Gary Kokalari: Salih Berisha regime, is little more than an international criminal conspiracy

Salih Berisha, is long time partner from killer swadrons like „Arkan“, or Xhavit Halili. 47 page secret NATO Report.

Gary Kokalari i shkruan Presidentit Obama

March 30, 2009The Hon. Barack H. Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC  20500

RE:  Albania

Mr. President:

In your inaugural speech you stated, „To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history.“

Based on your words, it seems you were speaking directly to those like Sali Berisha, Albania’s Prime Minister.  Yet, in the first week of February, members of your administration, including Vice President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as other members of your administration and Congress, met in Washington with Prime Minister Berisha and his travel companion, former Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu.

On the eve of your trip to Europe to attend G-20 and NATO meetings, I am writing to brief you about the Berisha regime, a “government” that, in my opinion, is little more than an international criminal conspiracy.

By way of background, I was a founder of the Albanian Relief Foundation and the National Albanian American Council, and I established the first lobbying office for Albanian Americans in Washington.  I also served as a Director of the Kosova Relief Fund and the Albanian Heritage Foundation.   My grandfather, my father (who emigrated from Albania as a young boy and served in the U.S. Army Air Corp during WWII) and my mother were all active in the affairs of the Albanian American community.

My efforts helped expose several incidents of impropriety by Albanian government officials including the AEY arms deal with the U.S. Department of Defense, which was reported on the front page of the March 27, 2008 edition of The New York Times, and is currently the subject of an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.   I was also a catalyst for the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of AEY.   Kosta Trebicka, who was an Albanian businessman, was the AEY whistle-blower, and I worked with him to help shed light on this scandal.   As such, Trebicka was a material witness to this effort to defraud DOD and American taxpayers.  Unfortunately, last fall, Kosta was found dead on a remote back road in Albania in what was called a „car accident“ by the Berisha government.  Because of the highly suspicious nature of his death and the fact that Kosta implicated Berisha and Mediu in the AEY deal, most Albanians believe he was murdered.

Information regarding Berisha and Mediu that should be of concern to the U.S. government follows:

1.  Several days after Fatmir Mediu met with officials of your administration, he was indicted by Albania’s prosecutor in conjunction with the March 15, 2008 explosion at the ammunition demilitarization facility located at Gerdec, Albania (there is reason to believe the Gerdec operation was initiated because of direct pressure from the U.S. government).  The Gerdec tragedy resulted in 26 deaths, hundreds of injuries and thousands of damaged properties. The hazardous conditions at this plant were well known to Albanian government officials, including Berisha and Mediu, and U.S. Embassy officials in Tirana.  As was well known in Albania and to State Department officials, at the time Mediu met with Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton, he was under investigation for Gerdec (despite Berisha’s ongoing attempts to undermine the Albanian prosecutor’s investigation).  Several of Mediu’s associates were previously indicted for negligence and mass murder in conjunction with Gerdec.  The news of the charges against Mediu appears in this International Herald Tribune report: .  Prior to the Berisha/Mediu visit to Washington, I informed American officials via email about their intentions to use the visit to their advantage.   Those officials were fully aware that Mediu presided over Albania’s Ministry of Defense at the time of the AEY scandal as well as the persistent allegations about Mediu’s corrupt practices.

2. A report issued by The Economist in January called Albania a „hybrid democracy“ describing it as a hybrid between democracy and totalitarianism.  The report ranked Albania as the least democratic country in the Balkans and stated, „the spread of democracy has come to a halt“ in Albania.

3. In a recent series of condemnations of Berisha, The International Press Institute and Transparency International joined the chorus of Reporters Without Borders and the Committee for the Protection of Journalists in criticizing Sali Berisha for his latest blatant effort to block free speech.  In this episode Berisha sent state police to close the office of the Albanian newspaper TEMA for criticizing his government.



As anyone familiar with Albania knows, this is far from the first time Berisha has used anti-democratic, repressive tactics.  He used the tax authorities to bully Top Channel TV into silence.  And after The New York Times interviewed Fatmir Mediu about the AEY deal, Mediu sent goons to confiscate the video tapes and equipment that were used for the interview.  This can be confirmed with The Times journalist who conducted the interview.  But the ultimate act of blocking free speech occurred last September when Kosta Trebicka, the AEY whistle-blower, was silenced forever when he was killed in the „car accident“ in Albania.

4. The old, corroding, Chinese ammunition AEY bought from the Albanian government (via Cyprus-based Evdin, a company controlled by the notorious and watch-listed Swiss arms dealer Henry Thomet), for sale to the U.S. Department of Defense, was repackaged by AEY in Albania in order to remove the Chinese markings.  The ammunition was then shipped to Afghanistan where defective munitions placed – and continue to place – American troops at risk in Afghanistan.  All of this was paid for by American taxpayers, and this serves as a perfect example of the type of government waste you have promised to combat.   Milhal Deligjoji is an Albanian „businessman“ who was awarded the contract (by Berisha and Mediu) to repackage the ammunition.  This was done during the period Marcie Ries served as U.S. Ambassador to Albania (currently serving as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State), but the shipments continued when John Withers assumed the position of Ambassador.  You should be aware that Ms. Ries attended several of the meetings held by Berisha and Mediu when they visited Washington, and she was fully aware of all of the allegations contained herein. Deligjorji was also the owner of Albademil, the company that was awarded the contract to demilitarize the ammunition at the Gerdec plant that exploded.  Deligjorji, who was a known thug around Tirana, was also known to keep close company with Shkelzen Berisha, the son of Sali Berisha.  As was suggested by AEY’s president during a recorded telephone conversation (DOJ and House Oversight are in possession of the recordings, Shkelzen Berisha has been alleged to have participated in the AEY deal.  Deligjorji’s attorney was Argita Berisha Maltezi, who incorporated Albademil for Deligjorji and is Sali Berisha’s daughter.   Deligjorji is now in jail on charges of negligence and mass murder in conjunction with the Gerdec explosion

5.  According to news reports in Albania, Fatmir Mediu was also indicted on criminal charges in Italy along with Gazmend Mahmutaj, a known Albanian trafficker and gangster.  Mediu was acquitted – apparently, he cut some form of deal – but Mahmutaj was serving time in an Italian prison as of last year.   Mediu is Chairman of the Republican Party of Albania, part of Berisha’s coalition government.   The head of one of the Republican Party’s local chapters in Albania is Kassem Mahmutaj, the brother of Gazmend.   Kassem Mahumutaj was appointed director of Albania’s largest munitions depot (the site of another recent explosion that resulted in one death) by Fatmir Mediu, and this depot is alleged to have been one of the sources of ammunition for the AEY deal.

6. A story reported by Fox News in February implicates the Berisha family in a cover-up regarding a World Bank project in Albania.,2933,491006,00.html

7. A story published last week by Shekulli, one of Albania’s largest newspapers, revealed that Albania sold 10,000 mortar rounds to Iran in March 2006 while Berisha and Mediu had authority over these weapons sales.

Upon request, I can provide details about other allegations of criminal and corrupt criminal practices by Berisha, Mediu, Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha (who is also under investigation for corruption) and other officials of the Berisha government.  In the most recent example, earlier this month, Ylli Pango, Albania’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, was forced from his office in disgrace after a recording surfaced that exposed him attempting to extract sexual favors from a young woman  seeking employment.

During this time of economic crisis in America, why should the machinations of a corrupt government in a small Balkan country matter to you?   Because advancing democracy remains a core mission of American foreign policy, and crime and corruption are tearing at the foundations of the fledgling “democracy” in Albania.   For this reason, the U.S. has an obligation to confront this problem to advance our objectives and protect our strategic interests in Southern Europe.  Furthermore, the AEY scandal represents just the tip of an enormous iceberg of government waste in our country, and correcting DOD procurement irregularities will help save billions of dollars for American taxpayers.

I fully support strong relations between the U.S. and Albania; however, the U.S. government seems to have forgotten that the reason Albanian officials have been able to cooperate with American foreign policy initiatives is because of the great admiration the people of Albania have for America.   Allowing Albanian officials to exploit this status for their own personal gain would be an abuse of this precious relationship.

Berisha and senior Albanian government officials continue their economic and political rape of Albania, and, in my opinion, any perceived U.S. support of Berisha’s criminal regime would represent a disturbing double standard.

I would be happy to discuss any of the information contained herein with appropriate officials from your administration.

Thank you.


Gary Q. Kokalari

cc:        The Hon. Joseph Biden

The Hon. Hillary Clinton

Salih Berisha’s Drogen Boss – Bürgermeister in Lazarate: Dasho Aliko (Albaniens Kolumbien)

Vor einem Jahr, kündigte noch der korrupte und kriminelle Innenminister Lulzim Basha und der Paranoide Kriminelle Salih Berisha, hartes Vorgehen und Verhaftungen vor allem in Albaniens – Kolumbien an der Ortschaft Lazarate! Langzeit Bürgermeister dort ist der Mafia Boss: Dasho Aliko, Vertreter der Salih Berisha Partei PD und das auch schon vor über 10 Jahren, als man auch auf Italienische Polizeihubschrauber schoss, wie Polizei Fahrzeuge generell in Brand steckt.

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Albanian journalist beaten by Salih Berisha mafiosi – Rezart Taci

Albania for $ale: With a Little Help from Her ‘Friends’

(Giving someone the benefit of the doubt simply means to let Albania be New 
World’s guinea pig) 

by Gary Q. Kokalari

Last February, virtually lost in the media attention over the Kosova crisis, 
a ceremony was held at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC. 
Commerce Secretary William Daley looked on while then Albanian Prime Minister 
Pandeli Majko and Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, the president of a Chicago-based 
company known as New World Telecom, signed an agreement to establish a joint 
venture between New World and Albtelecom, Albania’s state-owned 
telecommunications firm. The objective of this deal was to establish an 
exclusive joint venture for the development of a $300 million wireless 
telecommunication system in the Republic of Albania.
The press releases were quite impressive – “U.S. telecom company to invest 
$300 million dollars in Albania.” My first reaction was, “who is New World 
Telecom?” But at that time, like most Albanians, I was preoccupied with the 
Kosova conflict, so New World faded from my radar screen. 

I have requested investigations of this matter by Senator McCain’s and 
Senator Helm’s offices as they have oversight responsibility for the Commerce 
and State Departments, respectively. As a result, Senator Helm’s office 
forwarded information to me about New World Telecom. These documents, which 
consisted primarily of self-serving press releases, had been submitted to the 
Senate Foreign Relations Committee by the Commerce Department because of my 
inquiry. After reviewing this material I wrote to Secretary Daley as 

“In my opinion, there was one thing missing from this promotional material ñ 
evidence that New World Telecom has ever successfully completed the turn-key 
development of a telecommunication project anywhere in the world. If my 
interpretation is correct, then it appears that the Commerce Department, 
knowingly or unknowingly, influenced the government of Albania to entrust the 
development of its telecommunication system to, in the best case, a fledgling 

So I continued to press the Albanian and American government officials to 
provide me with rationale for promoting New World in Albania. To no avail, I 
requested a meeting with representatives of the Commerce and State 
Departments and New World Telecom to discuss this matter. I also requested 
meetings with President Meidani and Prime Minister Majko during their recent 
visits to the United States to discuss New World Telecom, but they were too 
busy. …But I can appreciate their reticence to see me – it’s quite 
obvious they didn’t want to hear what I had to say. 
After repeatedly badgering the State Department to justify their support of 
New World Telecom, in October I received this e-mail message from a State 
Department official:

In the fall of 1996, I warned the Berisha government that if they did not 
bring an end to the pyramid schemes that “it was not a question of if, but 
when” they would collapse. At that time I also warned the Albanian government 
that if they did not take action, and if the pyramids collapse of their own 
weight, that “large scale civil unrest with ensue.” In retrospect, Berisha’s 
failure to heed my warnings and those of others had devastating results for 
the Albanian people and the Balkans when Albania exploded into anarchy in 
1997. Can Albania afford another economic debacle?
I suggest that the Albanian government ponder the words of James Hendrix, 
“castles made of sand, fall into the sea – eventually.”


Die Mafia Methoden des Salih Berisha, rund um dem im Dreck und illegalen Bauten untergegangenen Tourismus

Salih Berisha, immer mit Landesweit bekannten Gangstern unterwegs!

salih Berisha roja
Bashkim Ulaj (rechts) – als Verwandter der Familie Salih Berisha, direkter Strohmann, rund um viele Fake Firmen, Lizenzen und dem System der Join Venture Erpressung und Beteiligung. Null Hirn und Schulbildung, aber Inhaber von vielen Wasserkraft Lizenzen, Chrom Abbau Lizenzen, der Breitband Kabel Lizenz und Baufirmen und im Vorstand vieler Firmen, über Beteiligungen.

(Dërguar më: 11/04/11) Tedi Blushi

Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Rrugëve ka zhvilluar në datën 8 prill dy tendera. I pari ka qenë ai për ndërtimin e ‘Rrugës së Arbrit’ (segmenti Ura e Brarit – Hyrje tuneli Qafë Murrizë), me fond limit të përcaktuar, vlerën prej 1.945.051.750 lekësh. Ndërsa tenderi i dytë ka pasur për objekt prokurimi sistemim-asfaltimin e rrugës Librazhd-Qafë Stude (loti 3). Fondi limit i përcaktuar ka qenë 1.894.399.110 lekë. Për të mundësuar që të dy këto tendera të fitohen me vlerën e tyre të plotë, nga ana e DPRR-së është vendosur një kriter diskriminues, që aktualisht e plotësojnë vetëm dy firma. Bëhet fjalë për kompanitë “Gener 2” dhe “Victoria Invest”, të cilat dyshohet se janë paracaktuar si fituese.

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Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha

  1. kukRexhep ARAPI, resident in Katund Sukth, nicknamed “KEPI” has a criminal record as follows:
    1. In the year 1991 (in March) he has killed at the Port of Durrës, for feud issues the citizen A. Cyrbja, resident in the Katund Sukth village; has been arrested for this crime in 1994 and has been released because of lack of evidence.
    2. In April 1997, in collaboration with Gëzim Aleksin, resident in K.Rruget Shijak (arrested for armed robbery, convicted for 12 years in prison, is being tried as a member of the ‘Kanun’ band) have kidnapped for the purpose of profit the business partner of Lul Alimadhi (The Shoe Firm in Qendër Sukth) and has released him after taking the fee of 150 million Italian liras.
    3. ………………