Stratfor: Salih Berisha, ist der Chef der Albanisches Mafia Clans


WikiLeaks – Stratfor: Berisha, the Albania mafia chief

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Salih Berisha
Capo der Albanischen Mafia: der NATO Partner Salih Berisha
Klare Worte aus einer Info email, an den Stratfor Vize Präsidenten!

Marko Papic replies: “Dude, Berisha was president before the anarchy of 1997. He is the chief (don) Albanian mafia “.

die wikileaks cables, outeten wie alle Insider Berichte, Salih Berisha vor Jahren, als hoch kriminell, wo seine Minister, gegen Geld verurteilte Mörder und Drogen Bosse freiliessen in einem kriminellen Enterprise der Justiz. Allgemein bekannt, das Salih Berisha mit Kriminellen, die Institutionen übernehmen und infiltrieren will. Die EU und US Politiker stoppten dieses Verbrechen nicht, weil man Geschäfte machen will, mit der von der Mafia übernommenen Weltbank, welche ebenso in einem Desaster der Privatisierung im Sinne krimineller Firmen und Personen untergeht. Der US Department of State Report von 2012, dokumentierte ebenso ein verherrendes Staatsgebilde, was nur durch eine Theater Show am Leben gehalten wird und durch korrupte Aufbau Helfer und Justiz Bringer.

wikileaks veröffentlichte Tausende von internen Strafor emails, wobei sich eine mit dem kriminellen Enterprise: Salih Berisha befasst.

Rauben, Plündern, Erpressen, Stehlen: die Übernahme des Zolls, durch die Tropoja Banditen des Ridvan Bode und Salih Berisha

WikiLeaks: Berisha, the #Albania mafia chief, Rama, modern leader for Albanians
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Wikileaks documents, derived from the CIA-shadow, known as Stratfor company, speak Albanian Prime Minister as a ‘do-in’ of the Albanian mafia. But Rama, although recognized as wikileaks-31-300x180stubborn, considered modern leader waiting Albanians and evaluation of the EU. Stratfor: Kosovars do not have much sympathy with Berisha, he has strong ties with Serbia

Wikileaks has little time to publish some interesting documents security and global consulting agency, Stratfor, which is otherwise known as America’s shadow CIA.

Driven by a document published in Ora News, gërmuam to discover what it is for the January 21 event in Stratfor documents.

On the day of the event seriously, there was a very intense communication between the organization analyst, called Marko Papic, who informs for Albania and other persons in the company, including Vice President Fred Burton.

A series of e-mails exchanged with the question of what the hell is happening in Albania on January 21.

Marko Papic replies: “Dude, Berisha was president before the anarchy of 1997. He is the chief (don) Albanian mafia “.

Papic speed then reports that there were three deaths.

“The opposition, led by the Socialist leader, Edi Rama, has urged Prime Minister Sali Berisha to resign on January 20, after Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta resigned after a bribery scandal over a plant.

The real issue is in fact related to dissatisfaction over the recent parliamentary elections, won by Berisha score close. Socialists claim that the elections were rigged.

However, there is some cultural component separation. Socialists are quite powerful in southern cities such as Vlora, Berat and Gjirokastra. Under Shkumbini are Tosks where PS is powerful.

Extended north Albanians in Kosovo are gegë. Tirana is where the meet.

Why does it matter?

Albania generally does not matter. However, it is a country where the government is one of the many organized crime groups vying for power. Anarchy is always very close. In 1997, Albania slid into anarchy.

The event was important as it made ​​to interfere with the Italians, to prevent Albanians flock to Italy, which always happens when there is no consistency.

Also in 1997, the anarchy caused more easily pass weapons in Kosovo, making the KLA becomes a factor. “

A day later, Marko Papic informed that the situation is calm.

He says the opposition has threatened to act until Berisha to resign. Also note that declared that whoever touches official buildings, will have the same fate as the protesters.

“There are rumors that the National Intelligence Service agents have infiltrated the crowd to provoke violence. (Comment: There is no evidence, but would not be the first time that SIS is used for such things). “

Later, in another e-mail, request information from Papic center for ongoing situation and influence in the region.

“For me, things will not get worse as in 1997, because it was driven by economic collapse situation and not just policy differences. Albanians have strong memories and feelings from that period and will attempt to avoid repetition, “he writes.

Asked about the impact of Berisha in Kosovo and Macedonia, Stratfor analyst writes: “I’m talking in general, Berisha has no role in the region. He continues to be seen as a model of the old leader. Clearly, Kosovo will always need the support of the Prime Minister and his government. However, many Kosovars remember that Berisha gave lukewarm support KLA and is believed to have personally benefited allowing fuel loads in Serbia and Montenegro, despite NATO embargo at the time. Berisha is still seen as a man with close ties with Serbia – one of his contacts closer Damir Fazlic, a character who is believed to have contacts with the highest levels in the Serbian government. Berisha believed to have strong ties to Macedonia and Djukanovic loss, it has also limited the influence in Montenegro “.

Asked what changes would have to Albania and the region with the arrival of Rama in power, he said:“Edvin Rama is Albanian Socialist opposition leader, representing approximately 50 percent Albanian voters. Rama is known as stubborn and somewhat radical among the international community in Tirana.There is good dialogue, creating situations where no party wins. Despite these weaknesses, Rama represents the leader of “modern” that many Albanians had hoped since 1990. His work in modernizing and cleaning of the capital has become very popular and has given the image of the man who can do something for the people. The popularity of Rama and his modern thinking have been commented on favorably by many leaders and representatives of the EU “.


Mafia Report in Albania

Mafia Report in Albania

Date: Sunday, June 10 @ 17:27:36 PDT
Topic: Albania News

Read inside: “Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania” , “My letter to Tom Ridge” , “Fatmir “Watchman” Mediu and President Bush” – by Gary Q. KokalariH.E. Sokol Olldashi
Minister of Telecommunications and Transportation Republic of Albania
Tirana, AlbaniaZoti Olldashi:Not surprisingly, as of this date I have not received a response from you on the correspondence below and the attached report that contains various allegations against you. If this information is not true, one would think you would have an interest in clearing your name.


Die Langzeit zuständige EU Politikerin: Doris Pack, schüttelt nur noch den Kopf, das auch gegen die größten Deutschen Verbrecher, keine Verfahren eröffnet werden, obwohl der Computer des Ex-UNMIK Chefs: Joachim Rückers, von einer UN Sonder Einheit beschlagnahmt wurde. Er ist heute Schwedischer Botschaft, für die Medien nicht erreichbar.                                                             Auszug:

l. In diesen zehn Jahren ist die Korruption gewachsen, sie wurde nicht bekämpft”. Es gebe unter anderem “Tausende von Fällen (…) von Kriminellen, die noch nicht vor Gericht gestellt wurden”. Sämtliche Chefs der Besatzungsverwaltung UNMIK, die laut Pack der faktischen Unterstützung von Korruption schuldig sind, stammten aus EU-Staaten, allein zwei davon aus der Bundesrepublik. Deutschland ist der Staat, dem stets der größte Einfluss auf die UNMIK-Verwaltung zugeschrieben wurde.[12] (PK) ……………………………