Serbia: Party urges criminal charges against top officials



BELGRADE — The opposition Serb Radicals (SRS) have asked the state prosecution to initiate criminal proceedings against President Boris Tadić and PM Mirko Cvetković.


Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović and Belgrade negotiator Borislav Stefanović were also named – all four for their activities related to Kosovo.

According to the party, these officials are „in the process of recognizing“ the province as independent. 

SRS MP Boris Aleksić told reporters in Belgrade on Monday that they violated the Criminal Code and that agreements they reached with the Kosovo Albanian authorities „endangered Serbia’s territorial integrity“: 

„It is unclear to us why the prosecution failed to react, since it is obvious that the Tadić regime entered a de facto recognition of Kosovo’s independence,“ said Aleksić. 

He said that the agreement on the custom seal, mentioned in the government report, was „disgraceful“, while it was „scandalous“ that the Serbian authorities „falsified UNSC Resolutions 1244 with their lies that the document allows for establishment of customs crossings“ on the administrative checkpoints in northern Kosovo. 

The Radicals also believe that Tadić’s statement to the effect that a declaration on Kosovo was „not necessary“ was irresponsible because lawmakers and the public waited two weeks for it to reach the parliament. 

Deputy SRS whip Aleksandar Martinović said that the statement was a drastic trampling of the dignity of MPs and of the interests of the Serbian people, especially in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. 

He added that it is obvious that the government has no policy on Kosovo and that this issue is a burden which they would prefer to get rid of just before December 9, when Serbia should become candidate for membership in the EU.

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