Mafia Partner from the UNMIK and B.Pacolli: Kosovo Gangster Enver Sekiraqa Arrested

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28 SEP 12 / 17:54:56

Alleged Kosovo Gangster Enver Sekiraqa Arrested


Police arrested Enver Sekiraqa, the most wanted man in Kosovo, after four years spent on the run, when he decided to hand himself over.

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Kosovo and European police officers arrested Enver Sekiraqa on Friday, the EU’s rule of law mission, EULEX, said.

A EULEX spokesperson said that Sekiraqa had handed himself over to the authorities after four years in run.

“He handed himself over and is currently being interviewed by a EULEX prosecutor,” Blerim Krasniqi told BIRN.

Sekiraqa is believed to be a major player in international organised crime and is wanted, among other alleged crimes, for the murder of a police officer in 2007.

Triumf Riza was shot dead on the streets of Pristina by a hitman suspected of working for Sekiraqa in August 2007.

Sekiraqa then fled and was first reported to be hiding in Serb-run northern Kosovo, which remains largely out of bounds to Kosovo police. Later he was reported to be hiding in Ireland.

The Kosovo authorities issued an arrest warrant for him in 2008, and for two others,  Rrahim Rrahman Avdullahu and Ilir Ymer Avdullahu.

On Friday, EULEX and Kosovo police detained him in the Pristina area of Kodra e Trimave.
A Kosovo police officer said that Sekiraqa “didn’t resist” arrest.

Sekiraqa is also sought by Interpol over allegations of murder, rape, other sexual crimes, organised crime and theft.

In September 2007, Sekiraqa’s restaurant in Pristina was damaged in a bomb blast. It was later found that the bomb was planted by six police officers who killed two people in a nearby cafe and injured many more.

The judgment convicting the two police officers of murder said that the explosion may have been an attempt to intimidate Sekiraqa from returning to Pristina.


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