Sahit Muja, the killer Clan: Bytyci and partner of the International drug and arm Mafia

The Albanian Brookyln Mafia and Interpol and the FBI! The Real Estate Mafia in albania: without any construction permit in law.

only one of the Tropoje / Albanian Super Idiot and a creatur of the Georg Soros drug, arms and money laundering.A person, don’t know the real albanian history, with original osmanian and italian dokument!

Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals


Sahit Muja, Elvis Muja: Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals, Bytyci SHPK

Friends: Izebegovic – Bin Laden in Bosnia and Albania, Killer schwadron chef: Xhavit Halili (NATO Secret Report), Gangster Boss: Salih Berisha, Agron Kulicaj and a lot of Gangsters in Albania. Friend of  BKA – Mafia Boss: Abdulselam Turgut,   or Lazim Destani / Tetova.

Sahit Muja Albanian Billionaire

Bytyci Killer swadron, is a terrorism Clan, against the lokal people in Plepa, Golem, Pista Illyria, Shkozet in Durres / Albania

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2009-07-22 09:15:56 – Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Kosova, Montonegro, Macedonia.

Sahit Muja is an Albanian American billionaire. Mr Sahit Muja is a very wealthy and powerful Albanian nationalist in the USA. Since 1992 Sahit Muja aka Sam Muja have been a big supporter of anti Serbian movement. Mr Sahit Muja is very well educated and extremely smart.He is connected to very powerful people in the US and around the world. Mr Muja is self made millionaire. His wealth is estimated 2 billion dollars. In Businesses in US, Azia,Turkey and Albania. Most of his wealth is in Mining Assets. Albanian Minerals ,Real Estate, Restaurant Industry, and other enterprises. In 1992 Mr Sahit Muja raised 60 million dollars in Istanbul for Bosnian Separatist’s. Mr Sahit Muja was very good friend with Bosnian
President Izetbegovic. In US he worked with Politician’s against Serbian interests. Sahit Muja was born in Vlad,Pac, Tropoje, Albania in middle class family. In his early years of his life he was noticeable and respected by his teachers, he was a excellent student. In his years as student he started the movement against Communism with his Tropojan’s friend Sali Berisha and Azem Hajdari. After collapse of Communism he left Albania and emigrated to Italy. From there to Turkey. He started boxing in Turkish team and rapidly become a good friend with powerful Turkish nationalist leader. Most feared person in Turkish modern history Mr Alparslan Turkesh . In conflict Serbia and Bosnian Mr Muja supported Bosnian separatist movement.Mr Muja become a good friend with President Izetbegovich.Mr Sahit Muja’s ability to connects with people made him millions of dollars in partnership with Turkish Billioners. He invested his money mainly in Real Estate, and underground mining assets. In no time with most powerfull Turkish nationalist in his side. And 5 million Turkish young man, nationalist group called Ulku Ocaklari under his wings. He become a very strong force in Turkey. He collected millions off dollars. From the group in Europe, for Mr Turkesh and become main money supply sores for his party MHP. Mr Muja and his group started a big war against mafia, drugs and prostitution.Becket by government controlled elements off nationalist group MHP. His success become problem for Turkish mafia which ordered his assassination in 1995 in Istanbul. In middle of the day as he was living a restaurant. A gunmen star shooting at him, he didn’t stop walked truth the bullets screaming you street dog my life was given by God. And will never be taken away by a street dog, by a pimp. Mr Muja was shot on the left side of his had the bullet escaped without damageng the bone. The gunmen was killed by the bodyguards. This become a legend. And the song made for him called.Street dogs never have kill a Wolf. In beginning of 1996 in his visit to eastern Turkish city of Diarbakir. Meeting with Kurdish People Mr Muja immediately stop the supporting for Turkish Nationalist Group MHP.For involvement in Killing Kurdish Civilians. In his statement Mr Muja said. I will never support a Group, a Party, a Nation, a Religion which promote violence against civilians. There is not a reason ore right. To kill a instant humane. In 1996 Mr Muja moved to US. In his journey to finde a perfect place. MR Sahit Muja in 2001 he published a book about war in Kosovo. Describing Milosevic regime and Serbian Army to the vampires. In his years in US. Mr Muja kept a law profile and started to connect himself with powerful people. In Politics and Billionaires. In the war in Kosovo he used his money and connection in US against Serbia. His organization in Tropoja was the first gun supplier source to Separatists KLA, UCK. The first weapon’s delivery To UCK leader Adem Jashari was gift by Sahit Muja. After Serbian forces killed Adem Jashari and other separatists,and register the evidence. In the Kalashnikov was written. To brother Adem Jashari from Sahit Muja. I have met Mr Muja tow times in NY. And I have expressed my concerns to him about his anti Serbian movement. In his email yesterday Mr Muja stated. Dear Ivan I have been accused all my life for my stands against, Communism, Mafia, Dictators,Terrorists. Well it turn out I was right! All those groups are main factors world have suffer and is suffering. I was against Milosevic regime not against Serbian People. I was against Albanian Communism not against my Albanian people. I am against terrorists of any form. Any Nationality, ore any Religion. I am the supporter of the people and the free will . I am ILLIRIAN, Albanian I always stand up for watt is right. Regardless watt my happened to me. I am supporter off Serbian- Albanian good relation and are future is European Family, EU. Just like USA. The war in Yugoslavia left 500,000 instant civilian death.Albanians,Bosnians,Croatian,Slovenians,Macedonians, Serbians. I want peace and prosperity for all. REFERANCES: External linnk references–american-bi .. External linnk references .. External linkk references .. External linnk references External Linnk references;_ylt=A0geus.Mo2ZKxHwBxZZXNyoA?p=sahit+mu ..

Typische Mafia Limousine der US Mafia Nr. 1 in Albanien, dem Gambino Clan (der Luchese und Genovese Clan ist in Albanien und im Balkan auch gut vertreten, als neue “Cosa Nostra) Typisches Phantasie Auto Nr. Schild. Man kann sie sehr oft an bestimmten Stellen im Raum Durres und Tirana sehen.

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FBI – Interpol: over the world terrorism mafia group of US Senator Eliot Engel, with Salih Berisha, Bajraktari, Bytyci – Sahit Muja

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Partner of the world Gangster: Rupert Murdoch, Bin Laden, Drug Clans and others

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