorldNetDaily 6 April 1999

“The scale of America’s espionage operations cannot be understated. Hundreds of personnel from the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency were deployed in Bosnia during 1994 and 95. The US contributed far more spies than infantry – but what UNPROFOR needed was infantry. Washington wanted it both ways. It had no players on the pitch, but that wasn’t going to stop it trying to dictate the outcome of the ‘game’…. Senior officials in the State Department, the CIA and the National Security Council believed that the only solution possible was what they called ‘lift and strike’. They wanted to re-arm and train the Croats and the Muslims and then encourage them to fight an all-out war against the Bosnian Serb Army. ‘Lift and strike’ was totally contrary to the UN mandate and in breach of the Arms Embargo. It was Washington’s secret agenda. Correspondent can reveal that part of the American administration went so far as to manipulate NATO resources in order to re-arm the Bosnian Army — BiH Army….  NATO’s primary involvement in the Balkans was Operation Deny Flight – the total ban on all unauthorised flying over Bosnia…. But this vital operation was manipulated by the Americans in order to do exactly what it was designed to stop – make covert, embargo-busting flights over Bosnia.”
Allies and lies
BBC, Correspondent, June 2001
(From Full Programme Transcript)

“American intelligence agents have admitted they helped to train the Kosovo Liberation Army [KLA] before Nato’s bombing of Yugoslavia. The disclosure angered some European diplomats, who said this had undermined moves for a political solution to the conflict between Serbs and Albanians… Several KLA leaders had the mobile phone number of General Wesley Clark, the Nato commander….European diplomats then working for the OSCE claim it was betrayed by an American policy that made airstrikes inevitable. Some have questioned themotivesand loyalties of William Walker, the American OSCE head of mission….Some European diplomats in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, concluded from Walker’s background that he was inextricably linked with the CIA.”
CIA aided Kosovo guerrilla army
Sunday Times , 12 March 2000

Evans & Novak column reported in February that ‘PresidentBush’s plan to roll back U.S. involvement in Kosovo could be undermined by CIA Director George Tenet.’ They noted that Tenet was a cheerleader for Bill Clinton’s war against Yugoslavia and that his role included ‘downplaying the truth about the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was in fact a terrorist organization.’ With tensions high in the region, they said Tenet’s role as chief intelligence gatherer made him an influential player in Balkans policy. Clinton’s policy, implemented by Tenet, is responsible for the war that has now spread into Macedonia, a small nation next to Yugoslavia. Jeffrey Smith of the Washington Post has written an article describing how KLA guerrillas had plotted the war in Macedonia as far back as December 1999. They formed a new terrorist group, the National Liberation Army, but it was comprised largely of the KLA. Officially, the KLA is now supposed to be disbanded. Smith said that some of the weapons they have recently been using came from old KLA caches in Kosovo ‘that NATO peacekeepers have not confiscated.’ The bizarre situation has seen NATO peacekeepers depending on their old enemies, the Serb Army, to keep the new KLA contained in Kosovo. Evening news programs have shown NATO peacekeepers watching KLA fighters move through the mountains smuggling weapons. But Smith describes a fight between the guerrillas and U.S. Army Special Forces in Kosovo that resulted in one of the terrorists being wounded. It may be just a matter of time before U.S. military personnel come home in body bags. This doesn’t seem to bother the Post. It ran a separate story arguing that the Bush Administration needs to expand its military involvement in Macedonia. It said our European allies were frustrated that the U.S. under President Bush seems to want to avoid taking casualties. Before the U.S. gets more deeply involved in a quagmire, it would be wise for the U.S. media to assume the stance of an adversary press and get to the bottom of how all of this happened. Jeffrey Smith’s article was an excellent first step. But are we to believe this wasn’t known to George Tenet of the CIA? When the CIA supported the KLA, we have to assume that the agency was aware that Kosovo wasn’t the only objective of the KLA. Perhaps President Clinton didn’t care about the terrorist organization’s objectives for the entire region, but we have a new president in the White House who is supposed to have a different foreign policy. Yet he still has the same CIA director. President Bush has been maneuvered into continuing some aspects of the Clinton policy on Yugoslavia. He is now demanding that the new democratic government of Yugoslavia turn Slobodan Milosevic over to a U.N. criminal tribunal for a trial on war crimes charges. But some of the charges, such as involvement in the so-called Racak massacre, are so phony that some observers think Milosevic could beat the rap. The trial could make him into a martyr in Yugoslavia and destabilize the country’s democratic government. Then we would have even more of a mess.”
Another War in Yugoslavia
Media Monitor, 13 April 2001

“The US Embassy in Belarus has admitted that it is pursuing a policy similar to that in 1980s Nicaragua, in which anti-government Contra rebels were funded and supported…. In an unusual admission, Michael Kozak, the US Ambassador to Belarus, said in a letter to a British newspaper that America’s ‘objective and to some degree methodology are the same’ in Belarus as in Nicaragua, where the US backed the Contras against the left-wing Sandinista Government in a war that claimed at least 30,000 lives. Mr Kozak was not available for comment….. The ambassador’s disclosure has coincided with moves by the Bush Administration to gain increased political influence in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and with reports in several European newspapers, which said that former US servicemen believed to be working for the CIA were escorted with Albanian guerrillas from a village in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia earlier this year.”
US adopts ‘Contras policy’ in communist Belarus
London Times, 3 September 2001

Hier “überzeugte” er Jo Biden im Kongreß vor 20 Jahren, das man die Albaner unterstützen muss, mit einem Meer aus Lügen, wobei der heutige US Vize Präsident sehr hilflos wirkt, wie er vorgeführt wird.

Die geistigen Väter der Ethnischen Säuberungen und der Nazi Ideologie, wie man leicht feststellen kann.

Josef DioGuardio, ist Haupt Organisator der Iran Contra Affäre Nr. 2 Drogen-Waffen-Terroristen Organisation, UN Waffen- und Treibstoff Bruch, Rädelsführer in der Organ Sache und der Plünderung der Albanischen Waffenlager in 1997, welche Legendär ist. Die selben Hintermänner bis zum US Präsidenten!

November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans. Damals wurde die CIA Operations “Roots” geboren.

DioGuardio, ist über seine Geldwäsche Geschäfte aus dem Drogen- und Waffenhandel auf dem Balkan, heute Hotel Eigentümer in Durres in der Pista Illyria, als Herz für jedes Verbrechen, inklusive der Ermordung der 4 hochrangigen Poliisten im August 2009 in Durres, oder Morde um die Bar-Hotel DRENCIA in 2009.

Er verkörpert Mord Progrome, Ethnische Säuberungen und fordert Gross Albanien von Hitlers Ideen, ebenso den Anschluß von Halb Nord Griechenland, Mazedonien und Montenegro an Albanien. Mentor der bei der UN registrierten UN Terror Organisation AKSH – ANA, welche ein Sammelbecken der dümmsten Nationalisten auf dem Balkan ist, wo Mafiöse GEschäfte aller Art, nach der Methode der Finanzierung von Terroristen Organisationen zelebriert wird. Bin Laden ist ein direkter Partner dieses durchgeknallten Süd Italienischen Arabesh Mafiosi, besser unter dem Namen: Nghadehta bekannt.

CIA Operations “Roots”! – Iran Contra Affäre Balkan

Switzerland to Extradite Kosovar to Serbia

Shemsi Nuhiu, a former member of Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, will be extradited to Serbia after Swiss courts turned down his appeal not to be sent for trial in Serbia.

Marija Ristic


BelgradeSerbian authorities say they expected Nuhiu to arrive in Serbia within days after the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg rejected his appeal against the Swiss extradition decision, the Interior Ministry said.

The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland decided on March 7 that Nuhiu should be extradited to Serbia based on the international arrest warrant that Serbian police issued a year ago.

Nuhiu’s legal team then appealed to Strasbourg, requesting an annulment of the Swiss ruling but this was rejected on Friday.

Serbia has charged Nuhiu, a former member of KLA and a citizen of both Serbia and Kosovo, with the unlawful imprisonment, torture, rape, intimidation, terror and robbery of Serb and other non-Albanian civilians in the Gnjilane area of Kosovo in 1999.

According to the allegations, from the beginning of June until December 1999, he tortured and killed 80 people while a further 153 were tortured and released. Thirty-four people remain missing.

The accused allegedly held the civilians in the basement of a school, where he and his colleagues tortured and raped them, while their bodies were cut to pieces and thrown into containers and then into a lake.

Belgrade Special Court is currently trying for the second time nine members of the so-called Gnjilane group.

Previously, a court had ruled on January 21, 2011 on events in the Gnjilane area, sentencing the nine to a total of 101 years in prison.

The Serbian Appellate Court quashed the judgment on December 7 and sent the case back for retrial.

Serbian police arrested the nine defendants in 2008 in Presevo, a town in southern Serbia near Kosovo with a majority Albanian population while the remaining eight members of the group, including Nuhiu, remained on the run.


Shemsi Nuhiu, gehörte praktisch zum “Atlantik Batallion”, einer Art Todes Schwadron, wo auch Kinder zum Waffen Dienst gezwungen wurden. Die übelste Terror Gruppe, neben den serbischen “ARKAN” Söldnern.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was expected to deliver a report on the situation in Kosovo to the Security Council in New York on Wednesday, reaffirming UN support for investigations into human organ trafficking during Kosovo’s postwar period.

But a classified document obtained by FRANCE 24 indicates the UN knew of trafficking well before the issue was first raised by Carla del Ponte, a former prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, in her memoirs published in 2008.

The report, dating from 2003, is an incomplete compilation of investigations carried out by UNMIK, the UN mission in Kosovo. It describes organ trafficking that took place from 1999 to 2000, immediately after Kosovo’s NATO-backed independence war…



Teil 1 der ZDF Ausstrahlung nun auf Youtube

Kriegsverbrechen und Organhandel im Kosovo – Teil 1 von 3

Kriegsverbrechen und Organhandel im Kosovo – Teil 2 von 3

Kriegsverbrechen und Organhandel im Kosovo – Teil 3 von 3


Ein damaliger prominenter NATO Militär Attache, bestätigt, das damals 200 Serben bereits entführt waren.

Organ Handel, Entführung von 200 Serben schon in 1998, Alles wird vertuscht! Die Quelle ist eine damalige Top Info Sammelstelle, der US Uni Buffalo, welche den Diensten Jahrelang als Info Stelle diente.

Trial Hears of KLA Terror Tactics

…………………………………. …………….
Former attaché Colonel John Crosland – whose face was hidden from
public view by screens and image distortion, just as it was when he
testified against Slobodan Milosevic in July 2002 – told judges on
Thursday that clashes between the fledgling KLA and Serbian forces began
well before the Lapusnik camp is alleged to have opened, and intensified
through the course of 1998.

He also said the KLA regularly kidnapped ethnic Serbs in an effort
to terrorise the population, and attacked Albanians it suspected of
But while he spoke of training programmes, supply routes and
regional headquarters, he expressed some scepticism about the extent to
which the KLA had an organised command structure at the time.
Crosland’s testimony was largely made up of comments on a series of
“diplomatic telegrams” presented to him by the prosecution. The bulk of
these documents are still under seal, and two legal advisors of the
British government were present in the courtroom throughout his
testimony to ensure this measure was respected.
With reference to the events described in these reports, Crosland
told judges that even as early as March and April 1998, clashes between
Serbian forces and ethnic Albanian rebels in the Drenica Valley – a KLA
heartland – were spreading to the area around the border with Albania,
where the KLA was bringing in munitions and men along traditional
smuggling routes.
According to the diplomatic reports, by the second half of April,
western journalists were saying that the KLA virtually controlled areas
just over the border in Albania.
There were also indications that the KLA was operating training
camps in the Albanian towns of Tropoja, Bajram Curri and Kukes.
One diplomatic report presented by the prosecution noted that
kidnappings of Serbs had reached such a point that Serbs were beginning
to avoid travel around Kosovo.
“In October we estimated something like 200 Serbs were missing,
presumed having been kidnapped by Albanian elements,” Crosland told the
The witness also discussed media reports that the KLA had carried
out grenade attacks on businesses and restaurants in Pec belonging to
Albanians who were suspected of collaborating with the Serbs.
“These attacks… were similar to what went on throughout this
campaign, where Albanians who were seen to be siding with the Serb
administration were taken out and their businesses either bombed and
they themselves murdered,” Crosland told judges.
The trial continues.



Die Ermordung des Militär Chefs der FARK-UCK Ahmet Krasniqi 1998

Bedri Selmani: Abgeordneter mit Mafia Univeristät im Kosovo, ein Langzeit Betrüger

Bedri Selmani, ist der typische Kosovo Professor, ein Berufs Betrüger. Er hat bis heute 20 INA Tankstellen gestohlen, besetzt, und gibt dieses Kroatische Eigentum nicht zurück. Verträge mit der Kroatischen INA, sind wie immer bei Albanischen Geschäftspartner: Luft Nummern, was die ja selbst erzählen.

Jeder Idiot, macht eine Universität auf und ernennt sich zum Professor, obwohl er nicht versteht, was in einem einfachen Buch steht.

Weltbank Bericht über das Albanische Bildungs Desaster: 57 % verstehen nicht einmal was sie lesen

Der totale Preis Verfall bei Universitäten: nur noch 100 – 400 € kostet ein Diplom, wie im Ausverkauf der Albaner Mafia.

Plagjiatura është vepër penale, titujt shkencorë me para

Prishtinë, 15 prill – Në këtë kohë nuk është problem që një individ të pajiset me titull shkencor. Krejt kjo punë, sipas raportimeve të ktv-së, mund të kushtojë nga 100 deri 400 euro dhe secili blen diplomën e përgatitur nga dikush tjetër.
më shumë

Allein der Schaden aus den Tankstellen Raub, beläuft sich bis heute auf 4 Millionen €!

Im Kosovo demonstriert das Volk, gegen die korrupte Verbrecher Bande, wo das lächerlichste war, als Hashim Thaci Premier Minister wurde, das es keine Korruption unter seiner Regierung geben würde, was zu einem Lachkrampf führte, wenn Albanische Mafia Politiker Garantien geben. Und wie das Ansehen dieser Verbrecher schwindet, schwindet auch das Ansehen der USA und EU Politiker.


14 Mar 13

Kosovo Stages Mass Protest Over Corruption

Thousands of protesters took on Wednesday to the streets of Pristina in a march against official “theft and corruption“ and demanding ministerial resignations.

Abgeordneter ist er auch, wo es Standard ist, das verurteilte Mörder, dort im Parlament sitzen und Schwerverbrecher, wie u.a. DAut Haradinaj.
Bedri Selmani

Bedri Selmani
Eine eigene Uni haben alle besseren Betrüger im Kosovo und Albanien, ein reines Mafia Geschäft! Nachdem Modell der Albanischen Super Drogen Mafia, welche Lehrmeister war: Sokol Kociu.

Von Nazi’s bis üblen Abzockern: Die Ausbildungs Mafia mit ihrem “Schwarzen Loch”

Kolegji Universitar VICTORY

Private Universitäten der Mafia, sind im Balkan durchaus ein Status Symbol, ebenso in Bosnien, oder Rumänien und leicht verdientes Geld, weil man oft korrupte Ausländische Universitäten, oder Partner findet, wie die DAAD, welche das Bildungs System im Boden versenken und eine Wüste hinterlassen.

Wenn man Auslands Aufenthalt, Stipendien verkauft wie die DAAD, kann man ermessen, wohin das sehr schnell führt, wenn nur die Dümmsten noch Zugang haben zu den DAAD Leitern, weil der Job so lukrativ ist. Alle Institutionen sind von der Mafia unterwandert, inklusive der NATO Stäbe, wie die IEP Militär Studie aufzeigte. Joachim Rückers, und sein Paradies der Goldenen Zustände, wo heute noch seine Computer von der UN beschlagnahmt wurden, aber nie eine Anklage erfolgte, wie auch Doris Pack bemängelte. Es ist Nichts bekannt, das je die DAAD Leitung etwas dagegen unternahm, das gefälschte Diplome und Zeugnisse, der Standard wurden, für ein Stipendium in Deutschland.

Bei der Deutschen DAAD, ist seit langem der Kopf faul, und produziert nur eine eigene PR Show, um die Geschäfte rund um Stipendien mit den Mafia Verteil Zirklen zuvertuschen. Parteibuch besetzt, man hat es der Balkan Mafia vorgemacht, oft auch in den Polizei Aufbau Missionen, oder UNMIK, wo die schlimmsten und korruptesten Parteibuch Gestalten aus Deutschland, die kriminellen Strukturen inklusive Korruptions Schulen, u.a. wie man mit Consults Gelder stiehlt und eine PR Show mit OK-Reporting macht.

siehe Spiegel Ausgabe 45 2012 aktuelle Ausgabe: “Im Griff der Kriminalität”

Spiegel 45 Kosovo

”Das Ok-Reporting” einer mit viel kriminellen Energie auftauchenden Aufbau Truppe, um Verbrecher Strukturen zu etablieren, wo die Familie Gashi des Michael Steiners, verwandt mit Hashim Thaci, nur ein Beispiel ist.

Die NATO Website setimes, nimmt die Kathastrophe im Bildungs System auf, wobei  mit Kriminellen, als Professoren, Lehrer, vor allem der militanten PDK Partei, ebenso die Sicherheit in den Schulen abnimmt, wo die privaten Mafia Sicherheits Dienste dann auftauchen.

The fast-growing number of higher education graduates in some Southeast European countries is causing many to question the validity of diplomas.

In a number of cases in Albania, a university diploma or professional titles have shown to be just a means of getting a job, not an assurance of academic knowledge or professional ability….

Ardiana Gashi, an economics student at Pristina University, said there are students who don’t show up at exams, but later receive a diploma. „The dean’s office should deal with these issues because this has an impact on the [academic] quality of the graduates,“ she told SETimes.

…………. setimes

photoPristina Education Director Remzi Salihu was shot and killed in his office. [Laura Hasani/SETimes]………………….“It is clear that corruption and nepotism play a key role in getting a job in the education sector in Pristina and all other municipalities around Kosovo, so Pristina is not the only case. The way the call is done, the criterias and the selection are suspicious,“ Kosumi said.Kosumi said that having familiar links or being member of political parties that run the cities is an important factor to get a job as teacher or school director.“In each city, the political party which runs it employs their militants as school directors and teachers sometime unfortunately. This cause lack of professionalism and lack of quality, which has an long-term impact on having an undeveloped education sector, and children who will not get an adequate education. We are now paying the bills for that,“ said Kosumi.Aferdita Bahtiri has two children who go in the Emin Duraku primary school in Pristina. She says that the latest incidents worry her about security in the city and the school especially.“Imagine when one of the highest city officials is murdered in his office, what safety have our children in the schools or we all in the city,“ Bahtiri told SETimes………


Die Verbrecher Banden, haben nur ein Ziel: Wirtschafts, Bildungs Monopole zuerrichten und wie Parasiten, das Volk, die Migranten Non-Stop zuerpressen und Schmiergelder für Alles zu kassieren. Angefangen von der Schul Aufnahme, Zeugnisse, Diplomen, bis zu Jobs.

Minister Myqerem Tafaj und der totale Absturz der Bildung wird immer peinlicher

Schafshirten, einfache Bau Arbeiter, wurden zu Professoeren, Minister, oder Direktoren, wo auch keine Firma funktionieren kann.

Wenn man Müll lernen wll, geht man in Albanische Universitäten, wobei es in nicht viel Anders in Mazeodnien ist, wie ei Bildungs Minister outete.
Forschung | 03.12.2010
Wissenschaft im Dienste der Ideologie
Die Antike hält her für nationalistische Mythenbildung
Auch 20 Jahre nach der Wende halten sich in den albanischsprachigen Geisteswissenschaften alte ideologische Klischees hartnäckig. Historiker und Philologen verteidigen den Mythos der illyrischen Abstammung der Albaner.
[4] D-Welle

In Albanien, oder dem Kosovo stellt man fest, das Kliniken, Univeristäten, Schulen keinerlei Lizenz hat, aber gut geschmierte Politiker Kreise, finden das in Ordnung

Der Betrug an Tausenden von Studenten mit ungültigen Diplomen, durch Betrugs Universitäten in Albanien

Bedri Selmani, Vize Partei Chef der Mafia Partei PDK von Hashim Thaci, weigert sich die Verträge einzuhalten, welche vor Jahren mit der UNMIK Leitung (Soren Jessen-Petersen),geschlossen wurde, für die Miete der Tanklager usw., weil man im Anarchie Reich der PDK, Straffrei ist und rauben, betrügen und plündern kann, wie man will.

Der verhaftete Polizei Mörder und Mafia Boss: Arben Frroku kanditiert für die PDK Partei des Nard Ndoka


Kontrollon Hotelin “Victory” Përkundër Vendimeve të Gjykatave

Hotel Victory | Foto: Korab BashaHotel Victory | Foto: Korab Basha

nga  Parim OlluriPrishtinëMars 07, 201316:25

“Hotel Victory”, e ndërtuar mbi pronë shoqërore vazhdon të jetë nën kontroll të Bedri Selmanit përkundër se vendimet gjyqësore që ia kontestojnë të drejtën e shfrytëzimit. Edhe kushtetuesja konstatoi se nuk ka bazë që Selmanit i ishte shkelur e drejta për gjykim të drejtë nga gjykatat e rregullta.

Një pronë shoqërore në Prishtinë kaloi nën kontrollin e afaristit Bedri Selmani më 2000.

Atë vit ai kishte lidhur një marrëveshje partneriteti me drejtuesit e Ndërmarrjes Shoqërore “Auto Prishtina”. Marrëveshja u lidh në prill të vitit 2000, por drejtuesit e ndërmarrjes shoqërore vendosën ta shkëpusin marrëveshjen me Selmanin, në nëntor të po atij viti.

Përkundër shkëputjes së marrëveshjes, Selmani nuk u largua nga kontrolli i kësaj prone, tash e 13 vjet. ………,987,1098

Selmani në të kaluarën ishte këshilltar i kryeministrit aktual Hashim Thaçi, deputet i PDK-së si dhe përfaqësues për Kroaci i Ushtrisë Çlirimtare të Kosovës.

Ai nuk u largua nga shfrytëzimi i kësaj prone edhe pse kjo iu kërkua nga drejtuesit e kësaj NSH-je, e po ashtu edhe nga Agjencia Kosovare e Mirëbesimit, paraardhëse e Agjencisë Kosovare të Privatizimit.

NATO geheime Graphic (von 37)(siehe geheime NATO Bericht), über die kriminellen Verbindungen, der PDK der Familie des Hashim Thaci und der geheime UNMIK Bericht, über den Organhandel aus 2003 27 Seiten!

Wir führen einige peinliche Beispiele auch von Deutschen Professoren im Kosovo auf, welche angeblich die Bildung aufbauen und die DAAD ist sowieso nur eine Geld Vernichtungs Maschine, mit ebenso negativen Ausgang in Albanien, wo Professoren nur aus Büchern vorlesen, und der Spiegel auch schon über diese Debakel berichtete. Wo sind die 3,5 Milliarden nur geblieben? Eine Frage des EU Rechenschafts Hofes, der die Betrugs Organisations OLAF eingeschaltet hat.


Ex-UNO-Sekretär behauptet, Mafia regiert im Kosovo – Europa fördert den Zustand

Pino Arlacchi, ein ehemaliger UN-Untergeneralsekretär, behauptet, dass die Regierung im Kosovo von mafiaartigen Strukturen durchwandert ist. Weiter ist er der Meinung, dass die europäische Gemeinschaft sich darüber ihre Augen verschließe und diese Zustände sogar unterstütze.

Arlacchi war Leiter in einem Drogenkontrollprogramm für die UNO und sagte in einem Interview: “Ich habe die Mafia im Kosovo, was im Grunde das selbe wie die Regierung im Kosovo bedeutet, untersucht”. Dazu meint Arlacchi, dass in höchsten Regierungskreisen des Kosovo die Mafia-Elite sitzt.

Das Kosovo gilt als Drehscheibe des Drogenschmuggels aus Asien Richtung Europa und als kriminelles Zentrum für Heroinschmuggel. Besorgt sei Arlacchi auch darüber, dass die EU-Rechtsstaatlichkeitsmission seit Jahren keine Ergebnisse vorweisen kann.

Im Kosovo ist laut dem ehemaligen UN-Untergeneralsekretär Pino Arlacchi die Drogenmafia an der Macht und die EU will davon nichts merken.

?Ich habe die Mafia im Kosovo, was im Grunde das selbe wie die Regierung im Kosovo bedeutet, untersucht?, sagte Arlacchi, einst Exekutivdirektor des Internationalen Drogenkontrollprogramms der Vereinten Nationen (UNDCP), am heutigen Montag auf einer Pressekonferenz bei RIA Novosti.

Die europäischen Staaten, die der kosovarischen Regierung immer wieder Unterstützung zusichern, würden die Augen davor verschließen, ?dass dies eben die Mafia-Elite an der Macht ist?, sagte Arlacchi, der mittlerweile im Europäischen Parlament als Abgeordneter sitzt und als einer der führenden Weltexperten in Sachen Drogenmafia gilt.

Das Kosovo sei ?das kriminelle Zentrum Europas? und die ?Drehscheibe für den Heroin-Schmuggel aus Afghanistan?. Obwohl zu der EU-Rechtsstaatlichkeitsmission EULEX, die seit Jahren im Kosovo tätig ist, Staatsanwälte und Ermittler gehörten, gebe es bislang kein Ergebnis. ?Wir wollen klären, was die Mission im Kosovo in Sachen Rechtspflege tut?, sagte Arlacchi.

Albanische Wissenschaft isoliert sich

Die Weltbank stellt in einem Report, die mangelhafte Bildung der Albaner fest, mit entsprechenden Folgen für Investoren. Die Erfahrungen der Deutschen Investoren ist dramatisch, wie sich die Bildung verschlechtert hat, vor allem auch weil Albaner, Gelerntes schnell vergessen.


TIRANA, Albania ? The low level of education in Albania is hindering economic growth, according to a new report by the World Bank, quoted by local media on Monday (November 30th). Albania has fewer educated employees compared to developed countries and countries in the region, the document concluded. Currently, Albania has the lowest number of high school graduates ? 48.7% compared to 62% in the Balkans. By the end of 2009, more than half of the big companies in the country cited lack of knowledge among their employees as their biggest barrier. The World Bank said this is critical, as companies are the catalyst for potential future economic growth. Albania is spending less on education, the report noted, and ten times less on scientific research than EU countries. (Top Channel, News 24, Top [6] News ? 30/11/10)

[7] A New Agenda for Albania?s Future Growth (Press Release)


Mafia Minister Mygerem Tafaj, errichet nun ein Kommunistisches Schulbuch Monopol

Einige zogen die Reis Leine, so auch die Fach Hochschule in München, welche eine Kooperations ablehnten, nach einem von der KAS schlecht Vorbereiteten Meeting in Tirana, wo die Deutsche Botschafterin mit derart inkompetenten Gestalten auch ihre Zeit vertrödeln musste.

Die Partnerschaft zwischen den Studentenwerken Siegen und Tirana/Albanien ist beendet

Und alter Freund und Berater der Gangsters Hashim Thaci, PDK Mitglied. Ausserdem hat er illegal, Grundstücke bebaut, was bei den PDK Gangster normal ist. Die US Botschafterin kritisiert hart die Justiz, welche nicht existiert. Banditentum, Betrug wurde Kultur im KOsovo, weswegen niemand mehr investiert. seihe auch die Mafia Universität in Tirana, von der Frroku Mafia gegründet, zur Geldwäsche, neben Casinos und Night Clubs.

Korruption ohne Ende, wie private Universitäten an Grundstücke kommen! Sie bezahlen Nichts, wie in Albanien.

Corruption charges bolster hopes in Kosovo


Recent corruption charges against a Prizren mayor and five other officials raise citizen hopes that the judicial system is doing its job.

By Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Pristina — 09/03/13

photoKosovo citizens hope recent charges against officials in Prizren mark the beginning of an end to corruption. [Nikola Barbutov/SETimes]

Kosovo citizens hope that the corruption charges against Prizren Mayor Ramadan Muja and five other senior municipality officials signal positive changes in the country’s judicial system.

„Citizens are fed up with abuses of authority. We expect justice to do its part, and if the charges against Muja are proven, we hope for a proper sentence. This is not the first case of senior officials charged with corruption and authority abuse in Prizren. We want to see an end to corruption, once and for all,“ Dreni Gashi, a Prizren worker, told SETimes.

„Cases in which the defendants are heads of central and local institutions affect governance at both levels… If this and other such cases end up in convictions, and senior officials end up serving sentences, public trust in the justice system will increase in the country, and all will be encouraged to participate in solving various corruption activities,“ Betim Musliu, director of the Kosovo Law Institute, told SETimes.

In late February, EULEX filed corruption charges at the Prizren Basic Court against Muja and five other municipality officials for giving public land to the educational Gulistan Centre and public property to the Mehmet Akif College.

„The case includes allegations of illegal use and benefit from land belonging to the Prizren municipality, and other actions that resulted in a serious rights violations of a number of claimants in civil disputes,“ EULEX said.

Despite the charges, the mayor and other officials are still on duty. Blerim Krasniqi, EULEX spokesperson, said that the prosecutor’s office does not decide if Muja stays on or is removed from duty.

The Kosovo state prosecutor’s office told SETimes that according to current legislation, when charges are raised, officials can continue to hold their positions.

„Based on the Article 56 of the local self-government bill, the mandate of the mayor ends, ‚in case of a sentence for a penal act with an order for imprisonment for six months or more‘,“ Agron Maxhuni, director for legal monitoring of the municipalities in the ministry, told SETimes……….setimes


Doktor Titel, vor allem wie in Albanien juristische Diplome, werden nur verkauft, wo nun demonstriert wird.

Gegen die korrupte Bildung wird demonstriert.

Der Berufs Verbrecher Gani Thaci /Bruder des Hashim Thaci wurde verhaftet – Arrestohet për kanosje djali i vëllait të Hashim Thaçit
Kosovo Schüler die zu dumm sind, schlagen ihre Lehrer

Kosovo thugs in schools! Weil man zu dumm ist, einfache Sachen zu kapieren, schlagen Schüler ihre Lehrer.


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Prishtinë, 20 dhjetor – Pas suspendimit nga puna të tre asistentëve të UP-së dhe shkarkimit të dekanit të Fakultetit të Mjekësisë, Këshilli Drejtues dhe menaxhmenti i UP-së kanë vazhduar me masa të tjera ndëshkuese ndaj të dyshuarve për keqpërdorime.Në këtë kuadër, Universiteti i Prishtinës përmes një komunikate bën të ditur se ka vendosur që t’i bllokojë diplomat e 11 të diplomuarve në UP, me dyshimin për falsifikim, dhe të njëjtat t’i nënshtrohen një procesi të hollësishëm verifikimi. Në mesin e atyre që u janë bllokuar diplomat janë: Gazmend Maliqi, Esat Belaj dhe Kemajl Gashi, asistentë në Fakultetin e Mjekësisë (pas suspendimit të dy të parëve, angazhimi i mëtutjeshëm i ndërpritet edhe Kemajl Gashit), Arian Janova, asistent në Fakultetin Filozofik, Leonard Bytyqi, mjek në Suharekë, Albion Haxhijaha, mjek në QKUK, Arton Hoti, mjek në Gjakovë, si dhe katër të diplomuar të tjerë në fakultete të ndryshme të UP-së.

Rektori i UP-së tashmë ka krijuar një komision, i cili do të merret me verifikimin e këtyre diplomave, dhe Rektorati i UP-së shumë shpejt do të dalë me vendim nëse do t’i anulojë ato .,13,169890

Die SEECP Balkan Konferenz, wurde von dem Albanischen Präsidenten Bujar Nishani boykottiert.

Der Albanische Präsident Bujar Nishani, der die Polizei und Justiz in Albanien an die Mafia verkauft hat und an Hirnlose, ohne Bildung ist als „Malok“ überall bekannt. Als Ja-Sager Präsident würde er sogar seine Kinder verkaufen und sein eigenes Todes Urteil unterschreiben.

Seine Mutter war einfache Mathematik Lehrerin, und obwohl nur der Arbeiter Klasse ein Fahrrad vorbehalten war, fuhr damals schon Bujar Nishani als „Sigurime“ Produkt in die Schule mit Fahrrad.

Mit gefälschten Diplomen zur 2. höchsten Polizistin —–> Präsidentin des Kosovo aufsteigen: Atifete Jahjaga



The statement of the President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani about the decision not to participate in the Ohrid SEECP Summit


May 28th, 2013 Considering the regional cooperation and good neighborly relations as pillars that guarantee peace, security and stability in the region and preconditions to its European Union and NATO integration, the South East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) remains the … Continue reading


29 May 13
South East European Countries Agree Joint Assembly

Member states of the South-East European Cooperation Process, SEECP have laid the foundations for a joint parliamentary assembly aimed at boosting regional cooperation.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic


Photo by: MIA

The tenth conference of the parliamentary speakers of the SEECP, taking place in the Macedonian town of Ohrid, adopted documents concerning the formation of an inter-parliamentary body.

The assembly will function like other regional inter-parliamentary bodies such as the Nordic Council or the Council of the Baltic Sea States, the Macedonian parliamentary speaker, Trajko Veljanovski, explained at the meeting.

The assembly will function like other regional inter-parliamentary bodies such as the Nordic Council or the Council of the Baltic Sea States, the Macedonian parliamentary speaker, Trajko Veljanovski, explained at the meeting.

“Our region begun late and has lacked dynamism in developing international cooperation and the spirit of understanding, mutual support and solidarity that is otherwise characteristic of almost all other regions of Europe,” Veljanovski said.

The plan is for the inaugural session of the assembly to take place next year, during the Romanian presidency of SEECP. Member states will first have to agree the assembly’s budget.

“The next presidency will finalize this process at an inaugural session,” the Romanian parliamentary speaker, Valeriu Zgonea, said, adding that “all parliaments have the same number of representatives who will share their visions at the same table”.

Member states agreed to hold parliamentary sessions of the new assembly once a year, chaired by the current chair country of SEECP. Between sessions, a permanent committee will be in charge of managing affairs.

The tenth conference of the heads of SEECP member state parliaments opened on Monday, with Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Slovenia all sending representatives.

The meeting of parliamentary speakers was also attended by representatives of the European Parliament and of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Meanwhile, the 16th summit of heads of states and prime ministers of the SEECP is due to take place on June 1 in the same Macedonian town of Ohrid.

The optimism surrounding events in Ohrid has been overshadowed by a diplomatic row over Kosovo, which was not invited to the summit.

Kosovo accused Macedonia of being “anti-European” after Skopje did not invite its President, Atifete Jahjaga, to the regional meeting of heads of state, and has been supported by Albania whose president said he would not be coming as a result….



Der Non-Stop Öko Betrug bei den Lebensmitteln

siehe auch der Bio Eier Betrug in Deutschland! Parma Schincken ist bei der Italienischen Mafia, wie bei dem Oliven Oel auch noch lange nicht echt. Viel Oeko kommt in Wirklichkeit aus China und aus anderen oft dubiosen Quellen, wie auch der Pferde Fleisch Skandal. In der Heimat, sind die Betrueger immer Straffrei.

Öko ist Deko

Betrug und Selbstbetrug als Grundprobleme des grünen Wirtschaftens

Unter dem Label „Bio“ wird betrogen, dass sich die Balken biegen. Das ist keine furchtbar neue Erkenntnis und erfährt durch die aktuellen Vorgänge in Italien nur eine weitere Bestätigung. Dort ist eine emsige Mafia ganz groß in das Geschäft mit dem Bio-Etikettenschwindel eingestiegen; dabei geht es offensichtlich um hunderttausende Tonnen angeblicher Biowaren, von denen, so die italienische Polizei, auch erkleckliche Anteile ihren Weg nach Deutschland und also in den boomenden Biohandel hierzulande gefunden haben. Bei den regelmäßig auffliegenden Bioskandalen stellt sich aber doch die Frage, ob es eine grüne (Land-)Wirtschaft ohne Betrug überhaupt geben kann.

    Ich möcht heute Abend sprechen über Humanismus. Es is, glaub ich, uns klar, was Humanismus is, des brauch ma ned groß erklärn – Humanismus für uns bedeutet: Schon schaun was geht, aber nicht ganz so. Humanismus ist zum Beispiel Rucola, Zanderfilet auf Rucola, ein Glas Pinot Grigio vom Bio-Bauern – a kloaner Geländewagen, muss ka großer sein (…) Humanismus – beruflich über Leichen gehen, aber mit Bioresonanz.


    Der Text entstammt einem Vortrag, den Autor Anfang Mai in Stuttgart gehalten hat. Es gibt ihn auch als Audiodatei


Der billigste Nachplabber der Deutschen Geschichte nach Joschka Fischer: zu Guttenberg fordert Iran Kriegs Vorbereitungen

Kann es noch etwas peinlicheres geben, wie diesen billigen Nachplabber, und Amts Versager in Deutschland: Erstaunlicherweise, hat er nicht einmal seine Rolle bei der CSIS verstanden, genauso wenig wie seine Aufgabe als Verteidigungs Minister.

update 26.5.2013 Wenn billigste Bestechung und Korruption einen Namen hat: zu Guttenberg mit einem Milliarden Schaden fuer Deutschland, der sowieso inkompetent war und max. fuer eine Theater Karrriere, Faehigkeiten hat.

Man spricht nun ganz offen von Korruption in Deutschland!

SWR Nachrichten  – ‎vor 19 Minuten‎
Die Koblenzer Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt offenbar bei der Bundeswehr wegen Korruptionsverdachts. Laut einem Zeitungsbericht wurden im März Räume des Beschaffungsamtes in Koblenz durchsucht und Unterlagen beschlagnahmt. Es geht um den …

Im Dienste korrupter und krimineller Ruestungs Konzerne, spielt zu Guttenberg die Schluesselrolle, bei dem Drohnen Betrug vor Jahren, wo die Pruefer bei den Amerikanern keinen Zugang erhielten und trotzdem weiter dieses Betrugs Geschaeft weiter finanziert wurde!
AufklärungsdrohneBundeswehrprüfer warnten schon 2009 vor „Euro Hawk“
Fachleute der Bundeswehr wiesen nach SPIEGEL-Informationen schon im Sommer 2009 auf Probleme mit der Aufklärungsdrohne „Euro Hawk“ hin. Auch bei der Zulassung soll es Unregelmäßigkeiten gegeben haben – Verteidigungsminister war zu diesem Zeitpunkt Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. mehr… [ Video | Forum ]

Peinlich wenn jemand sich mit vollen Wissen zum notorischen Lügner entwickelt und Kriegs Lügen Propaganda weiter verbreitet. Selbst ein 10 jähriges Kind, hat heute das Wissen, das es sich rund um Banken, Krieg und NATO nur um Kriegs Lügen handelt, welche inzeniert werden. man muss nur käufliche Mittäter haben, die sowas verbreiten, denn auch ein General Klaus Naumann, war nur ein käuflicher Rüstungs Lobbyist und hatte seine illegale Tätigkeit nicht gemeldet. Da wird jemand der käuflich ist, nur für das Verbreiten von Lügen bezahlt, was nun auch Nichts Neues mehr ist.

Das Guttenberg-Dossier: Ein Atlantik Brücken e.V. Mitglied

Atomkonflikt mit Iran Guttenberg gibt Merkel Ratschläge
Ex-Verteidigungsminister Guttenberg hat sich mit außenpolitischen Ratschlägen an die Bundesregierung gewandt. Er fordert Vorbereitungen für einen möglichen Iran-Krieg. Jetzt müsse darüber nachgedacht werden, wie Israel unterstützt werden könnte. Bedenken wischt er beiseite. mehr…Video ]

Die permanente Kriegs Hetze in Deutschland und warum Politiker im Ausland unglaubwürdig sindDie Versager der Deutschen Aussenpolitik laden ein: Georg Soros Gangster ESI und Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. (DGAP)Vorbild Deutscher Aussenpolitik: Das Verbrecher Kartell des Georg Soros und seiner NG0′s wie dem ICG


Medien werden fürs Lügen bezahlt

Montag, 1. April 2013 , von Freeman um 18:00

Eines der Hauptargumente gegen die sogenannten Verschwörungs- theorien ist die Aussage, wenn es Verschwörungen gebe, dann müssten ja Insider darüber etwas verraten. Da man nichts darüber hört gibt es keine Verschwörungen. Dieses Argument stimmt natürlich nicht, denn es gibt immer wieder Beteiligte die ihr Wissen an die Öffentlichkeit tragen, nur ihre Stimme wird nicht gehört. Hier habe ich wieder einen Fall. Eine ehemalige Reporterin von CNN hat ausgesagt, ihr wurde befohlen falsche Nachrichten über Syrien und Iran zu verbreiten. Sie sagt auch, CNN wird von Regierungen mit viel Geld bezahlt um Propaganda für sie zu senden.

Amber Lyon hat verraten, als sie für den Nachrichtensender CNN gearbeitet hat, bekam sie den Befehl falsche Nachrichten zu senden oder unerwünschte wegzulassen, je nach dem was die US-Regierung gerade wollte, mit dem Ziel, die öffentliche Meinung für eine Aggression gegen Syrien und den Iran zu bewegen. Lyon sagte, die Mainstream-Medien der USA arbeiten bewusst einseitig, um eine Stimmung gegen den Iran aufzubauen, damit ein Militärangriff von der Öffentlichkeit unterstützt wird.

Sie enthüllte, die Methoden die angewendet werden sind die gleichen wie damals, um den Krieg gegen den Irak mental in der US-Bevölkerung vorzubereiten. Syrien und der Iran sind einer ständigen Dämonisierung ausgesetzt. Und es wirkt, denn das schlechte Image ist weit verbreitet.

Die ehemalige Reporterin stellte klar, CNN manipuliert und fabriziert Nachrichten und selektiert den Inhalt der Nachrichtensendungen. Sie betonte auch, der Sender bekommt Geld von der US-Regierung und von den Regierungen anderer Staaten im Gegenzug für gewünschte Nachrichteninhalte.

Es werden Reportagen dem Zuschauer als neutrale Berichte präsentiert, die aber in Wahrheit bezahle Werbesendungen als PR für Staaten sind. Solche Aufträge hätte CNN zum Beispiel für Bahrain, Saudi Arabien, Georgien und Aserbeidschan durchgeführt, um diese üblen Diktaturen in ein gutes Licht zu rücken und die dort stattfindenden Menschenrechts- verletzungen und Unterdrückung der Opposition zu verschleiern.

Das erklärt warum Bahrain und Saudi Arabien die Bevölkerung abschlachten kann, aber die westlichen Medien berichten kaum darüber. Das Formel 1 Rennen muss nämlich stattfinden, obwohl gleichzeitig Blut auf den Strassen fliesst. Anderseits werden die übelsten erfundenen Lügen über die syrischen und iranische Regierungen verbreitet, wie schlimm diese angeblich sein sollen. Die Berichterstattung der Medien stellt alles auf den Kopf, weil sie dafür mit viel Geld bezahlt werden……………………..


siehe auch Sibel Edmonds, wie Kriege inzeniert werden mit vielen Lügen, oder die Britsiche Ex-Geheimdienst Agentin Annie Machon

Das Erdogan Debakel mit dem Syrien Krieg

Wir zeigten schon im August, das Erdogan vollkommen verrueckt ist, mit seinem Syrien Krieg und dem Aufbau von Terroristen Zentren an seiner Grenze, was zugleich ein Bruch jeder Osmanischen und Tuerkischen Politik seit Hunderten von Jahren war.

Aber bei kriminellen und verrueckten Profi Kriminellen, waren immer auch Deutsche Politiker zur Stelle, wie Wolfgang Ischinger, der wohl keine Basis je als Diplomat hatte, denn die Basis ist: das man die Geschichte kennt. Einzige Politik ist bei diesen Leute, irgendwelche dubiosen Geschaefte und Partnerschaften, mit Kriminellen, Verbrechern und Terroristen, wie man am Kosovo Krieg schon gut sah.

Deutschland produziert erneut mit Wolfgang Ischinger, eine kriminelle Aussenpolitik in Syrien

Das Türkische Erfolge Modell, was durch die Syrischen Umtriebe gefährdet ist

Jetzt zeigen neue Artikel, aus der Regierungs treuen Ecke in Deutschland schon das Umdenken auf.

Nach Grenzanschlag: Türkei überdenkt Syrien-Politik
Vor knapp zwei Wochen explodierten Bomben in der türkisch-syrischen Grenzstadt Reyhanlı, 51 Menschen starben. In die bisher erfolglose Syrien-Politik der Türkei ist seitdem etwas Bewegung gekommen.
Kommentar: Ankaras Syrien-Politik auf zu dünnem Eis

Wenn Massen Mord mit Terroristen und kriminellen Clans, zum Modell der NATO wird: Irak, Syrien, Kosovo, Albanien

Der neue failed State: Syrien, der Verbrecher Organisation NATO

Erdogan und die Non-Stop Verhaftungen von Journalisten

Karin Leukefeld und Christoph Hörstel berichtet aus Syrien!

NATO Lügen der Pyschopatin Hillary Clinton, wo die US finanzierten Terroristen, Kinder und Frauen massakrieren

Bulgarien kritisiert die Kriegs Treiberei der Tuerkei, gegen Syrien

Die Kriegs Politik krimineller US Generale, der NATO und immer mit Kriminellen

Wegen Geldwaesche / Betrug ermittelt Interpol gegen Behgjet Pacolli – Pacolli Biznes me të Kërkuarën e Interpolit

Pacolli Biznes me të Kërkuarën e Interpolit
Foto: Zëvendëskyeministri i parë i KosovësFoto: Zëvendëskyeministri i parë i Kosovës nga Visar DuriqiPrishtinëMaj 20, 201300:45
© Të drejtat autoriale
Një biznes i përbashkët me Leme Xhemën në arrati e Aziz Kelmendin të dënuar për veprën “vrasje në pakujdesi”, nuk është deklaruar në Agjencinë Kundër Korrupsion nga Behgjet Pacolli, zëvendëskryeministri i parë i Qeverisë së Kosovës.

(E plotësuar)

Behgjet Pacolli përgjatë viteve si zyrtar i lartë shtetëror nuk ka deklaruar në Agjencinë Kundër Korrupsion aksionet që posedon në një biznes të regjistruar në Kosovë.

“W-Intramedia” Sh.P.K me bazë në Prishtinë, me aktivitet primar telekomunikimin, u regjistrua në Ministrinë për Tregti e Industri më 30 mars të vitit 2005.

Bazuar në certifikatën e regjistrimit të këtij biznesi, Behgjet Pacolli ka 70 për qind të aksioneve ndërsa tre hisedarë tjerë kanë nga 10 për qind.

Ligji për Deklarimin dhe Prejardhjen e Pasurisë obligon zyrtarët e lartë që të deklarojnë aksionet nëpër biznese private.

Pacolli në deklarimin e pasurisë për vitin 2012 e deklaroi si biznes të tij “NTSH Tempore” dhe sqaroi se bëhet fjalë për një biznes jo-aktiv.

“Biznes i regjistruar por pasiv që nga regjistrimi dhe në shuarje e sipër”, Behgjet Pacolli

“Biznes i regjistruar por pasiv që nga regjistrimi dhe në shuarje e sipër. Nuk ka kapital e as aksione”, shënoi Pacolli në formularin e deklarimit të pasurisë së tij.

Por, të njëjtën nuk e bëri me kompaninë “W-Intramedia” Sh.P.K.

Kundër-Korrupsioni në nëntor të vitit 2012, kur trajtoi rastin e kryetarit të Mitrovicës Avni Kastrati, konstatoi se zyrtari duhet të deklarojë e të mos jetë person i autorizuar në një biznes edhe përkundër mungesës së qarkullimit financiar.

Mehdi Pllashniku, koordinator ligjor në Agjencionin për Regjistrimin e Biznesit, vlerësoi se çdo biznes që figuron në regjistrat online të ARBK-së llogaritet si biznes aktiv.

Zëvendëskryeministri i parë i Qeverisë së Kosovës Behgjet Pacolli kur u kontakua nga Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë nuk deshi të komentojë rreth biznesit të tij si dhe ortakëve të përfshirë në këtë kompani.

Multimilioneri Pacolli është themelues i kompanive të mëdha si “Mabetex”, “Siguria”, “Banka Ekonomike”, “Swis Diamond”, “Sine Tempore”, “IMK-KS”, “Travel Diamond”, “BS Medical” e “BG Entertainment”.

„Çdo biznes që figuron në regjistrat online të ARBK-së llogaritet si biznes aktiv“ Mehdi Pllashniku

Ortakët e Pacollit – Të dënuar për vrasje e të kërkuar nga Interpol

Kompaninë private “W-Intramedia” Sh.P.K e përbejnë aksionarët Behgjet Pacolli, Leme Xhema, Aziz Kelmendi e Max Tairi.

Adresa e aksionarit Tairi është në Suedi.

Dy ortakët tjerë shqiptarë janë njerëz të kërkuar nga “Interpol” e të dënuar për “vrasje në pakujdesi”.

Njëra prej tyre, Leme Xhema, ish-drejtoresha e PTK-së, është në kërkim ndërkombëtar nga “Interpol” që nga marsi i vitit 2012.

Kishte fletë-arrest që nga gushti i vitit 2011 por autoritetet lokale nuk patën sukses në gjetjen e saj.

Gjykata Supreme e Kosovës më 3 gusht 2011 kishte shqiptuar dënimin në mungesë prej tri vitesh burgim për Leme Xhemën.

Supremja po shqyrtonte rastin e saj pas apelimit të vendimit të Gjykatës së Qarkut nga ana e mbrojtës. Vendimi i supremes konfirmonte dënimin e njëjtë të Gjykatës së Qarkut të marrë në vitin 2008.

Ajo ishte dënuar për transferimin prej 300 mijë eurosh që e kishte bërë gjatë kohës që ushtronte pozitën e drejtoreshës së PTK-së. Me këtë veprim Xhema i kishte krijuar përftim të paligjshëm kompanisë “Norwy Invest”, duke dëmtuar kështu ndërmarrjen publike kosovare.

EULEX në vitin 2008 për këtë rast kishte dënuar edhe menaxherin e kësaj kompanie Uve Johansen me dy vjet burgim me kusht, si dhe kthimin e 300 mijë eurove në konton e PTK-së.

„Dy ortakët tjerë shqiptarë janë njerëz të kërkuar nga “Interpol” e të dënuar për “vrasje në pakujdesi”.

Hisedar në këtë kompani private është edhe Aziz Kelmendi biznesmen nga Mitrovica.

Gazeta nuk ka mundur të vë kontakt me biznesmenin Kelmendi përkundër kontaktimit nëpërmjet të gjithë numrave kontaktues që figurojnë në bizneset private të tij.

Kelmendi u dënua në qershor të vitit 2011 nga Gjykata e Tiranës për veprën “vrasje nga pakujdesia”.

Ai kishte shkaktuar vdekjen e këngëtares Elsina Hidersha e njohur si Emmy.

Emmy është kapur tek xhami i makinës me të dyja duart. Kelmendi ka mbyllur xhamin e derës duke i zënë gishtat dhe në këtë mënyrë Emmy nuk ka lëvizur dot. Më pas, i ka dhënë gaz makinës me të cilën ishte përplasur e ndjera.
Në qershor të viti 2011 Gjykata e Tiranës morri vendim që ta shpallë fajtor biznesmenin Kelmendi dhe e dënoi atë më burg për veprën penale të “vrasjes nga pakujdesia”.

Ndaj tij u shqiptua dënim me kusht.

Kelmendi do të burgoset në rast se brenda periudhës dyvjeçare kryen ndonjë vepër penale.

Gjykata e Lartë në Tiranë në prill të këtij viti ka kthyer në rigjykim procesin ndaj Kelmendit dhe Gjykata e Faktit do ta shqyrtojë sërish rastin.

Pacolli i shkruan ARBK-së pas artikullit

Behgjet Pacolli – Mabetex, verkauft seine Immobilien in Lugano / Schweiz