Balkan Mafia erbeutet bei einem Zug Überfall in Rumänien: 16 Cruise Missils bei einem Militär Transport

A train robbery has been carried out in Giurgiu, southern Romania, on a train carrying missile warheads through Romania to Bulgaria. Four boxes, containing 16 missile warheads each, went missing during the robbery.

UPDATE: Cazul focoaselor disprute: mecanicul a oprit garnitura s vând motorin

Furtul, spun anchetatorii, ar fi avut loc sâmbt, la Stne_ti, judecul Giurgiu. Parchetul General a precizat, ieri, printr-un comunicat, c Parchetul Militar a fost sesizat de ctre Inspectoratul Judecean de Jandarmerie Giurgiu despre furtul de armament. Potrivit RTV, mecanicul trecnului ar fi oprit garnitura s vând câteva zeci de litri de motorin, combustibil pregtit deja s fie comercializat în bidoane. Mecanicul i ajutorul de mecanic au fost audiai azi-noapte, iar anchetatorii au preluat mai multe probe ADN.

Rumänien: Gestohlene „Sprengköpfe“ entpuppen sich als Zünder für Mehrfachraketenwerfer

Die „Raketensprengköpfe“, die am Samstag aus einem rumänischen Munitionszug auf dem Weg nach Bulgarien gestohlen worden sind, haben sich als Zünder für den Mehrfachraketenwerfer „Grad“ entpuppt. Dies berichtete das Nachrichtenportal Dnevnik unter Berufung auf das bulgarische Wirtschaftsministerium.Am Sonntag hatten internationale Medien berichtet, dass aus einem Munitionszug in Rumänien 64 Raketensprengköpfe gestohlen worden seien. Der Zug war nach Bulgarien unterwegs, als Bahnangestellte bei einem Zwischenstopp in Giurgiu das aufgebrochene Siegel an einem Waggon bemerkten. Bei der Überprüfung wurde festgestellt, dass vier Kisten mit jeweils 16 Sprengköpfen verschwunden waren.

Die mit der Überwachung des Waffentransports beauftragten Gendarmen beteuerten, dass die gestohlene Munition keine Explosivstoffe beinhalte und deshalb ungefährlich sei. Nach Angaben des bulgarischen Wirtschaftsministeriums handelte es sich um alte Zünder für 122-mm-Raketen des Typs „Grad“, die im Munitionswerk im bulgarischen Sopot modernisiert werden sollten.

Das Mehrfachraketenwerfersystem „Grad“ war bereits in den 1950er Jahren in der Sowjetunion entwickelt worden. Seine Modifikationen stehen bis heute bei den Armeen verschiedener Staaten im Dienst. Bei einer Reichweite von 20 km kann das System bis zu 40 Raketen mit dem Kaliber 122 mm in einer einzigen Salve abfeuern.

RIA Nowosti,

Es waren wohl sogar 80 Raketen, wie die neueste Meldung ist und man hat Selbige schon beschlagnahmt!

Romanian police have recovered all 80 missle warheads stolen from a train heading for Bulgaria on Saturday. Over 50 people are now under investigation.


Imaginea articolului Doar 79 de focoase au fost găsite. Unul dintre ele este în continuare căutat (+) 80 de focoase pentru rachete au dispărut dintr-un tren (Imagine: Bogdan Stamatin/Mediafax Foto)

Doar 79 de focoase au fost găsite. Unul dintre ele este în continuare căutat

Social astăzi, 11:32

Unul dintre cele 80 de focoase furate sâmbătă dintr-un tren ce trebuia să ajungă în Bulgaria este căutat de anchetatori, Ministerul de Interne susţine însă că au fost găsite toate focoasele, dar Parchetul confirmă faptul că unul dintre ele nu a fost găsit. citeşte tot

Welche Meldung stimmt, wird wohl nie zuerforschen sein. Zünder klingt halt in den Augen der Politiker und Militärs harmloser, was den Überfall nicht erklärt.

cryptom: CIA John Who Hunted Osama bin Laden Photos

 Der Eigentümer von cryptom, der im übrigen Assage bei der wikileaks Gründung half, fand auch an Hand von Foto Vergleichen raus, wer „John“ ist, der Bin Laden Jäger beim CIA. Die Ursprungs Story.

7 July 2011. Images revised to show EXIF data on Photoshopping in the early hours of 2 May 2011.

White House Obama bin Laden Kill Show Gaps

These photos from a featured White House Flickr series show the timeline of Obama preparing and delivering a public announcement on May 1, 2011 of the Osama bin Laden raid and kill. Washington DC time period: 2:24PM to 11:45PM.

White House photographer Pete Souza’s numbering sequence of the photos indicates several hundred photos were taken that day, ranging from numbers 0106 to 0927. Souza Photoshopped the photos in the early hours of May 2, 2011, as shown in their EXIF data. The photos were uploaded to Flickr soon thereafter with exceptional speed.

There are several hours-long gaps in the photo sequence. Seeing the full day’s collection, rather than only the nine selections,  would be in the public interest to understand how the highly celebrated affair was prepared for delivery, who was involved and what has not yet been disclosed to the public.

Was there payment of the long-standing $25M reward for reporting bin Laden’s whereabouts?

Beyond this modest photograhic series there has been no documentary or photographic substantiation of the bin Laden raid, sea burial and after-action evaluation. Instead there has been elaborate and sustained publicity based on little more than the Obama announcement, his follow-up interviews and comments, the CIA-NGA maps and diagrams, highlighted Obama thanks to participants in, and planners of, the raid, and cursory assurances by national security officials that the claims are authentic — and heroic. A campaign of carefully crafted disclosures to the media appears underway, again without documentary substantiation to fill in the extensive gaps in the triumphant story of the decade.

Triumphant to erase the decade of documented failure in the bin Laden and Al Qaeda pursuit initiatives, such as the bumbling Alec Station, aka, the Bin Laden Units in the CIA-FBI-DoD, Special Forces and Predators, and Task Forces in Justice, Treasury, State, Customs, Immigration, Energy, Commerce, indeed all agencies in multiple countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan in particular, as documented in the Senate-House Joint Inquiry on 9/11, the DoJ-FBI investigation on 9/11, the CIA OIG investigation on 9/11, the 9/11 Commission inquiry and many more pointers toward gaps beyond NARA 9/11 FOIA documentary redactions and withholdings. The bin Laden kill is the least documented success and most vaunted of all counterterrorism actions and begs for more diligent investigation and public disclosure.

A Gapped Timeline

The bin Laden raid is reported to have occurred overnight April 30-May 1, 2011, with the killing early on May 1 (for this timeline the kill-time is assumed to be 2AM Abbottabad and 11AM Washington, DC) . Presumbably the White House was informed by DoD and the CIA soon after the raid. CIA Director Panetta was reported to have been at CIA headquarters during the raid observing it in real time.

Based on the time of these photos taken from their EXIF data, the White House was discussing the raid by 2:24PM May 1, (kill + 3:24 hours) viewed a recording of the raid at 4:05PM (kill +5:05 hours)  and had follow-up discussions four hours later at 8:03PM and 8:44PM (kill + 9:03-9:44 hours).

Then Obama, bathed and dressed, made alert calls at 10:11PM (kill + 11:11 hours)  and worked on his announcement at 10:43PM (kill + 11:43 hours).

The national security team, apparently not bathed and still wearing the day’s dress, awaited the announcement at 11:41PM (kill + 12:41 hours).

Obama made his accouncement at 11:42PM (kill +12:42 hours) and was congratulated by his team at 11:45PM (kill + 12:45 hours).



13 July 2011:

The New York Observer, Issue dated July 18, 2011, p. 20. These photos are not published in the online article.
School of the uniform invited: cryptome[at]


12 July 2011. CIA John further disclosed:

The Man in the Yellow Tie, with Clinton and Panetta, and in a college yearbook photo.

12 July 2011. In response to an inquiry:

Washington Post today publishes another CIA chapter in the valorization of CIA John, supposedly in response to the Cryptome sniffing, but most likely a sign of appreciation for our taking the bait to promote a designated hero. It glosses the previous AP report by slathering on more motherhood-and-apple-pie „risk to undercover officer,“ and suggests that ranks of reputable publishers will obediently play the access hand they are given or be banned for revealing the officer’s identity. Even threatened with prosecution in the jounralism-hiding-behind-Wikileaks gambit.

Nothing about the female star which may mean that will be a separate series of disclosures as the re-election campaign unfolds.

A call to the CIA press office might get you a quotable sip from the spigot, and get you placed on a watch list for possible enlistment as a favored outlet.

If unusually creatively done you will be invited to interview CIA John and, best of all, the Diana huntress who is pissed that the guy is getting the credit for her deftly brilliant tracking.

If unusually creative at stroking you will be invited to interview CIA John and, best of all, the Diana huntress who is pissed that the stud is getting the credit for her deftly brilliant tracking. If the press PR office plays hard to get see the link to the Entertainment Industry Liasion.

And if CIA-celebrity outreach is slow to respond report as threats White House photographer Pete Souza; AP’s Adam Goldman, Matt Apuzzo and the unknown photographer of Panetta’s visit to Congress; Gawker’s John Cook and the Multiple Does who have spread the outing of Galahad online:

10 July 2011. In response to an inquiry:

Cryptome prepared the CIA-John file about 4:00PM on July 5, 2011, uploaded it and the first download took place at 4:11PM. Our copy of the AP story states it was updated at 1:45AM, July 5, 2011. We don’t recall exactly when we saw the AP story, but it would have been after 7AM on the 5th when we started reading online news about bin Laden (a topic we are following to track the PR spin). Then it took a couple of hours to look for photos of the days cited in the AP story and package a file (note we package, do not write).

We first thought it was some other person with Panetta at the Senate hearing, an older gent just behind Panetta. Unsure about the identification we went back to the photos to look for the older gent. Then we spotted the tie and noticed the unusual height of the person wearing it. Then again went back to the photos and saw John the Tall wearing the tie in one of them as well as lurking behind in the Senate photo. (There are two versions of the latter photo, almost identical.)

Artful cropping by the White House to include John’s arm and tie — and height — provided perfect clues for dummies to go with the AP dummy-baiting.

Fortunately, White House Flickr photos are high-resolution or it would have been difficult to see the tie clearly, and more importantly, to see John in the background in the low-resolution photos customarily appearing in the media.

The public may not know that AP and others distribute high-resolution photos to paying customers, and the low-res versions are reduced to hold down costs of publishing. AP offers the Senate photos of Panetta and John at high-resolution at a cost of $200 for a single day’s internet use. We did not buy one. Others are free from the White House. Nada from the CIA black hole except to very high-paying customers and syncophants.

We assume that by now John and the bin Laden hunt team have been awarded medals. That is likely to have taken place when Obama went to CIA on May 20, 2011, to thank the covert operators in private and the CIA employees in public, the last heavily documented by the press.

The next CIA person to be outed on the OBL-hunt team is the woman who worked with John, who made the actual call of a targeted lead to OBL, and, best, AP slyly reports, a journalism graduate! What better story could there be for a spying industry as badly in need of favorable PR for valiant and dogged investigators as official spies.

We bet there are a slew of journalists working that clue, and being fed more tidbits and perhaps exclusive briefings by the woman under guidance of CIA PR wizards. If she looks like Valerie Plame we will have most winning couple.

Who will get his and her names first, TMZ or you?

To sanitize the source send names to Cryptome for washing.

9 July 2011. See also the Situation Room’s live kill feed:

8 July 2011. A relevant Associated Press biographical detail about CIA John’s identifying height: „In college, he walked on to a Division I basketball team and hustled his way into a rotation full of scholarship players.“

And, a CIA official on Alec Station: (1.2MB)

Cryptome: There is little risk to CIA John in suggesting his identity. Spies do not appear in photos unless intentionally, albeit in usually discreet form (every spy spinner rises from the shadows deliberately, maintaining the allure of darkness). The White House photo where CIA John is in the background appears staged to locate him directly behind Panetta and showing the back of Obama’s head. The White House photographer seldom shows Obama in this manner, camera held above Obama (Pete Souza is several inches shorter) to aim at Panetta and his prime briefer of the day. Most likely is that Obama, or his media advisors and the CIA, directed the photo shoot and its publication on Flickr as part of a campaign to vaunt the CIA operation and prepare its media-perfect, tall, handsome, athletic, stolid, dogged, quiet-man dragon-slayer for coming out of the cold for a future public role.

Moreover, Obama has emphasized publicity for the CIA and DoD for the OBL assassination, with heavily-media covered visits to the CIA where dozens of CIA employees were photographed and videotaped. The White House offers a video of a visit on May 20, 2011 to thank CIA employees for the OBL operation. Cryptome offers photographs of that visit and another on April 20, 2009.

The two AP reporters who wrote the article about CIA John work the CIA beat, and will no doubt continue their OBL series in cooperation with the CIA — the agency carefully cultivates such beat reporters with significant disclosures once it is shown the reports will be favorable. It is no secret that there are a bevy of such reporters, writers, media producers, lecturers, consultants and spy-industry friends who capitalize on their privileged access (most pretending to be distant from their bedfellows).

6 July 2011. Cryptome responds to Shepherd Johnson’s pointing to the CIA’s Alec Station operation to find Bin Laden (housed in the Gloucester building, Tysons Corner):

CIA John was at Alec Station for many years, maybe for all its existence. Then after Alec Station was allegedly dissolved in 2006, he probably moved to the CTC and on to the NCTC, chasing OBL with a bevy of cohorts. There may still be a hidden remnant of Alex Station at Gloucester (or the nearby Stafford building) — the CIA never fully joins with the other natsec players, just pretends to do so, keeping its hardcore CTC going in contempt of PR-driven NCTC. John is going to get a career boost, maybe come out of undercover. That seems to be what Panetta was doing by promoting him to Obama and then the showboating at Congress knowing the photos would be taken and eventually leaked — as with the AP story filled with easy to follow clues (AP was told or knew what was in the photos of John in the background).

A series of privileged media disclosures is how OBL’s killing is going to be promoted by the CIA for many years, with John and Alec Station cohorts moving up the chain of perks and eventually hitting the lecture and literature circuit, first for CIA’s never-ending PR and budgetary outreach, then after retirement for hard cash and pension supplements like the crowd of CT natsec gangsters at the Aspen Security Forum.

5 July 2011

CIA John Who Hunted Osama bin Laden Photos

The man who hunted Osama bin Laden

ADAM GOLDMAN, Associated Press, MATT APUZZO, Associated Press

Updated 01:15 a.m., Tuesday, July 5, 2011 [Excerpts]


Bin Laden Hunter ‘CIA John’ Identified

What do we know and why do we know it? The story behind the revelation of a top spy hunter’s identity and why we decided not to publish it.

By Aaron Gell

The Man in the Yellow Tie, with Clinton and Panetta, and in a college yearbook photo.

Anyone who’s ever logged in to a social network while in a jubilant, possibly intoxicated, frame of mind knows the dangers. Sometimes you share something you should maybe keep to yourself, or you forget to check your privacy settings, or you show off a little too much skin.

That’s more or less what the U.S. government appears to have done in the heady moments after dumping whatever was left of Osama bin Laden into the churning waters of the North Arabian Sea.

Getting him had taken 10 years, billions of dollars and the dogged work of an unnamed senior intelligence analyst in the C.I.A.’s Counterterrorism Center.

The Associated Press brought the mysterious analyst’s role to light on July 5, after which a mere two days elapsed before The Observer managed to learn the identity of this super spy, type it into Google and track the poor guy to a quiet subdivision in Northern Virginia.