Mafia Boss: Member Municipal Fiere: Fatmir Kojalli —– Albanian Styl

40 years prison in Italy, in Albania best friend from the government and ministrys: Fatmir Mediu, Sokol Olladashi, Enkeled Alibeaj: Fatmir Kajolli: Sex trafficking in children, abduction of children + murder for organ removal, major drug trafficking, smuggling boat fleet chief of Fiere with Gjunshi, Sabit Brokaj and other gangsters.

Fatmir Kajolli: 10 years as a fugitive

Fatmir Kajolli: 10 years as a fugitive

Fatmir Kajolli, a Fier Municipal Council for the Republican Party was arrested by the Italian justice and sentenced with 16 years to prison in 2002, and a 160.000 EUR fine under drug traffic charges. 

This decision was given by the Milano Court, while the 24 year sentence was given by the Rome Court. He was declared an international fugitive even earlier, but the order execution was realized more than 10 years after. The reason of this execution delay from the Albanian interpol has not been made public, while in the meantime, Kajolli had built his own business and he had a very well known political activity in the Fier District.

He is a municipal representative of the Republican Party, while in Fier he has been widely engaged in electoral campaigns of the majority and another left centered candidate in the local elections. His businesses have realized many of the Fier Municipality contracts for the public works, while Kajolli is mentioned as a close friend of some Ministers at the current government.

In Italy he was charged of drug traffic and participation in criminal organizations of illegal traffics. He has been sentenced twice in absence, while the Italian police had verified his involvement in this network by surveying his phone calls. He was declared wanted by the police, and after the Court of Milano decision, he has asked the repaling of an Italian court decision,  arguing that his Albanian lawyer had not given him the trial materials in Albanian.

The repeal request was made at the Eruopean Court for Human Rights. In April 2008, the Corut rejected his request and left the decision of the Italian Court in effect. This is the decision given by this European court.

The businessman and political activist is expected to face the Fier Court while waiting the documents of the Otalian state for his extradition in Italy, where he is expected to stay in prison for 40 years.

— Sokol Oldashi:  Olldashi, the current Minister of Public  Works, Transport, and Telecommunication and DP MP from Fier,
is suspected of smuggling goods and narcotics.
Circumstantial evidence links Olldashi and Fatmir Kajolli in
Fier to Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj in a scheme to
release prisoners from jails to act as electoral bullies.
¶3. (C) Comment:  Post is not sure which tack the ODIHR report
on the Albanian elections will take once released, but it is
widely accepted locally that many MPs posing as „businessmen“
are in fact strongly suspected of having ties to organized
These individuals are now MPs, have immunity under
the law, and are responsible for making the laws that will
propel Albania toward further Euro-Atlantic integration.  The
seedy, possibly criminal, behavior of many of Albania’s MPs
is disturbing and does not bode well for democratic
development.  It is a widely held view throughout Albania
that all parties have MPs with links to organized crime and
accept money from organized crime.  This is a very troubling
phenomenon that we and the international community will have
to address at some point in the future. ……..

Der Schwer Verbrecher Fatmir Kajolli verhaftet: guter Freund der Minister: Fatmir Mediu, Sokol Olldashi, Enkeled Alibeaj

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania
Bevor: Fatos Nano (Ilir Meta Drug Allegations

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha

  1. kukRexhep ARAPI, resident in Katund Sukth, nicknamed “KEPI” has a criminal record as follows:
    1. In the year 1991 (in March) he has killed at the Port of Durrës, for feud issues the citizen A. Cyrbja, resident in the Katund Sukth village; has been arrested for this crime in 1994 and has been released because of lack of evidence.
    2. In April 1997, in collaboration with Gëzim Aleksin, resident in K.Rruget Shijak (arrested for armed robbery, convicted for 12 years in prison, is being tried as a member of the ‘Kanun’ band) have kidnapped for the purpose of profit the business partner of Lul Alimadhi (The Shoe Firm in Qendër Sukth) and has released him after taking the fee of 150 million Italian liras.
    3. In April 1997, together with Zaimir Cyrbe from Katundi Sukth, has killed the nephew of Cim Xhije (partner of Lul Alimadhi), who was in the same time Luli’s bodyguard, murder happened in Qender Sukth, uncovered.
    4. From 1998 to 2001 has been one of the main organizers of women’s traffic for the purpose of prostitution coming from the former Soviet Union countries; in 1999 has been investigated by the Fier General Attorney’s office, and during the search of his warehouses along the highway in Fermë Sukth, two Moldavian girls were being sheltered. The Fier General Attorney Office closed the case.
    5. In 2003, together with his criminal band, they have tried to murder the citizen Xhevdet Plaku resident in Neighbourhood no.15 in Durrës in his neighborhood, because the latter had murdered the other brother of Kepi in Italy, in Torino on drug issues. The weapons of the crime have been found and the General Attorney in Durrës is following the case.
    6. He is one of the main women, guns and drugs traffickers that go through Albania to Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. He has currently destroyed his warehouses along the highway in Fermë Sukth and is constructing a gigantic object of many stores with profits made from the abovementioned trafficking activities.
    7. There is information at this moment that his picture is published as internationally wanted by the Spanish Interpol or Portugal for international drugs trafficking. He is one of the closest friend of the I.M S. Olldashi, whom he meets almost twice a week, where they dine together or with other members of the group. They keep in contact mostly through Olldashi’s driver, Lali, his most trusted man. This citizen is dangerous and harmful, registered in the police archives as having strong criminal tendencies such as murder, drugs and prostitution trafficking.
  1. The ‘XHAKJA’ clan, residing in Katund Sukth have a criminal record as follows:
  2. ………….
  3. D. Gjoka has been and is one of the biggest traffickers of women with intent of prostitution to Italy. The chief of the girls in Italy has been a girl from Vlora, named Linda, who is currently Dashi’s wife and they have two children. Her brother Miri works at the Supermarket as chief accountant. D. Gjoka is on record in the State Police for International Drugs Trafficking and Women with intent for prostitution, Murder etc.Gjoka Super Market-Shiak! 15 years drug and prostitutions centerThe Gjoka Supermarket is the main center for the trafficking of drugs that comes from Turkey and Macedonia and the supply base for many criminal groups in Durres and Tirana and also the location where the cars that will be traveling to Italy and carrying drugs are supplied. Dashi currently owns an armored vehicle which has the licence plate: DR 51 90 C. It must be noted that Dash Gjoka is the main source of supply for all the drugs suppliers in Albania because it is a well known fact that a close friend and financial supporter of I.M, S. Olldashi. The latter meets with Gjoka almost every week. Oftentimes, the Democratic Party MPs Bamir Topi, Ridvan Bode, S. Olldashi etc come to dine or to supply in this supermarket, since they are close friends with Dashimir Gjoka..
  4. 00. DARDAN DOMI, residing in Shijak, currently holds the position of the General Secretary in the Ministry of Interiors, (or Human Resources Director in the MI), former head of the DP of Shijak, head of Team for Mr. Olldashi during the elections in july 2005. The coordinator and brain of all the abovementioned criminal links for Mr. Olldashi and his most loyal men.

Primitivste Kriminelle haben sich die Posten in den Rathäusern gekauft und sind u.a. wegen üblester Sex-Sklaven Zuhälterei, Drogen Schmuggel usw.. zu 40 Jahren Haft in Italien verurteilt. Üble Sache, diese Albanischen Extrem Zuhälter aus Fiere, was vor 20 Jahren schon bekannt war, das sie Kinder auf der Strasse entführen mit allen Folgen, bis zur Tödung, wegen Organen, vor allem mit den Kosovo Verbrechern ab 1998-2004.
Fatmir Kajolli
Fatmir Kajolli, bei einer Rathaus Sitzung in Fiere

wikeleaks über den Extrem Verbrecher und Albanische Minister und Politiker.


Fatmir Mediu Fatmir Kajolli

Auf Grund eines Italienischen Haft Befehles (verurteilt zu 16 Jahre + 24 Jahre Haft), wurde heute der verurteilte Schwer Verbrecher Fatmir Kajolli festgenommen, Bau Unternehmer in Fiere. Wie alle Schwer Verbrecher, sitzt man auch im Stadtrat von Fiere.