Re-Analyzing Dick Marty’s Report Opposing New NATO Strategic Concept – EU-Report Says Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci: Head of Organ Ring

Re-Analyzing Dick Marty’s Report Opposing New NATO Strategic Concept – Analysis
Written by: Armando Aliu

November 12, 2011

The Western Balkan Countries shaped their own destinies after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The 1990s passed with wars among countries, genocides and internal conflicts. In 1995, the Serbian Army was behind the massacre in Srebrenica in Bosnia, and this is still fresh in our minds.

In 1997, the crisis of the pyramid system which also happened in other Soviet bloc countries, occurred in Albania and the country descended into civil war conflict. Internal rebellion which began first in Albania spread to Kosovo as a domino effect. The killing of more than 2000 Albanians in Kosovo in 1999 attracted attention of the international press. After this genocide, the USA interfered in this war. NATO air forces bombed Belgrade in order to save Albanian people in Kosovo and to provide them a new democratic order for living in safety. This movement of NATO was using Hard Power, which means using military forces immediately. During the 1990s using Hard Power brought high expenses to NATO, particularly for Kosovo Force (KFOR) operations.

In the Lisbon Summit (2010), NATO decided to use Soft Power (the term which belongs to Joseph Samuel Nye – Harvard University Professor) for stabilisation of the Western Balkan Countries in the new millenium because it is not only cheaper and effective, but also this strategy brings long-range stability to the region and provides prosperity and more democratic rights to these nations.

After using Hard Power, many people emigrated to various countries in Europe and to the USA. Migration became a problematic factor in the 1990s because a lot of people emigrated illegally and claimed asylum rights. NATO and the European Union have the same objective aim to stabilize the Balkan Peninsula. In addition, the convergence among NATO and EU is increasing at different dimensions and stages. In this context, the European Union published the Stabilisation Association Agreement to encourage regional co-operation as a part of the EU enlargement process. Furthermore, NATO supports the European Union efforts and activities for stabilisation and integration of the region, and as a result of these collaborations Balkanian refugees number in Europe can be decreased in the future.

The new strategic concept of NATO is a common strategy that overlaps with the European Union Enlargement Policy. With using diplomacy power, European Union and NATO want to prevent human trafficking and illegal migration.

The diplomatic visits of EU foreign policy chief Catherine M. Ashton and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton to Western Balkan Countries brought important contributions for stability of the region.

Everything was going well until the publishing of the report prepared by Dick Marty, a Swiss senator. The report claims that Hashim Thaci, Kosovo’s Prime Minister organised an organ trafficking network during 1999 when he was the leader of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) without presenting any evidence or verification.

The report supports Serbian arguments and in particular the activities of Serbian lobby group. Despite the fact that this report is not impartial, many articles and books (e.g. ‘The Hunt: Me and the War Criminals’ which was written by Carla Del Ponte) assist the assertions and accusations against Mr.Thaci in the context of Marty’s report. Nevertheless, all of these materials neither illustrate definite facts nor verify Serbian arguments. Therefore, “the parts – Kosovo and Serbia” should continue negotiations for both technical and political issues without losing more time. EU Commissioner Štefan Füle stated precisely that Serbia’s EU membership application depends on at which level Serbia respects Kosovo. The reality is that Kosovo achieved its sovereignty and independent state status with ICJ Advisory Decision and recognition by 85 States.

In the light of these considerations, “The New Strategic Concept of NATO” specified the objectives which mainly are to facilitate the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans, with the aim to ensure lasting peace and stability based on democratic values, regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations. In this context, both Serbia and Kosovo should respect this objective of NATO and work with EU institutions for achieving these objectives.

As concluding remarks I would like to make a comparison. On the one hand, Mr. Ismail Kadare, famous Albanian author, expressed that “the time is working for Albanians”. On the other hand, Mr. Boris Tadic proposed for “being given an international special status to the North of Kosovo”. There is a contradiction among these persons. Both of them did not understand the real power of Albanians because this power is not visible. However, the Power of Albanians will be visible after acceptance of Albania and Kosovo as member states of the EU. These not only reshape multilateral relations and contribute to the new world order but also will find out and highlight the hidden reality – “the Albanian Civilisation”.

About the author:
Armando Aliu

Armando Aliu is a strategy expert, columnist and DAAD Scholar at Heidelberg University – Institute for Political Sciences. His research interests are International Affairs, Strategy Research, Grand Strategy and Scenario Analyses, International Security and International Law, Migration Issues and International Migration. Contact Details: Heidelberg University – Institute for Political Sciences, Campus Bergheim, Bergheimer Straße, 5869115, Heidelberg, e-mail:

EU-Report Says Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci: Head of Organ Ring 

Dick Martys Bericht an den Europarat
Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo*

Draft report

Rapporteur: Mr Dick Marty, Switzerland, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

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