Gedenken an die Kriegsverbrecher Mord der NATO, auf Befehl des Generals Wesley Clarks

 Wesley Clark, gab damals in 1999, die Kriegsverbrecher Befehle, Zivile Ziele in Jugoslawien zu zerstören, wobei viele Schulen, Krankenhäuser, aber auch der TV Sender RTS zerstört wurde. Spanische Offiziere, im NATO Generalstab, outeten das vor Jahren und weigerten sich, solche Befehle zubefolgen. Deutsche Politiker und die Bundeswehr Offiziere (später gut versorgt, mit Sex Sklavinnen der Kosovo Mafia, wo man gerne die Einladungen von dem Verbrecher Clan Haradinaj entgegennahm.), schweigen bis heute dazu.

Anniversary of killing of RTS workers

BELGRADE — 12 years ago today 16 Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) employees were killed when NATO’s warplanes attacked the media outlet’s building.

(FoNet, file)

(FoNet, file)

The anniversary of their deaths is being marked with wreaths being laid at a memorial named „Why“, erected in a Belgrade park by the families of the victims.

Ahead of the anniversary the families asked for a renewal and expansion of the process in order to determine the full responsibility for the crime.

Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) President Ljiljana Smajlović says the attack on the RTS building was a war crime that was never became a case.

Smajlović said she would propose to international associations gathering reporters to mark April 23 as day dedicated to remembrance of killed media employees.

„There has not been sufficient insistence that this was a war crime, while Amnesty International said it was, NATO refused to discuss it,“ she noted.

„We think we must remind about that for the sake of our colleagues from the RTS, but also for the sake of all journalists everywhere,“ Smajlović concluded.

In Serbia, the case went to trial to send Dragoljub Milanović – RTS director at the time of the attack – to jail for ten years. In 2002 Milanović was found guilty of not ordering people and equipment evacuated to a safe place.