Wild West rund um die Albaner Gebiete in Mazedonien: 15 Albaner „Studenten“ zusammen geschlage – students brutally beaten

Rund um Raub, Mord und Schlägereien, wurden diesmal 15 Albanische Studente angegriffen.  Die Albaner Gebiete in Skopje, gelten sowieso als total Wild-West, von Hirnlosen! Identisch die Jugend Plünderungs Banden in Albanien, denn man huldigt seier Tradition.

09 Mar 12 / 10:15:15
Ethnic Brawls on Buses Concern Macedonia

Minister appeals for calm after a disturbing spate of ethnic-related attacks on Skopje buses.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic



Photo by: Balkan Insight

Macedonia’s police minister has appealed for calm following a spate of ethnic incidents on city buses.

In the first incident on Wednesday, a large group of masked men armed with baseball bats stormed a commuter bus in Skopje and beat up several young Albanians.

A few hours later there was another fracas on another bus, which resulted in the driver, several young men and an elderly woman being hospitalized.

On Thursday morning eyewitnesses said a group of ethnic Albanian school pupils boarded a bus and attacked two Macedonians.

“I do not exclude the fact that some people in Macedonia wish to disturb inter-ethnic relations,” Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska said on Thursday, urging “a calming of tensions” on all sides.

Ethnic relations have been troubled in Macedonia since a village carnival in January in western Macedonia at which participants wore masks mocking the Muslim faith.

On February 28 an off-duty Macedonian policeman who shot dead two young Albanians in the western town of Gostivar added to the tension. Protesting Albanians described the killings as ethnically motivated and accused the police of downplaying their significance.

In 2001 Macedonia suffered a short-lived armed conflict between the security forces and ethnic Albanian insurgents. The conflict ended the same year with the signing of the Ohrid Accord, which guaranteed greater rights to Albanians.

Sociology professor Hasan Jashari says that ethnic tensions are again on the rise, blaming poor political leadership among other things.

“We are strengthening our national identities instead of civic ones. People are increasingly confined within their own ethnic groups, widening the ethnic gap,” Jashari told Radio Free Europe.

Even before this week’s incidents, police bulletins in recent days have been filled with confused reports of brawls and stabbings in the capital.

Last Saturday an 18-year-old boy was stabbed by a group of unknown perpetrators. Another 19-year-old boy was stabbed in the back and hospitalized on Tuesday in the Albanian dominated district of Cair in Skopje in a similar incident. Police did not reveal the nationality of the victims.


Tageszeitung „Fakti“ beklagt drastische Zunahme der Gewaltkriminalität in den Albanergebieten Mazedoniens 06.07.2004

„Mazedonien kommt mehr und mehr in den Ruf des Wilden Westens“ 24.03.2003

– Tageszeitung „Fakti“ kritisiert „Mangel an elementarer Sicherheit“ für das Leben der Bürger

Wild – West again on Sunday’s election in Macedonia

Sunday’s elections will test Macedonia


Voters head to the polls Sunday for presidential and local elections. The EU has called the vote a “test” for Macedonia’s EU membership bid

By Marina Stojanovska for Southeast European Times in Skopje — 19/03/09


photoThe VMRO-DPMNE holds a rally in Skopje ahead of Sunday’s vote. The campaign has been peaceful, a citizens association says. [Getty Images]

Macedonian voters will head to the polls Sunday (March 22nd) to vote for a new president, municipality council members and mayors. Macedonia’s Electoral Commission combined the two rounds of voting — presidential and local — into a single ballot, divided into two parts.

Voters will be instructed as they enter polling stations to vote on both sections of the ballot. Those who fail to vote on one will not be able to return.

Officials will monitor turnout to make sure it reaches 50% (plus one) of registered voters. Changes to the election rules require turnout of 40% of registered voters in the second round of voting for president.

If turnout in the municipal elections is one-third of registered voters in a municipality, the candidate with the most votes wins. However, if turnout is less than a third, the two frontrunners proceed to a second round. Turnout in the second round does not need to be one-third of voters.

Macedonians are choosing their fourth president. Seven candidates are running to succeed Branko Crvenkovski as head of state, including three Albanian party representatives and, for the first time, a woman contender. Other female candidates have dropped out of the race…..


Artikel aus 2002, welcher auch in 2008 nur mit anderen Vorzeichen geschrieben sein könnte.

WILD WEST IN THE BALKANS An ethnic Albanian rebel riding through the village of Sipkovica,
West Macedonia, Aug 2001 photo FONET
Original Albaner Bandit aus 2001!
und hier historische Fakten der Albaner Banditen in der Region

Mazedonien vor den Wahlen
“Kampf um die Honigtöpfe” – “‘Essential Harvest’ war eine rein symbolische Übung”

Unter dem Titel “Mazedonien: Gerangel vor den Wahlen – Kampf um die Honigtöpfe” veröffentlichte die Schweizer Wochenzeitung WoZ eine Lagebeurteilung des Landes, das vor einem Jahr Schauplatz heftiger Auseinandersetzungen war. Wir dokumentieren Auszüge des Artikels von Jean-Arnault Dérens.

Von Jean-Arnault Dérens

Sie sind eng mit der VMRO-DPMNE verbunden und werden eine Niederlage ihrer Partei nur ungern akzeptieren. …
Aus: Wochenzeitung, 22. August 2002 

Mit Morden, Sprengstoff Anschlägen tobt ein heftiger Albaner Parteien Streit in Mazedonien der mit Schuß Waffen und Sprengstoff ausgetragen wird!


update: 12.3.2012
Im wilden Westen Europas, wo die Schulbildung Null ist und selbst ernannte Lehrer und Professoren Mythen Geschichten verbreiten, rumort es unverändert


14.03.2012 | 14:25
Ethnic Albanians stone bus in Macedonia
Source: Tanjug

SKOPJE — After two peaceful days in Macedonia a group of men from the ethnic Albanian village of Velesta stoned a bus near the south-western town of Struga, police say.

The bus windows were broken but none of the passengers was injured.

The incident took place on Tuesday, while the bus was running on its regular line from Vevčani to Struga.

This is the first serious incident in this part of Macedonia, after local ethnic Albanians grew indignant over one of the masks worn at the Vevčani Carnival late in January. The mask supposedly mocked Quran and Muslims.

In the meantime the Football Federation of Macedonia has decided to cancel a Macedonian league match between Shkendija FC from Tetovo and Vardar FC from Skopje that was supposed to be played on Thursday. The Federation decided to cancel the match after its proposal to play on a neutral field was not accepted.

Shkendija fan group dubbed “Balisti” have said in a released that the Federation did not ban the match due to security reasons and that the decision is aimed at destroying the club.

Shkendija fans threatened on Facebook on Tuesday with incidents if the police did not release two of their members who were detained after attacking a police officer in downtown Tetovo.


CIA – Mi6 über die Geschäfte des Verbrechers Salih Berisha, mit Waffen und Drogen mit dem Iran und Baku

Vor 18 Jahren organisierte Salih Berisha schon Waffen gegen Drogen über Kabul, ebenso den gezielten UN-Embargo Bruch mit Waffen, Öl, Treibstoff und Chrom mit dem Jugoslawien was keine Geheimniss ist. Der Null Staatsmann, eine extreme Ratte der Kriminalität, verkaufte mit dem Gangster Boss Ilir Meta, sogar NATO Geheimnisse an Islamische Terroristen, China, Serbien, Russland, denn nur Geld zählt im Lande der Null Bildung und Kultur der Politischen „Eliten“, welche ein dummer Gangster Haufen ist. Die NATO änderte deshalb die Zugangs Protokolle, und Albanien ist damit praktisch kein NATO Mitglied mehr, weil der Zugang zu geheimen Operationen und Geheimnissen verweigert wird. Albanische Politiker sind nun mal degeniert verblödet und haben di eBildung und Kultur einer zertretenen Kakerlake, wie die hohen Schadens Ersatzforderungen verschiedener Firmen zeigt, über die UN Abitrage Regelung (UN CITRAl). Selbst Internationale Verträge, werden keine 5 Jahre eingehalten, denn man versucht privat Geld zuerpressen.

Ebenso dient als Drehscheibe, für Waffen,Drogen, wo Salih Berisha mit dem Gangster Ali Evsen vor kurzem hinflog, um diese Geschäfte in alterTradition zu intensivieren. Salih Berisha ist gut bekannt, das er u.a. den Treibstoff Schmuggel während dem UN Embargo gegen Jugoslawien organisierte u.a. mit Agron Musaraj, Azem Hajdari, Fatmir Mediu ( der in Mailand vor Gericht stand mit seinem Freund dem Drogenboss:  Gazmend Mahmutaj , wie auch schon damals Waffen nach Kabul 1995 flog, bzahlt mit Drogen, eine seiner Spezialitäten von Geschäft. Vor kurzem war er ja für neue Drogen-Waffen Geschäfte in Baku, mit seinem Freund Ali Evsen, weil Baku und Tiflis ebenso eine Drehscheibe ist für Geschäfte auch mit den Iranischen Revolutions Garden, was ja Bill Clinton und Reagon als besondere Art der Geschäfte rund um die Iran Contra Affäre sah. Der ermordete Geheimdienst Offizier Iso Copa nach CIA und Mi6 Informationen), war diesen Geschäften auf der Spur und hatte zuvor schon die Waffen Geschäfte auch an die Hisbollah auffliegen lassen, oft über Häfen im Schwarzen Meer, wo dubiose Öl Tanker ja oft den neuen Hafen in der Porto Romana anlaufen.Iso Copa hatte einen guen Ruf in Durres, im Gegensatz zu den Ratten, was sich dort Politiker und Präfekt nennt. Albanischer Artikel dazu!

Konfirmohet lajmi i AMA, Shqipëria ndihmon Iranin në trafikun e drogës

Staatsbesuch in Baku am 17.2.2012, der Drogen und Waffen Drehscheibe:

Der Gangster Salih Berisha mit Ali Evsen

Waffen Geschäfte des Salih Berisha Freund: Ali Evsen, dem seine Flugzeuge beschlagnahmt wurden

Garda Revolucionare e Iranit 



Der US Botschafter Alexander Arvizu, sagt, das er denkt das keine Justiz in Betrieb ist, ebenso das sich Alles ab 2009, als Wendepunkt verschlimmerte, was u.a. mit dem Regierungs Eintritt der Verbrecher Organisation LSI mit Ilir begann, wo wir damals schon starke Warnungen sandten, über die Hintergründe, der primitiven Verbrecher Gestalten, aufgebaut, finanziert von dem NATO Peace Fund, Joschka Fischer, der Deutschen SPD und FES und dem Lobby Verein DAW, der vor keinem Verbrechen halt machte.

Die Lobby Freunde, rund um den AACL mit dem Gambino Clan Gangster Josef DioGuardio, Dana Rohrbacher, als anerkannter Freund der Taliban und Lobbyist für die Albaner und Taliban Drogen Mafia, sind im Moment wieder sehr aktiv.

aus Balkanblog

January 16, 1997

Extended Bosnia Mission Endangers U.S. Troops

Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base


„‚There is no question that the policy of getting arms into Bosnia was of great assistance in allowing the Iranians to dig in and create good relations with the Bosnian government,‘ a senior CIA officer told Congress in a classified deposition. ‚And it is a thing we will live to regret because when they blow up some Americans, as they no doubt will before this . . . thing is over, it will be in part because the Iranians were able to have the time and contacts to establish themselves well in Bosnia.'“ [„Iran Gave Bosnia Leader $500,000, CIA Alleges: Classified Report Says Izetbegovic Has Been ‚Co-Opted,‘ Contradicting U.S. Public Assertion of Rift,“ Los Angeles Times, 12/31/96. Ellipses in original. Alija Izetbegovic is the Muslim president of Bosnia.]
„‚If you read President Izetbegovic’s writings, as I have, there is no doubt that he is an Islamic fundamentalist,‘ said a senior Western diplomat with long experience in the region. ‚He is a very nice fundamentalist, but he is still a fundamentalist. This has not changed. His goal is to establish a Muslim state in Bosnia, and the Serbs and Croats understand this better than the rest of us.'“ [„Bosnian Leader Hails Islam at Election Rallies,“ New York Times, 9/2/96]



Viele amtliche Dokumente aus den USA, über die Terroristen Verbindung der US Politiker mit Bin Laden

Der Islam Terrorist Abdul Latif Saleh – Damir Fazllic und US Politiker



The case of Abdul Latif Saleh and justification to make his device Berisha`s Albanian twice passport.

see more in Albania media: www.shekuli.com.al
Eng mit den  Terroristen Bin Laden, sogar mit Damir Fazllic verbunden, dem Izebegovic Waffen Lieferanten, für jede Verbrecher Bande. Salih Berisha, verhinderte die Festnahme des Gangsters Damir Fazllic, vor 4 Jahren, weil man gemeinsamer Geschäftspartner ist in der Industrie Zone der Porto Romana, u.a. beim Grundstücks Diebstahl (für illegal erklärt und ungültig) Geldwäsche Firmen rund um Betrugs Energie Geschäfte.

Yassin Kadi
Die Bin Laden Hochhäuser in Tirana von Yassin Kadi
Heute wird gegen diese Leute ermittelt, wie man mit gefälschten Urkunden zu grossen Grund Besitz in Tirana kam, wo illegale Appartments Blocks zum Zwecke der Geldwäsche errichtet wurden.
Valentina Leskaj, ist aktiv in die Geldwäsche des Bin Laden Vertrauten Abdul Latif Saleh in Albanien verwickelt, der auf der US Verbots Liste des US Schatz Amtes steht. Kurz gesagt, führte die sogar Konten von Bin Laden in Tirana, vor allem bei American Bank of Albania, welche nun Anders heisst. 35 Bankkonten wurden dort von der Familie Yassin Kadi beschlagnahmt, welche als Bin Laden Finanziers gelten. Ebenso das Vermögen des Abdul Latif Saleh.

September 19, 2005
Treasury Designates Bin Laden, Qadi Associate
The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated Dr. Abdul Latif Saleh pursuant to Executive Order 13224 for providing support to Usama bin Laden and al Qaida……………….

Wesley Clark, Bin Laden, Tom Rich, die Familie Salih Berisha und die Balkan Mafia, gehören ganz eng zusammen auch mit dem aktuellen Innenminister Lulzim Basha.


The fact that the CIA armed Bin Laden to fight the Soviets, with the help of Pakistan and the Afghan drug trade, is old news, and makes for especially bitter reading now. For years, the Albanian operations of Bin Laden and other radical Muslim terrorists have also been widely reported. In this article I attempt to trace some of the major points in this huge and still widely unknown movement, from the events of today back as far as 1992, when the Islamic reawakening in Albania enhanced conditions for widespread terrorism.

One of the only good results of the bombing of Serbia was an increased awareness of Islamic terrorism in the Balkans. Albania was soon implicated. On 4 May 1999, the Washington Times reported, citing new reports from US intelligence and Jane’s Defense Review, that the town of Tropoje, Albania was a“common staging area“ for Bin Laden’s and the KLA’s forces, and thus „a center for Islamic terrorists.“ US intelligence also acknowledged that Bin Ladin’s al-Qaeda had „both trained and financially supported“ the Albanians, and that the Kosovo border had been infiltrated by Bosnian, Chechen and Afghan mujaheedin, in „…crossings (which) originated in neighboring Albania and, according to the reports, included parties of up to 50 men.“ The Jane’s report added that „…documents found last year on the body of a KLA member showed that he had escorted several volunteers into Kosovo, including more than a dozen Saudi Arabians. Each volunteer carried a passport identifying him as a Macedonian Albanian.“

A combination of chaos and poverty in Albania paved the way for Bin Laden to move in. The Times of London quoted Fatos Klosi, the head of the Albanian intelligence service, who said that bin Laden sent terrorists to Kosovo. Using the front of funding a „humanitarian agency,“ bin Laden muscled into Albania as far back as 1994.

The Times report gets even better:

„Klosi said he believed terrorists had already infiltrated other parts of Europe from bases in Albania. Interpol believes more than 100,000 blank Albanian passports were stolen in riots last year, providing ample opportunity for terrorists to acquire false papers.“

A short time before this, a French national on trial for murder in Albania claimed to have been a member of bin Laden’s Albania cell, and had come „to recruit and arm fighters for Kosovo.“

The general anarchy and upheaval in Albania over the past decade has made it an easy target for wealthy Islamic terrorists: weapons can be acquired with ease; high unemployment makes for high recruitment; and all assistance, whether economic, military or „humanitarian,“ is gladly accepted.


Bin Laden’s kind offer of „humanitarian help“ in 1994 has been used repeatedly ever since to fund terrorism in Albania. Many terrorists have posed as „humanitarian workers“ since. Secret KLA training camps, which the CIA and SAS also used, were created in Northern Albania by Iran and other countries „using Islamic educational institutions and projects for the development of rural communities as a front.“ Back in 1999, „a Saudi government audit acquired by US intelligence showed that 5 of Saudi Arabia’s top business executives ordered the National Commercial Bank (NCB), the kingdom’s largest, to transfer personal funds along with $3 million diverted from a Saudi pension fund to New York and London banks. The money was diverted into the accounts of Islamic charities, including Islamic Relief and Blessed Relief, that serve as fronts for Bin Laden.“


Mighty generous of the Saudi executives, don’t you think? The actual truth of this incident tells another story, and one that anti-Arab Americans should remember: these guys are just as afraid of bin Laden as we are.

It is well-known that bin Laden has a personal vendetta against the Saudi government, which he views as corrupt and unabashedly pro-Western. Over the past few years, he has built his economic base not only through contributions from rabid fanatics, but by „collecting“ from unwilling businessmen representative of the hated Saudi regime. In this practice, Bin Laden has become the terrorists‘ Godfather – extorting from wealthy Arab businessmen. In the above „donation,“ for example, „intelligence sources say the businessmen, who are worth more than $5 billion, were paying bin Laden ‘protection money’ to stave off attacks on their businesses in Saudi Arabia.“

Apparently, bin Laden tried to „collect“ in a similar way from Albania in late 1999, when he made an unsuccessful request for asylum. This report, of 17 November, 1999, alleged that the attempt stemmed from the fact that bin Laden „had ‘bought’ several key politicians who have looked away from the activities of his supporters in Albania.“ The report went on to quote an Albanian newspaper, Koha Jone, which reported that a 42-year-old Jordanian businessman, resident in Albania since 1992, had just been arrested by the CIA in connection with bin Laden. Even if the Albanians could keep bin Laden out, they couldn’t control their protégé, as they had found out only a few months before, in July 1999, when US Secretary of Defense William Cohen canceled a trip to Albania, out of fear of assassination from bin Laden’s gang.


A long list of nationalities are represented in these and other documents relating to Albania and Kosovo: Islamic terrorists are cited as being from Egypt, Jordan, France, Bosnia, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Lybia, Pakistan… This indicates that bin Laden certainly couldn’t have run Albania by himself. He was aided all along by another old friend of the United States – Iran.


A report of 22 March, 1998 in the Times of London confirmed that bin Laden and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had signed a pact (on 16 February in Teheran) consolidating their operations in Albania and Kosovo, hoping „to turn the region into their main base for Islamic armed action in Europe.“ This was the unfortunate but logical outcome of almost a decade of a growing Iranian presence in Albania, and a growing radicalization of the Albanian „freedom fighters.“

At the 1994 summit of Islamic countries in Jeddah, an agreement had been reached to „help the ‘brothers in the Balkans’ with all available means, including military aid…. The Balkan peninsula was chosen as a beachhead for an organized penetration of Islam into Europe.“ Italy was used as the base for two failed attempts to assassinate the Pope in 1997 (first in Sarajevo, and later, in Bologna), attempts which the Iranian secret services allegedly masterminded, using „a suicide group of 18 terrorists from Turkey, Moslem Bosnia, and Iran.“

One excellent article details the development of Iran’s terrorist cells in the Balkans. Command centers are found in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries. At the end of 1997, Iranian diplomat Mahmud Nurani, a Hezbollah veteran, was put in charge of the Rome cell involved in the attempts on John Paul II. At the same time, Kurban Ali Najeff Abadi, a close friend of Ayatollah Khameni, was installed in Albania. The consolidation of Iranian influence, in both legal and extralegal concerns, was expedited by Albania’s descent into anarchy in 1997 (during which, incidentally, mafia gangs and the nascent KLA robbed the Albanian military of much of its US-donated weaponry). Albania „desperately needed aid, regardless of its origin,“ and crime, kidnapping and smuggling were rampant. And so:

„Iranian intelligence circles deemed that Albania was ‘ripe’ and could accept the introduction of extremist Islamism which was to take place on two levels, according to Teheran’s plan. Publicly, Iran and its Islamic partners (were) to build a comprehensive financial support system ranging from banks and financial institutions to economy, and including numerous humanitarian organizations… secretly, a broad network was created to establish the intelligence-operative base destined to cover entire Europe, going primarily through the Balkans and Italy.“



The most important „construction“ in the system is the institution of holy war – Jihad # which is has been introduced into Albania in a premeditated and almost imperceptible way. The „Islamic Jihad“ # organization operates in Albania as a highly motivated structure with very large funds. It is involved in the development of small enterprises, construction of small factories and job creation in urban and other impoverished regions. Thanks to community projects and financial activities „Islamic Jihad“ (also called „Jihad Construction“) has become an important instrument used by the Iranians to win the sympathies of the people and gaining popularity and consensus in the community. This type of social environment generates favorable conditions for recruiting individuals and demanding active support from institutions, be they port authorities, factories, other infrastructure facilities or pure financial institutions.

Interestingly, the key Sunni # Islamic associations such as „Al Harmayun“ # and „Al Muwafaq“ # focused on recruiting followers of Islam that the Iranians preach – regardless of their Shiite orientation – represent another instrument for expanding Iranian influence. Relying on enormous donations and subventions by the Gulf states, and on the possibility of securing well-paid jobs in those countries, these organizations are usually used to recruit and train Albanian mujahedins #. Their recruitment methods have been tested and improved in Afghanistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Using Islamic educational institutions and projects for the development of rural communities as a front, Iran and its Arab allies have formed training camps in remote and inaccessible zones of Albania. Tom make these camps operational, Teheran has brought in numerous groups of Arabs and Albanian mujahedins from Bosnia, where they fought in Moslem Army units. After a brief stay in these camps, special teams – made of veteran mujahedin # or freshly trained Albanians – are sent on assignment abroad. Many are sent to Kosovo and Metohija directly or via Macedonia. The best individuals are sent to Western Europe, posing as refugees, that are smuggled by boat to Italy, France and Spain. Close relations Albanian, Iranian and Italian Mafia have with Iranian intelligence are based on the contraband of arms, drugs, forged documents and securities, but also include the smuggling of Iranian agents into Western countries via Italy.

Until the end of 1997, training and preparation of the „Kosovo Liberation Army“ # was sponsored by Teheran, as well as the transfer of arms and specialists through Albania. At the beginning of 1998, these activities have been intensified. Interestingly, the primary objective – creating a beachhead for the expansion of Islam – has been expanded to include the creation of the Tirana-Sarajevo axis. With all that the escalation of Jihad # remained the primary objective for Teheran.

In the autumn of 1997, top leadership in Teheran decided to start sending large quantities of arms and military equipment to the secret Albanian organizations in Kosovo and Metohija. Hamnei’s # instructions were that this aid was to be used only to win the independence of Kosovo and Metohija and proclaim the independent „Republic of Kosovo“. This Iranian decision was part of the policy used until Teheran limited direct financing of the activities in FR Yugoslavia to the creation of educational institutions and educational projects of the separatist groups based on fundamentalist Islamic ideology. The sole purpose of this move was the complete indoctrination of the masses and the creation of a broad support with blind trust of ideas originated in Teheran. The financing of terrorist and other activities was limited to preparations and support outside Yugoslavia – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.

However, orders were given to eliminate this difference as well: Teheran’s instructions include a quality change in the Iranian involvement in Kosovo and Metohija. At the beginning of 1997, Iranian intelligence was given the assignment to deliver the first shipment of hand grenades, machine guns, automatic rifles, night surveillance equipment, and communication equipment from its stocks in Albania to the secessionist in Kosovo. While awaiting instructions from Teheran, ample preparations were carried out in Albania, and the Iranians even promised the Albanians and the commanders of the „Kosovo Liberation Army“ # that they will organize for them military training in Revolutionary Guard and Special Units camps in Iran. Meanwhile, illegal arms deliveries were continued, indicating that Teheran plans to create a military operations zone in Kosovo and Metohija to promote the Jihad #.

In planning the stress levels for the „Kosovo Liberation Army“ # , Teheran used estimates prepared during the 90’s by the followers of Kosovo Democratic Alliance leader – Ibrahim Rugova, # and in response to requests for armed operations in Kosovo and Metohija. The growing Iranian involvement in Albania and in Kosovo and Metohija had direct influence on the operative structure and the organization of the „Kosovo Liberation Army“ # and rumors were intentionally spread that the „liberation war“ has started, marked by a number of terrorist attacks on police stations, Serbian Government institutions and Yugoslav Army installations in Kosovo and Metohija, at the beginning of 1998.


Die Murks US Politik rund um Bin Laden und ihren Partnern: den “Terroristen”

Mai 5, 2011 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar Kommentare lesen

Es gibt genügend Fotos und Beweise, über die sehr enge Zusammenarbeit und im US Senat sogar festgehalten.

BBC-Doku: Die Organisation “Al Qaida” hat nie existiert
Inside the Muslim Brotherhood and the Albanian Mafia arm dealers
Hillary Clinton bestätigt: wir finanzierten Bin Laden und bildeten die „Islam Terroristen“ aus
Im März 1985 empfang Ronald Reagan sogar eine Gruppe von Anführern des afghanischen Widerstandes im Weissen Haus:

Damals waren die heutigen Taliban gefeierte Helden und Freiheitskämpfer. Seit September 2001 werden sie als Terroristen bezeichnet. Der Unterschied, es ging um den Kampf gegen den Feind der USA, gegen die Sowjetunion als Besatzer. Seit bald 10 Jahren sind die Amerikaner aber selber die Besatzer.

Für die Afghanen gibt es aber keinen Unterschied, egal wer gerade ihr Land besetzt.

So wurden die Freiheitskämpfer mit massiver Propaganda zu Terroristen umgemünzt.

If you check http://rpc.senate.gov/releases/1997/iran.htm then this link highlights the Republican Policy Committee and the findings are damning, to say the least.

On Page 2 of the House Subcommittee it states that “The Administration’s Iranian green light policy gave Iran an unprecedented foothold in Europe and has recklessly endangered American lives and US strategic interests.”

” . . . The Iranian presence and influence [in Bosnia] jumped radically in the months following the green light. Iranian elements infiltrated the Bosnian government and established close ties with the current leadership in Bosnia and the next generation of leaders. Iranian Revolutionary Guards accompanied Iranian weapons into Bosnia and soon were integrated in the Bosnian military structure from top to bottom as well as operating in independent units throughout Bosnia. The Iranian intelligence service [VEVAK] ran wild through the area developing intelligence networks, setting up terrorist support systems, recruiting terrorist ’sleeper’ agents and agents of influence, and insinuating itself with the Bosnian political leadership to a remarkable degree. The Iranians effectively annexed large portions of the Bosnian security apparatus [known as the Agency for Information and Documentation (AID)] to act as their intelligence and terrorist surrogates. This extended to the point of jointly planning terrorist activities. The Iranian embassy became the largest in Bosnia and its officers were given unparalleled privileges and access at every level of the Bosnian government.” (Page 201)

Çdo ditë Shqipëria blen energji elektrike nga kompania “Rudnap” ku është aksioner Fazlliç si dhe kryen veprime shit-blerje me dy kompani të tjera serbe pas të cilave mendohet se qëndron sërish Fazlliç.

In Geschäften verbunden: der Balkan Mafiosi Salih Berisha, Lulzim Basha, Damir Fazllic, Tom Ridge, Salih Berisha, die Verbrecher Familie Isufi und rund um Geldwäsche, Betrug aus allen möglichen Geschäften und Profi Grundstücks Betrug

Nette Schlagzeile: Erion Isufi Schwager des Aussenministers hat Damir Fazllic betrogen. Kommentar: Immer die Verwandten der Politischen Mafia, welche denken das sie machen können was sie wollen. Erion Isufi ist mit Deutschen Geschäfts Visa ausgestattet, was nicht verwundert und ist wie bewiesen in Top Drogen- Waffen Schmuggel und in die Geldwäsche verwickelt sowieso Betrug.



Das der CIA hinter den erneuten Waffen- Drogen Geschäften hinterher war, stand 2010 in der Albanischen Presse und der Gangster Rezart Taci, schlug darauf den Autor zusammen mit seinen Body Gards!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mero Base: Berisha links with Islamics
Abdul Latif Saleh, his sponsor Democratic Party of Salih Berisha

The selected person of „Allah“ in Tirana, friend of Sali Berisha. The meeting in Istanbul with close Arab friend of the Albanian president, who will help to raise the press plunged into crisis.

Strange that there were links between DP officials and representatives of Islamic world came to Albania in the early 90s and who were later accused by the Americans as financiers of terrorism.

Damals ging es um Waffen, welche der CIA, teilweise über die Iranischen Revolutions Garden nach Bosnien lieferte, inklusive Afghanistan Schlächter, inklusive Kopf abschneiden und heute geht es um Energie Geschäfte, wie auch Öl Geschäfte, wo Wesley Clark an Bankers Petroleum beteiltigt ist.

Alles dreht sich immer nur um Geschäfte! Und bei solchen Partner wird halt Alles verkauft!


„Crimes reports“ are official notifications that are sent by U.S. intelligence agencies to the Department of Justice when an unauthorized disclosure of classified information (or another potential federal crime) is believed to have occurred.  Crimes reporting is required by statute, by executive order, and by interagency agreement between the Attorney General and the heads of intelligence agencies.

„We file crimes reports every week,“ said George J. Tenet in a discussion of leaks during his 1997 confirmation hearing to be Director of Central Intelligence.

„Say again?“ said Sen. Robert Kerrey, who may have been unfamiliar with the term used by Mr. Tenet.

„We file crimes reports with the Attorney General every week about leaks, and we’re never successful in litigating one,“ Mr. Tenet said.

In general, information or allegations concerning criminal activity by government employees should be reported to the Attorney General pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 535, „Investigation of crimes involving Government officers and employees.“

More particularly, Executive Order 12333 (section 1.6) on United States Intelligence Activities requires the heads of intelligence agencies to „report to the Attorney General possible violations of Federal criminal laws by employees and of specified Federal criminal laws by any other person as provided in procedures agreed upon by the Attorney General and the head of the department, agency, or establishment concerned….“

The unusual term „crimes reports“ derives from those procedures, which are set forth in a 1995 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Reporting of Information Concerning Federal Crimes, signed by Attorney General Janet Reno and the heads of six other agencies.

Though it is rarely cited in public discussions of leak policy, this MOU provides the structural framework for intelligence community reporting to the Justice Department regarding leaks of classified information, among other potential crimes.

This Agreement requires each employee of the Agency to report to the General Counsel or IG facts or circumstances that reasonably indicate to the employee than an employee of an intelligence agency has committed, is committing, or will commit a violation of federal criminal law.“  Then, „If a preliminary inquiry reveals that there is a reasonable belief for the allegations, the General Counsel will follow the reporting requirements“ for submission of „crimes reports.“

Intelligence agency employees are also required to report to the General Counsel of their agency information about certain violations of criminal law that are committed by persons who are not employees of an intelligence agency– specifically including „unauthorized disclosure of classified information.“

Crimes reports in such cases are to be submitted to the Department of Justice, which „shall maintain a record of all special crimes reports received from the Agency.“  If, in addition, the agency determines that no public disclosure of classified information would result from further investigation or prosecution of the matter, then it is also to be reported to the appropriate federal investigative agency.

„During the last several years, we have received roughly 50 crime reports each year of leaks to the media of classified information,“ said Attorney General Janet Reno in June 2000 testimony before a closed hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  (Although she said „crime report“, the preferred locution seems to be „crimes report.“)

„Because of the large number of leaks and the recognition that the Department and the FBI have limited investigative resources, intelligence agencies do not request criminal investigations of every unauthorized disclosure of classified information,“ she said. „Instead, they request investigations of the most damaging leaks, usually around 20-25 cases a year for the last several years. We have opened investigations into almost all of the leaks requested by the victim agencies.“

However, AG Reno explained, „before opening a criminal investigation, the Criminal Division generally requires the agency requesting the investigation to submit the answers to eleven specific questions regarding what was leaked and who had access to it…. We believe that the eleven questions are essentially the equivalent of filing a police report.  They provide the information we need to determine whether a criminal investigation is likely to be productive and, if so, where to start.“

A copy of the DoJ Media Leak Questionnaire with the eleven questions is available here.

The figure of 50 crimes reports per year noted by the Attorney General in 2000 is consistent with George Tenet’s 1997 statement that crimes reports on leaks were being filed „every week.“

But a CIA Inspector General report in 2000 (on the handling of classified information by CIA director John Deutch) said that „Records of the [CIA] Office of General Counsel indicate there were an average of 200 written crimes reports submitted to DoJ each year for the period 1995-1998.“

If that is correct, then presumably the larger figure includes reports of federal crimes other than unauthorized disclosures.

Between September 2001 and February 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation initiated and closed the investigation of 85 reported leaks of classified intelligence information, „all of which concerned unauthorized disclosures of classified information to the media,“ FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2008.  „None of these cases reached prosecution,“ he said.  But as of February 2008, „21 such cases are [still] under investigation.“  („Classified Intelligence Leaks, 2001-2008,“ Secrecy News, July 15, 2009).

Between 2005 and 2009, U.S. intelligence agencies submitted 183 „referrals“ to the Department of Justice reporting unauthorized disclosures of classified intelligence.  Based on those referrals or on its own initiative, the FBI opened 26 leak investigations, and the investigations led to the identification of 14 suspects.  („FBI Found 14 Leak Suspects in Past Five Years,“ Secrecy News, June 21, 2010).

Though it is hard to be certain, the most sustained and prolific leaking of Top Secret and compartmented information may have occurred during the late 1990s when such leaks appeared every few days in the reporting of Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz.

„It’s getting a little tiring to see this constant source of leaks to the Washington Times of classified intelligence documents,“ State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns told the Weekly Standard in an otherwise admiring profile of Mr. Gertz in 1996. („He Drives Them Crazy“ by Matthew Rees, December 1, 1996.)

No arrests or prosecutions resulted from that „constant source of leaks,“ though it eventually diminished.

Meanwhile, the current Congress is still considering new constraints on disclosure of classified information that go well beyond anything the executive branch has requested or considers prudent.

Robert Litt, the general counsel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, recently expressed some criticism of the congressional anti-leak initiative.

„We have discussed with the Intelligence Committee our concern that some of the proposals in their legislation really would not have any deterrent impact or punitive impact on leaks, and might in fact have an adverse impact on the free flow of information to the American people,“ Mr. Litt told an American Bar Association meeting last month.

But it is not clear whether the Senate Intelligence Committee, which has not held an open hearing in almost a year, would be moved by appeals to „the free flow of information to the American people.“