Nicht EU konform: Rumaenien will nur lokalen Lebensmittel Produzenten den Verkauf erlauben

Wie das als EU Land funktionieren soll, das man nur noch lokalen Produzenten den Verkauf erlaubt, ist ein Mysterium.

Romania wants to allow only legit local producers to sell fruits and vegetables in markets
vegetables market arhivafotoro

The Romanian Government plans to change legislation allowing only local fruit and vegetables producers to sell their produce in local market, thus eliminating the intermediaries who use false producer papers and are engaged in black market trade.
A new law project allows only Romanian individual producers to sell their own products in fruit and vegetable markets. […]

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Group of Romanians and Russians, accused of economic espionage
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Several Romanians and Russians are accused of economic espionage for Russia. According to prosecutors, the employees of a Romanian firm gave away several classified documents about Romania’s copper reserves.
A 42-year old Russian whose name was not made public was caught at Bucharest airport when trying to leave the country with documents and maps issued by […]

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