AlBPetrol: Historic: 20 Jahre kriminelles Enterprise der Salih Berisha Gang

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125 Millionen €, aus der ARMO Privatisierung tauchen ebenso nirgendwo auf und werden heute angezweifelt.

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Rezart Taci, versucht die Beschlagnahme seiner Konten in Albanien zuvertuschen

Rezart Taci, is a ponzi – pyramid expert:

2 gangsters  on the way

Historic: 20 Jahre kriminelles Enterprise der Salih Berisha Gang  

Frank Wisner

Patton Boggs


Yesterday, it was reported in Albania by Top Channel TV that American Chartered Bank has provided  a guarantee to support Vetro Silk Road’s acquisition of Albpetrol.

According to conversations I’ve had today and yesterday with representatives of American Chartered Bank (ACB), the institution is primarily a regional bank and it does not appear to be engaged in funding credit facilities in foreign countries.   Further, based on the bank’s tier capital, it may be a violation of federal banking regulations for the bank to provide a $100 million financial guarantee to support the acquisition of Albpetrol.  Also, the representatives I spoke with seemed to be surprised by news that the bank was entertaining a transaction in Albania.

Have you spoken with ACB to determine if the guarantee is legitimate?  Have you examined ACB’s balance sheet to determine the bank’s capability to make this commitment?  In not,  why haven’t you?  I would assume it’s part of your mandate to provide guidance to the Albanian government to assure that you bring qualified bidders to the table.  Did you do your homework?   Or is there something else going on?  If your firm hasn’t conducted appropriate due diligence on ACB (and the bidders for that matter), it would support my contention that there may be more qualified firms that could have been hired to serve as  advisor for the Albpetrol transaction.  Frankly, I don’t understand why your firm could not elicit interest in Albpetrol from a larger field of qualified and credible potential bidders.

Perhaps something’s been lost in Top Channel’s description of the ACB credit facility, but if my understanding is correct, ACB will be providing some form of guarantee that can be called by the Albanian government if Vetro Silk Road’s bid is accepted and the bidder subsequently defaults on the acquisition.  So this could potentially put ACB at risk of funding the $100 million facility.  Is this more or less correct?  If so, the link below will bring you to recent financial data on ACB (readily available on the web) that indicates ACB has total equity capital of about $200 million.   I would like you to explain how ABC is going to put itself at risk with a facility that is equal to 50% of its equity capital.  Perhaps there may be a way to structure the deal if Vetro Silk Road posted cash collateral with ACB, but this would be  highly unusual and I’m not sure that even this would pass the smell test with regulators; however, this should all be easy enough to verify.
FYI – I’ve brought this matter to the attention of two different federal agencies.  I suggest that you make a determination about whether the Top Channel report is true, and if so, you should know because you would have undoubtedly seen what’s been represented by Top Channel to be the ACB guarantee.  You should then determine if ACB did indeed issue some form of financial commitment, and if so, if ACB is financially capable of issuing such a commitment.  You should then provide comments on this issue in a public statement as soon as possible, and you should be able to turn this around in 24 hours.  Here’s the telephone number for ACB’s risk control group:  847-273-1638.  The FDIC Chicago field office can also address ACB’s financial capabilities and can be reached at:  312–382-6000.

Please let me know if I you need any further information.

Thank you.

Gary Kokalari

05 Oct 12 / 15:22:58

Controversial Albanian Tycoon Behind Albpetrol’s Privatization

The Albanian oil tycoon, Rezart Taci, announced on Friday that he has a controlling stake in the consortium that has won a €850 million tender for the privatization of Albania’s oil reserves.

Besar Likmeta



Rezart Taci during a press confernce

The consortium Vetro Energy will be managed by two US based companies, Huddleston Energy Advisors and Home Creek Energy.

“We would not have been part of this tender if Rezart Taci had not been involved,” said Matthew Rozak, the president of Vetro Energy.

“Taci’s achievements are great and we are proud to be partners in this project,” Roszak added.

The US investment fund Silk Road Equity owns a 49 per cent stake in Vetro Energy, while Taci’s Singapore based YPO Holdings, is the majority stakeholder with 51 per cent.

Vetro’s bid for Albetrol is double the value placed on the state-owned oil firm’s assets by advisers to the sale. It is equivalent to 10 per cent of the country’s GDP.

If it goes through with the bid, Vetro Energy will secure all of Albpetrol’s above ground assets and exploration rights for a period of 25 years.

Before the sale, the government added the right to build a refinery and to transport gas to Albpetrol’s license.

Most of Albpetrol’s  oilfields are currently run by foreign companies under output-sharing agreements.

Taci is known as one of the Tirana businessmen who belong to Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s inner circle. In 2009 he privatized Albania’s oil refinery ARMO, for €128 million.

In November 2009, he was accused of attacking Mero Baze, a local political analyst and publisher, but was cleared of all charges a year later. Instead, two of his bodyguards were found guilty for assaulting the journalist and fined 300,000 lek (€2,140) each.

Through his oil companies Taci Oil, Kuid and ARMO he had a turnover of €250 million in 2011. In the last year his has also bought a stake in the Credins Bank and the Tirana TV Station, Albania Screen.
Albpetrol Privatisierung und Ankunft von Salih Berisha Partners in Tirana: der Serbische Mafiosi Damir Fazllic 

Teilweise reine Phantom Firmen, welche kurzfristig gegründet sind. SilkRoad Executive ist ein 2003 gegründeter Investment Fond in den USA! Die Hintermänner, bei dieser Hedge Fond Art, sind immer undurchsichtig.

Essad Puskar, B. Pacolli
Essad Puskar, taucht ebenso auf, ein Bosnischer – US Ganove, der schon die Wahl von B. Pacolli organisierte vor über einem Jahr im Kosovo. Essad Puskar, gehört direkt zu B. Pacolli, ebenso eng mit Rezart Taci verbunden, wie wikileaks erklärt. Wenn Bestechung, Betrug, Fake Firmen organisiert werden, dann taucht Essad Puskar auf und Damir Fazllic, gehört zur selben Abteilung. B. Pacolli, wird im Kosovo in anderer Sache angeklagt, darunter Urkunden Fälschung, Betrug, Manipulation, Erpressung durch die EULEX.


Frank Wisner
Patton Boggs
This Reuters report claims that Patton Boggs has rated Vetro Energy as the best firm to buy Albpetrol.

I assume you were involved with this „rating“ process, so perhaps you can help me with something. I’ve been scratching my head because I’ve been looking for info on Vetro Energy, and I seem to keep coming up with more questions than answers. About two weeks ago there didn’t appear to be any Vetro Energy website, which I found odd for a company that’s purportedly going to make a billion dollar investment Albpetrol. Then, when I looked on Friday, I did find a Vetro Energy web address but there was no pertinent information about the company because the web site was under construction. Still kind of odd, don’t you think? Then alas, yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, a Vetro Energy website ( ) pops up which contains a lot of what to me looks like mumbo jumbo. The only news on the site is about Albpetrol, which strikes me as somewhat strange that a company that seems to be able to throw billion dollar investments around like potato chips doesn’t have more going on for itself. And frankly, Frank, the relationship between entities that are supposed to have some form of energy sector involvement (which in my opinion, given the magnitude of the proposed Albpetrol acquisition, looks flimsy at best) seem to have a tenuous relationship with Vetro Silk Road, and the principals and management look to me like a hastily cobbled together mishmosh that really doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me. But then again, that’s just me, and what do I know? So maybe you can shed some light on this for me. You know what light is, don’t you Frank?

You have to excuse me for being a bit cynical Frank, but Patton Boggs also handled the ARMO privatization, and we all know how that turned out. Or do we?

So Frank, let’s try to cut through all the b.s. Just tell me, and more important, tell the people of Albania (since that’s who you’re supposed to be working for), where in the world, if anywhere, does Vetro Energy, or Vetro Silk Road, or Silk Road Equity, operate legitimate oil production facilities and what is the total daily production? And while you’re at it, throw in an audited financial statement that can substantiate that any one of the entities that’s breathing on this deal can make a $1 billion investment in Albania. This would provide indisputable evidence that Vetro is a bona fide bidder and silence those who believe this is just another Berisha scam.

By the way Frank, I spoke with another banking regulator regarding American Chartered Bank, and, based on that conversation, I’m 100% convinced that ACB by itself cannot issue a $100 million financial commitment to back up a deal in Albania using its own balance sheet. Just in case he calls, I gave the regulator your name. Maybe you can explain the nature of the ACB guarantee to him.

All the best.

Gary Kokalari
P.S. Below is a screenshot of Vetro Energy’s contact page from its website. Kind of strange, but you’ll note that this company that’s supposed to be offering over $1 billion to buy Albpetrol doesn’t have a phone number on its contact page or anywhere else on the site. Are they trying to save money to pay for Albpetrol?