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The three ongoing prosecutions under the Espionage Act of individuals who allegedly „leaked“ classified information to the press are slowly moving forward.

Prosecutors will present their opening brief to an appeals court in the case of Jeffrey A. Sterling, a former CIA officer who is accused of leaking classified information to author James Risen, on January 13, 2012, according to a proposed briefing schedule that was filed yesterday.

The prosecution of Sterling has been suspended in lower court while the government appeals several court rulings that it considers unfavorable.

Specifically, the government wants to overturn the court’s finding that Mr. Risen is protected by a „reporter’s privilege“ and cannot be compelled to identify his source.  Prosecutors also want to reverse what they described as an order relating to the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) that the identity of certain government witnesses must be disclosed to the defendant and the jury.  Finally, they are appealing an order that eliminated two potential government witnesses because prosecutors failed to disclose adverse information about the witnesses in a timely manner, a November 9 docketing statement said.

Interestingly, defense attorneys deny that the second issue involving disclosure of witness identities is a CIPA issue that can be appealed at this stage.  They point out that „No order has been entered by the District Court allowing the defendant, over the Government’s objection, to disclose any classified information.  No sanctions have been imposed upon the Government for refusing to allow for the disclosure of any classified information by the defendant in any manner.“  Therefore, „Mr. Sterling does not agree that this appeal raises any issues appealable under CIPA.“

It was also announced yesterday that the case of Army Private Bradley Manning, the suspected WikiLeaks source, will proceed to what is called an Article 32 hearing on December 16 at Fort Meade, Maryland.

„The primary purpose of the Article 32 hearing is to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case as well as to provide the defense with an opportunity to obtain pretrial discovery,“ according to Private Manning’s attorney, David E. Coombs. „The defense is entitled to call witnesses during the hearing and to also cross examine the government’s witnesses.“

The other ongoing leak prosecution under the Espionage Act is that of former State Department contractor Stephen Kim, who is accused of leaking classified information to Fox News reporter James Rosen.  The prosecution of Mr. Kim is still in an early stage of pre-trial discovery, according to a November 15 status report.

Der Auftragskiller Sylejman Selimi, wird durch Kadri Kasrati als Chef des FSK im Kosovo abgelöst

Der Verbrecher und Mitglied der Todesschwadronen gegen Kosovaren und ebenso in Albanien ab 1998, will nun Botschafter werden in Tirana, wo ja viele seiner Berufs Verbrecher Freunde leben. Oder er will seine Mafia Geschäfte koordinieren, mit Hilfe der Tirana Mafia, des Salih Berisha.

Mafia Verbindungen, aus einem secret NATO Report des Sylejman Selimi

Kadri Kasrati, löst Sylejman Selimi, ab! Ein erstaunlicher Vorgang, wo man Hintergründe wissen müsste.
Kadri Kastrati pasues i Sylejman Selimit në krye të FSK-së Artikujt tjerë Kadri Kastrati pasues i Sylejman Selimit në krye të FSK-së VV: Isa Mustafa i përket shkollës komuniste Jahjaga priti ambasadoren jorezidente të Portugalisë për Kosovën Cooper propozon që dialogu të vazhdojë këtë të premte Ashton: BE mbështet fillimin e bisedimeve Kosovë-Serbi UP e Ministria e Diasporës nënshkruan marrëveshje bashkëpunimi Krasniqi priti ambasadoren jorezidente të Portugalisë në KosovëMosveprimi i BE-së në veri sjell pasojaNjë delegacion i FSK-së viziton TurqinëJovanoviq: Politika “edhe Evropa edhe Kosova” është humbësePublikuar: 14.11.2011 – 18:31
Prishtinë, 14 nëntor – Më 22 të këtij muaji Forca e Sigurisë së Kosovës do të bëhet me komandant të ri. Gjenerallejtënant Sylejman Selimi do t’i dorëzojë frenat e forcës te gjeneralmajori Kadri Kastrati.Kastrati, siç raporton KTV, do të udhëheqë FSK-në në 3 vjetët e ardhshëm.


Der Berufsverbrecher Selimi berichtet über die vergangenen Aktivitäten des FSK

Selimi raportoi për herë të fundit për FSK-në


23 NOV 2011 / 09:47

Kosovo Security Force Gets New Commander

The Kosovo Security Force has a new commander after Sylejman Selimi handed over to Kadri Kastrati.

Fatmir Aliu


Major General Kadri Kastrati assumed command of the KSF in Pristina from Lieutenant General Sylejman Selimi.

In a solemn handover on Tuesday at the “Adem Jashari” military compound, the new commander of the civilian controlled security force inspected the troops.

Kosovo’s President, Atifete Jahjaga, the supreme commander of the KSF, said the force was setting a good standard of international cooperation.

“The Kosovo Security Force is becoming an important mechanism of cooperation with international security and defence structures, in the interest of our homeland, peace and stability in the region,” Jahjaga said.

The Kosovo Security Force is a lightly armed, uniformed force that is subject to democratic, civilian control. Its mission is to conduct crisis response operations throughout Kosovo and the neighbouring countries.

The new Chief of Staff, Major-General Kadri Kastrati, previously served as director of operations of the force. He was appointed on November 17, by a decree signed by the President.

The KSF’s outgoing commander, Lieutenant-General Sylejman Selimi, was awarded the “Goldel Medal for Freedom” for his services.

After taking off his uniform, Selimi, is expected to join the diplomatic corps and be appointed Kosovo’s next ambassador to Albania.


Auftrags Killer Sylejman Selimi und heute Kommandat der Kosovo Security Forces (KSF)?

Sylejman Selimi të hënën në krye të FSK-së?

Deutschland ist immer dabei:

Sylejman Selimi


Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) wird zur Kosovo Security Force (KPS)

von Dirk ~ 15. Januar 2009. Zu lesen unter: AuslandseinsätzeKFORNATO-MissionenDie von der NATO ausgebildete und auch mit deutschen Finanzmitteln ausgestattete multi-ethnische Kosovo Security Force (KSF) wird am 20. Januar die bisherigen kosovarischen Einheiten derKosovo Protection Corps ablösen, das teilte NATO-Sprecher James Appathurai gestern in Brüssel mit. Die KSF sei leicht bewaffnet und solle Aufgaben wie Zivilschutz, Krisenreaktion und Bombenentschärfung übernehmen.
Im Kosovo soll die neu benannte und neu strukturierte und von NATO-Truppen ausgebildete multi-ethnische Sicherheitstruppe nach Angaben der NATO am 21. Januar die bisherigen kosovarischen KPF-Einheiten ablösen.

Soldaten Glück

Teilweise Einseitiger Bericht, der ignoriert die Helsinki Akte und das Völkerrecht ! Der Grundfehler liegt im krmimellen Kosovo Krieg, wo die US und NATO Banden, eine neue Aufgabe suchten und zur Übung einen Krieg inzenierten. siehe später der Irak Krieg. Ursache: niemand kontrolliert die Organisationen, NGO’s noch gibt es eine Koordination, von irgendwas. Die angeblichen Experten des Westens sind und waren schon vor 10 Jahren lächerlich und die dümmsten und 3. klassigen Leute kamen.