Kosovo beliebteste Journalistin: Jeta Xarra, über die Zustände im Kosovo

Jeta Xarra

Jeta Xarra ist die bekannteste Fernsehjournalistin in Kosovo. Ihr Blog!

Ständig wird Jeta Xarra bedroht. In dem Streifen wird auch sehr objektiv über die „Bewegung für Selbstbestimmung“ ( LPV) berichtet. In dem Film nehmen Albin Kurti und Jeta Xarra persönlich Stellung. Albin Kurti erklärt: „ Dass er keine Angst um sein Leben habe obwohl es Morddrohungen gebe.“ Ähnlich äußert sich Jeta Xarra, die beliebte TV Journalistin mit ihrer Sendung – Jeta ne Kosova- Leben in Kosova. Der Film ist in Deutsch und mit albanischen Untertiteln ausgestattet.

Reportazh nga Televizioni 3 SAT

Jeta Xara. Photo by Don Russell.

Jeta Xara and Alex Anderson of Life in Kosovo, a weekly investigative television show
On the media

Jeta In Kosova, people don’t read a lot of newspapers. About 20,000 newspapers are sold in a population of two million. Television makes a bigger impact. So, it’s evident that if you want to make an impact, you go into TV. I do a weekly current affairs show that addresses life in Kosova. It started two years ago. We received a lot of criticism. The style of reporting was very different. We could only do it with donor money since the TV stations would not pay for it. And then they would say, “It’s donor money, we can’t just put it on air.” We do normal journalism like it should be. We started interrupting the speakers, for instance.

Alex The old style still survives. There’s a similar program to Jeta’s on the air. On one episode, the interviewer let this academic read his paper into the camera……

Situation and the Problems at the University of Prishtina

Analytical report of research into the standards and problems at the University of Prishtina. Ten years since the end of the war in Kosovo, the University of Prishtina (UP) continues to suffer from a variety of problems, resulting in persistently low quality courses being offered. For this reason, BIRN conducted research into the problems faced by UP students. The data gathered suggests that, out of the many issues reported, the most significant are: the non-implementation of contemporary teaching and assessment methods, the lack of practical work for students, the lack of appropriate academic literature, arbitrary assessments by professors and generally poor relationships between students and their professors.

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