Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania – Albania’s political tensions into local vote

Albania’s political tensions spill over into local vote


The atmosphere is already highly charged as the country prepares for the May 8th poll.

By Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Tirana — 08/04/11

photoVoters head to the polls on May 8th. [OSCE]

Campaigning for the local elections in Albania officially began on Friday (April 8th). With the government and opposition still locked in a bitter political quarrel, the mood in the lead-up to the vote is already tense.

Two coalitions will battle for the hearts and minds of voters — the Alliance for the Citizens, led by Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s Democratic Party, and the Alliance for the Future, led by Tirana mayor and Socialist Party head Edi Rama.

The competing sides are already accusing each other of manipulating the media. „Watch TV Klan and you have a proof, watch ABC NEWS and there is another proof,“ blogs Nastradini, accusing the stations of favouring Berisha and his administration.

„Watch ALSAT and there is another one. Watch [public broadcaster] TVSH and the proof comes signed and sealed in paper. Do you want more proof?“ he asks.

Others blame Rama, who has led a succession of street protests and parliamentary boycotts, for setting the tone of political discourse. „Edi and his screaming do not allow debate,“ Toni writes on Balkanweb. „All he knows is that ‚Sali is to be blamed and Tirana is mine'“.


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Some laud Albania’s head of state, Bamir Topi, for attempting to restore civility. He has called on all sides to focus their efforts on the needs of the electorate, rather than on attacking each other.

„Very right Mr.President!“ Turi Tiron writes on Panorama. „I believe that any change is for good, because only change brings development. It’s about time that both powers, central and local, should have more fruitful co-operation, because only in this way will our Tirana become a European capital.“

But Presidenti me pushime („president on vacation“) is critical, arguing that Topi’s words were too little, too late.

„When it was about time for you, Mr President to speak, you were silenced. I am so sorry to say it, but I don’t know how much weight your word has in today’s politics. When it was your turn to put order … in politics, you had no voice in the chapter,“ he writes. Setimes

Bamir Topi, is a friend of the Super Shiak Mafia: Dashamir Gjoka-Agim Hoxha a notorios high crime group since 1993!

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha

  • The Gjoka Supermarket is the main center for the trafficking of drugs that comes from Turkey and Macedonia and the supply base for many criminal groups in Durres and Tirana and also the location where the cars that will be traveling to Italy and carrying drugs are supplied. Dashi currently owns an armored vehicle which has the licence plate: DR 51 90 C. It must be noted that Dash Gjoka is the main source of supply for all the drugs suppliers in Albania because it is a well known fact that a close friend and financial supporter of I.M, S. Olldashi. The latter meets with Gjoka almost every week. Oftentimes, the Democratic Party MPs Bamir Topi, Ridvan Bode, S. Olldashi etc come to dine or to supply in this supermarket, since they are close friends with Dashi.
  • …….

    00. DARDAN DOMI, residing in Shijak, currently holds the position of the General Secretary in the Ministry of Interiors, (or Human Resources Director in the MI), former head of the DP of Shijak, head of Team for Mr. Olldashi during the elections in july 2005. The coordinator and brain of all the abovementioned criminal links for Mr. Olldashi and his most loyal men.

    5.4.2011: Die Salih Berisha, Sokol Olldashi, Ridvan Bode uralt Mafia von SHIAK: Artan Hoxha: Lidhjet e krimit në Shqipëri shkojnë deri tek politika

    Gjoka drug imperium by SHIAK, Durres Albania