Russischer Flugzeug Träger in „Tartus“ in Syrien und die Griechische Marine Treibstoff Versorgung mit dem Gangster Spiro Lastis

Ein Russischer Flotten Verband besucht Syrien, was besonders interessant ist, bei der Non Stop Hetze, der NATO Kriegs Treiber.

Tartus ist nach Latakia die zweitgrößte Hafenstadt des Landes. Sie liegt gegenüber der Insel Arwad, etwa 90 Kilometer südlich von Latakia und 65 Kilometer nördlich von Tripoli. Die russische Kriegsmarine unterhält ihren einzigen Stützpunkt im Mittelmeer im syrischen Hafen Tartus.[2] Der kleine Fischerhafen liegt im Stadtgebiet, der größere Haupthafen ein Kilometer nördlich in El Mina.


Ξεκίνησε ο ρωσικός Στόλος για το Αιγαίο και την Αν. Μεσόγειο…

Ο κύβος ερρίφθη: Μετά τον ανεφοδιασμό του σε καύσιμα και πυρομαχικά στην βάση του το αεροπλανοφόρο Admiral Kuznetsov έλαβε διαταγή από το ρωσικό υπουργείο Άμυνας να πλεύσει πάση δυνάμει στην Aν. Μεσόγειο και τ…

υπουργείο Άμυνας να πλεύσει πάση δυνάμει στην Aν. Μεσόγειο και τ…

 November 30, 2011



With intervention of Spyros Latsis the Hellenic Navy is supporting with oil

Greek billionaire, from his origin of Koritsa,Spryros Llatsis, all fuelsupplies to the Greek Navy fleet.

The personal intervention of Spiros Latsis, whose group has control of Hellenic Petroleum, has discovered the issue with the publication of, approved the provision of fuel to the Greek Navy. 
Good and holy intervention of the Greek tycoon, but rather should „pull some ears“ in the company.Without HN (And subsequently Army and Air Force) would not exist either ELPE or even Greece ….

They left the fleet without fuel, ELPE after yesterday jammed the signing of the contract to supply the Greek Navy with fuel carburant. The most impressive of all is that ELPE refused to sign the contract despite the fact that they knew how to receive immediately the full amount of EUR 10 million euros.

As the announcement of Hellenic Petroleum, the company which was once public, the Greek state, cut off cooperation the Ministry of Defence, because they owe 80 million euro for Greek Army and Air Force. It is worth noting that apart from lack of fuel due to the refusal of ELPE to work with the MOD the Navy faces problems of lack of spare parts that affect a percentage of the potential of the Fleet to operate in the Aegean.

And all the time when the Turkish Navy literally pillaged the Aegean as the same as the Defence states on its website until September 2011 we had 168 violations of Greek territorial waters by the Turkish Navy as seen from the table below.

Einer der grossen Gangster, auch als partner der Betrugs Bank: Deutsche Bank. Spiro Latsis! Seine Hellenic Petrol, ist Motor der grossen Bestechungs Geschäfte in Albanien, ebenso rund um Zoll Betrug und gefakten Öl Import und Export Geschäfte.

Deutsche Bank, EU-Barroso und die Rettung der Milliarden der Griechischen Mafia um Spiro Latsis


Die Muttergesellschaft der EFG Eurobank, die European Financial Group (EFG) SA des griechischen Reeders Spiros Latsis, hatte im vierten Quartal 2009 den Sitz von Genf nach Luxemburg verlegt. Im gleichen Quartal gingen in der Statistik der Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich (BIZ) die Forderungen der Schweizer Banken an private und öffentliche Schuldner in Griechenland um 60 Milliarden Euro zurück, das entspricht einem Fünftel aller gehandelten griechischen Staatsanleihen von 305 Milliarden Euro. Mutmaßlich füllen die Verwaltung von Staatsanleihen für Dritte durch andere Tochtergesellschaften der EFG Group und Unternehmensanleihen die Differenz zu den 12 Milliarden Euro der Eurobank.

Text: F.A.Z.
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Macedonia Cracks Down on Road Toll Racket

News 01 Dec 2011 / 16:47
Macedonia Cracks Down on Road Toll Racket

Macedonian police on Thursday arrested 88 road toll collectors who are suspected of forging tickets and stealing some 2 million euros.
Sinisa Jakov Marusic
fals tickeet macedonia
False tickets that the police found during the bust | Photo by: MVR

The arrested officials are all employees in “Makedonija Pat”, the state-owned company in charge of maintenance of roads and collecting tolls.

Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska told the media on Thursday that during the bust the police had uncovered evidence of a well-organized scheme coordinated by several toll collector chiefs.

“They printed false tickets on blank paper and then distributed them to their associates,” Jankulovska explained.

To participate in the scam, tax collectors working across the country’s north-south corridor 10 had to pay bribes of 100 to 500 euros to the gang organizers.

Police say they confiscated computers, blank tickets, lists of participants and other incriminating evidence during raids that started early on Thursday morning. They are still searching for 12 people they believe were involved.

Meanwhile, the arrested staff are being rounded up and brought before the courts in Skopje. An investigative judge will determine whether they are to be kept in detention.

This is the third operation in four years involving mass arrests of employees in charge of collecting road tolls. In previous raids in 2007 and in 2008, police arrested over 70 people.

But the crackdowns were marred by controversies. The prosecutors in the first case were unable to prove some key allegations, while defence lawyers and rights activists complained that the police themselves had broken the law by using unlawful surveillance.

The trials of many of the accused continue in the courts. Some have obtained compensation orders from the European Court for Human Rights, after suing the state for having kept them in detention for too long without due cause.

Over the past few years, the government has launched several massive police raids in a bid to highlight the fight against organized crime. Doctors, employees in the pension fund and even police officers have been among the previous targets.