NATO Style: Libyen wird von kriminellen Banden beherrscht

Libya now ruled by the law of retribution
By Glen Johnson, Los Angeles Times

June 8, 2012 – Blood pours from the man’s head, collecting in a pool on the concrete floor. Minutes before he had stood stripped to his underwear and pleading. At first, former Libyan rebels from the coastal town of Zuwarah slapped him about the face, accusing him of being an informant for Moammar Kadafi. Then the beating increased in intensity as the man, Ahmed Salel, collapsed, hands stretched above his head. The scene, recorded on a cellphone, ends with Salel, a former Libyan soldier abducted from a market in December, lying motionless but alive. Retribution is the new law of the land in Libya. Summary executions, arbitrary arrests, torture and indefinite detention have emerged while the judicial system remains in a state of paralysis…
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Armed men rally for Islamic law in Libya’s Benghazi

June 8, 2012 – Hundreds of armed Libyan men calling for Islamic law staged a demonstration on Thursday in the eastern city of Benghazi, an AFP photographer said. More than 300 men poured into Benghazi’s iconic Freedom Square, some of them on vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft guns and heavy weapons.“We will not be under a government that doesn’t rule in accordance with what God has mandated (in the Koran)“ and „Democracy is a Western system of government in contradiction with the Islamic way“ read some signs…

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Die Revolutions Profis in den Islamischen Ländern, inzeniert von US finanzierten Profis

Fake Revolutions: The Civil Society Revolution Consulting Business

The Role of OTPOR and CANVAS

by Tony Cartalucci


The Serbian based „CANVAS“ organization maintains that while the US government had initially funded them as they overthrew the government of Serbia in 2000, currently the US government does not fund them – that they are privately funded. Unfortunately for these meddling interlopers, the US government itself is „privately owned“ by many of the people who fund the organizations they claim as partners.
These partners include:

Albert Einstein Institution (foundation-funded including the corporate-lined Acra Foundation)
United States Institute for Peace (USIP) (funded through Congress)
Freedom House (Neo-Con infested)
International Republican Institute (IRI) (headed by warmonger John McCain)
New Tactics (Ford Foundation-funded, Soros-funded)
Humanity in Action (Ford Foundation-funded, US State Department-funded)

The organization is obviously sensitive about who it is seen dealing with, partnering with, and receiving money from. Knowledge of its true nature and purpose has systematically been lied about from its very inception. Foreign Policy reported that „Like the entire opposition to Milosevic, Otpor [now known as CANVAS] took money from the U.S. government, and lied about it. When the real story came out after Milosevic fell, many Otpor members quit, feeling betrayed.“ As CANVAS was exposed for its more recent involvement in Egypt, they quickly changed their „Partnership“ page to „External Links.“ In a recent documentary, where CANVAS openly claims responsibility for training and guiding unrest across the planet, they reiterate that they are not funded by the US government. This is a dubious claim at best, considering who they associate with and how their „mission“ dovetails with identical efforts by openly US-funded and sponsored organizations like

The documentary produced by Journeyman Pictures features CANVAS, its founder, and the story of how they have influenced „color revolutions“ all over the globe. While the documentary is fairly objective about its particular subject matter, namely CANVAS‘ role in the unrest, within a greater context and amidst overwhelming evidence there is no question at all whether or not these revolutions are entirely engineered and contrived.

Op-Ed Contributor
Iran’sOAchilles’ Heel
Published: February 7, 2012

Efraim Halevy, a former Israeli national security adviser and ambassador, was director of the Mossad from 1998 to 2002.

Die Lügen der NATO Hillary Clinton über Libyen!

22.06.2014 Author: Eric Draitser

The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream

99977More than three years after the US and its NATO allies unleashed an “intervention” and regime change in Libya, the US establishment admits they maybe have “got it wrong.” Naturally, there were many of us who were demonized endlessly for speaking out against that war, and against all those politicians, analysts, and “activists” on the left and right, who championed the “humanitarianism” of waging war on Libya. We were attacked as “soft on dictators,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “anti-Americans.” And yet, today it is our voices that still proclaim loudly the immorality and illegality of that war. Thankfully, it seems the establishment is beginning to hear us.

One of the most highly regarded politico-academic institutions in the US – the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University – has issued a report which undermines the established narrative of the war in Libya, laying bare the cold, hard reality of what Libya was at the outset of the war, what really happened in the early days, and what Libya has become today. Of course, responsibility for the tragic and lasting effects of that war should be laid at the feet of Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, and the other participants, in addition to those media outlets and NGOs that deliberately spread lies about the reality on the ground in Libya. All must be held accountable.

Finally Seeing the Light?

The recent report, which is actually almost a year old, was written by Dr. Alan Kuperman, Associate Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin. Dr. Kuperman attempts to shed light on some of the key aspects of disinformation before and during the war in Libya. These important findings contradict every single justification for that war, from the lies and distortions of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton, to the deluge of propaganda from so-called NGOs such as Human rights Watch and Amnesty International. By examining the obfuscations and outright lies told by these individuals and organs of soft power, Dr. Kuperman makes it quite clear that, just as with Iraq, the people of the United States (and much of the world) have been lied into yet another war.

One of the principal lies told about Libya and Gaddafi was the totally unsubstantiated claim of “massacres” by Gaddafi forces in Benghazi and a few other cities. This claim, perpetrated by Human Rights Watch among others, was repeated ad nauseam by every major media outlet. As Dr. Kuperman writes:

Contrary to Western media reports, Qaddafi did not initiate Libya’s violence by targeting peaceful protesters. The United Nations and Amnesty International have documented that in all four Libyan cities initially consumed by civil conflict in mid-February 2011—Benghazi, Al Bayda, Tripoli, and Misurata—violence was actually initiated by the protesters. The government responded to the rebels militarily but never intentionally targeted civilians or resorted to “indiscriminate” force, as Western media clai med. Early press accounts exaggerated the death toll by a factor of ten, citing “more than 2,000 deaths” in Benghazi during the initial days of the uprising, whereas Human Rights Watch (HRW) later documented only 233 deaths across all of Libya in that period.………………