Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Bevor: Fatos Nano (Ilir Meta Drug Allegations

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

  • kukRexhep ARAPI, resident in Katund Sukth, nicknamed “KEPI” has a criminal record as follows:
    1. In the year 1991 (in March) he has killed at the Port of Durrës, for feud issues the citizen A. Cyrbja, resident in the Katund Sukth village; has been arrested for this crime in 1994 and has been released because of lack of evidence.
    2. In April 1997, in collaboration with Gëzim Aleksin, resident in K.Rruget Shijak (arrested for armed robbery, convicted for 12 years in prison, is being tried as a member of the ‘Kanun’ band) have kidnapped for the purpose of profit the business partner of Lul Alimadhi (The Shoe Firm in Qendër Sukth) and has released him after taking the fee of 150 million Italian liras.
    3. In April 1997, together with Zaimir Cyrbe from Katundi Sukth, has killed the nephew of Cim Xhije (partner of Lul Alimadhi), who was in the same time Luli’s bodyguard, murder happened in Qender Sukth, uncovered.
    4. From 1998 to 2001 has been one of the main organizers of women’s traffic for the purpose of prostitution coming from the former Soviet Union countries; in 1999 has been investigated by the Fier General Attorney’s office, and during the search of his warehouses along the highway in Fermë Sukth, two Moldavian girls were being sheltered. The Fier General Attorney Office closed the case.
    5. In 2003, together with his criminal band, they have tried to murder the citizen Xhevdet Plaku resident in Neighbourhood no.15 in Durrës in his neighborhood, because the latter had murdered the other brother of Kepi in Italy, in Torino on drug issues. The weapons of the crime have been found and the General Attorney in Durrës is following the case.
    6. He is one of the main women, guns and drugs traffickers that go through Albania to Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. He has currently destroyed his warehouses along the highway in Fermë Sukth and is constructing a gigantic object of many stores with profits made from the abovementioned trafficking activities.
    7. There is information at this moment that his picture is published as internationally wanted by the Spanish Interpol or Portugal for international drugs trafficking. He is one of the closest friend of the I.M S. Olldashi, whom he meets almost twice a week, where they dine together or with other members of the group. They keep in contact mostly through Olldashi’s driver, Lali, his most trusted man. This citizen is dangerous and harmful, registered in the police archives as having strong criminal tendencies such as murder, drugs and prostitution trafficking.
  1. The ‘XHAKJA’ clan, residing in Katund Sukth have a criminal record as follows:
    1. In 1994, the citizen Ilir Xhakja has shot his gun inside the bar of Qerim Maloku in the Sukthi village, has been arrested but then released. The bullet shells found in the scene are the same with those found in the murder scene of citizens Gentjan Gjoka and Petrit Lyti, in 1998 in the village Hamallaj, surprisingly uncovered.
    2. In 1998 the Xhakja band (Ilir, Agim etc) have murdered in the village of Hamallja the citizen Gentjan Gjoka (newphew of Dash Gjoka) and Petrit Lyti, friend of Genti both from Hamallja, uncovered event.
    3. In the year 1998, Ilir Xhakja with others has killed the citizen Qerim Maloku in Katund Sukth, an event that was resolved in the year 2003 when an arsenal of weapons of the Xhakja band was found. He is currently being investigated for this murder. Mr. Olldashi is personally taking care for this case to be closed as a reward for the help that the Xhakja clan provided during the 2005 elections. This event is currently being tried by the Court of Grave Crimes in Tirana, where witnesses included former police officers Urim Koka (SPZ at the time, currently arrested in Italy and sentenced to 15 years in prison for prostitution traffic) and Maksut Zhiti (SPK at the time), both friends of the Xhakajs, the latter has been appointed as the Director of the State Reserves in Durrës by Olldashi in return for this favor.
    4. In 1998 Ilir Xhakja has murdered in front of many people the citizen E. Shega from Peqin, during the funeral of his cousin (son of his uncle) Agim Xhaka, Arben’s brother because E. Shega had murdered Agim in Krrabë, Tirana four years ago because of issues about women prostitutes to Italy. This case is also uncovered despite being carried out in public. Both the former police officers U. Koka and M. Zhiti were present at the murder.
    5. In July 1999, the entire Xhakja Clan (Azem, Ilir, Bardhi-deputy chairman of the Katund i Ri commune, Genti and other collaborators) have hit all the residents of the Maloku clan with an arsenal of weapons, even a tank, thus destroying all the houses. They were arrested by the special forces and their weapons arsenal was confiscated, including armored vehicles and also two Moldavian females. After six months in prison the Durrës General Attorney Office released them. This event became quite popular and as a result the attorney Shkëlqim Xhemollari of the General Attorney Office in Durrës was expelled.
    6. In March 2003, Ilir Xhakja and others have murdered the citizen Rudin Shahini from Katundi Sukth in Sallmone for revenge after he came out of prison because the latter had killed his uncle Hamdi (Arben’s father). During this event, an arsenal of various kinds of weapons was confiscated and the experts concluded that one of the weapons was used for the murder of Qerim Maloku in 1998. This case is also uncovered.
    7. All the members have and are engaged in women, drugs and guns trafficking in Albania as well as in Italy. The majority of the Xhakja clan have strong criminal tendencies for murder, and drugs and prostitution traffic.
    8. In March 2006 there was an attempted attack against Fatbardh and Arben Xhakaj in the Sallmone village in the Xhafzotaj commune where Arben was wounded. According to police information they have been shot because of the drugs market in Durrës. They have currently rented a disco named “Fosfor Club” which is next to the Police Directory of the Durrës circuit where all the drug dealers of Durrës are supplied. This disco is the main and current center for mixing and dealing drugs in the city of Durrës since the local police dares not enter the site because this clan and the people there are known as the closest supporters and friends of I.M S.Olldashi. The vehicles that this clan uses to move around are the latest ones, like a gray Mercedes Cabriolet carrying an Italian license plate, a blue Mercedes with license plate DR 5255 D, a Mitsubishi Pajero carrying a DR plate etc; all these vehicles do not possess any documentation and have been stolen in Italy
    1. Dashamir GJOKA and his clan, residing in the Sallmone village have a criminal record as follows:

Money laundering crime construction, without dokuments: Dashhamir Gjoka and his crime friend: Agim Hoxha from Shiak in Durres 2011

In the year 1996, D. Gjoka has murdered a citizen from Shkodra with last name Zefi in Italy, by beheading him because of women trafficking. He has immediately left Italy and returned to Albania and since then has never visited Italy again; has been dealing instead with the construction of the supermarket in Sallmone. The Shkodrans have come to Shijak several times in order to kill him.
In 1998, in cooperation with the citizen Arben hakik Tollja, resident in Fermë Xhafzotaj (he is nicknamed Zjarrmi, currently arrested for many rapes of female students in Tirana) have killed the daughter of the brother of the citizen Zyrafet Murati (from Kukës) and the citizen Silvana Murati from Shijak, has been seriously injured (she is currently working as a cleaning personnel and prostitute for the VIP guests at the Gjoka Supermarket), has been arrested in 1998 but then released after 11 months of imprisonment for lack of proof.
In 1999, D. Gjoka, in cooperation with his clan has shot in the village Sallmone a vehicle, property of Ilir Xhaka, and as a result the citizen Veli Rexha was killed and his brother seriously injured. Both of them are residents of Katundi I ri and brothers of Qamil Rexha. This is still uncovered despite the abundance of proof.
His newphews Beonard and Mandrin Hyqmet Gjoka are the main drug dealers in the city of Shijak, Ferme Sukth, Durres and Tirana and have also several girls working for them in Italy. In the same time, they are engaged with drugs transportation from Albania to Italy. Mandrini has been arrested in 2003 as the main suspect for the armed robbery in the Xhafzotaj village that resulted in the death of the citizen Jaho Smoqi. He has stayed in prison for about one month and now the Court of Grave Crimes is investigating him while free. Fatbardh Xhakaj was arrested for this case as well, has stayed in prison for two weeks because Fatos Balla, the guilty person for the crime, currently under custody, mentioned his name. Beonard is sentenced in Italy, in the city of San Benedeto for drug trafficking and women trafficking, currently, with profits from drugs sale, he is constructing a three store villa in the Sallmone village. He was a member of the commission at the Voting Center no. 1406 in Sallmone for Mr. Olldashi. Both brothers currently move around carrying guns in their cars, which are in turn stolen and of the latest years, they distribute drugs in Durres and Shijak and transport drugs to Italy through other soldiers. Mandrini often goes to Italy to collect the money, since Mr. Olldashi has provided him with a German Schengen Visa. Also, they are highlighted by the State Police as a dangerous criminal contingent with strong criminal tendencies like Murdedr, Drugs and Prostitution Trafficking.
D. Gjoka has been and is one of the biggest traffickers of women with intent of prostitution to Italy. The chief of the girls in Italy has been a girl from Vlora, named Linda, who is currently Dashi’s wife and they have two children. Her brother Miri works at the Supermarket as chief accountant. D. Gjoka is on record in the State Police for International Drugs Trafficking and Women with intent for prostitution, Murder etc.

Gjoka Super Market-Shiak! 15 years drug and prostitutions center

The Gjoka Supermarket is the main center for the trafficking of drugs that comes from Turkey and Macedonia and the supply base for many criminal groups in Durres and Tirana and also the location where the cars that will be traveling to Italy and carrying drugs are supplied. Dashi currently owns an armored vehicle which has the licence plate: DR 51 90 C. It must be noted that Dash Gjoka is the main source of supply for all the drugs suppliers in Albania because it is a well known fact that a close friend and financial supporter of I.M, S. Olldashi. The latter meets with Gjoka almost every week. Oftentimes, the Democratic Party MPs Bamir Topi, Ridvan Bode, S. Olldashi etc come to dine or to supply in this supermarket, since they are close friends with Dashi.
The main and most loyal soldier of his is his driver, the citizen Artan Rami Bode, resident in Xhafzotaj, the newphew of the MP Ridvan Bode. He is also engaged in settling jobs for Dashi as far as the drug and women traffic goes, being a key figure. Artan, together with his Dashi’s older brother, Nazmi (called Nexhi) make the rules by smuggling merchandise from the Durres Port, both have been members of the Voting Center commission no.1402 for Mr. Olldashi.
Other friendly relationships of Gjoka are Hekuran Hoxha (Roni) and Fundim Dedja, both sentenced in Italy and other countries, for drug trafficking aimed at the Italian territory. Currently Gjoka is the head of the area Xhafzotaj Commune-Shikaj and even more, where all drug traffickers are supplied only by him. Strong evidence suggests that he has an arsenal of sophisticated weapons in his residence and a high security vault containing millions of Euros in Cash. It must be noted that Gjoka’s drugs goes through the port of Durres and Vlora and almost each cargo that is stopped in Italy is Gjoka’s and all the arrested men are his as well.

The Brothers Gezim and Besnik Sijoni, residents in the village of Xhafzotaj have a criminal record as follows:

In the year 1994 G. Sijoni has attempted to murder the citizen Pellumb Hoxhaj, but he only accomplished wounding him in the leg. He is not convicted and even today this issue is never brought up in the Pellumbi family and relatives.
In the year 1997, G. Sijoni, together with his brother Besnik have attempted to murder their former son in law (Arben Vora’s younger brother since he had left their sister after getting engaged with her) in the middle of the city of Shijak. The case was opened, the two men have been identified and declared as wanted by the police but they were never convicted. The Durresi General Attorney closed the case.

00. DARDAN DOMI, residing in Shijak, currently holds the position of the General Secretary in the Ministry of Interiors, (or Human Resources Director in the MI), former head of the DP of Shijak, head of Team for Mr. Olldashi during the elections in july 2005. The coordinator and brain of all the abovementioned criminal links for Mr. Olldashi and his most loyal men.

Im Verbrecher Staat des Salih Berisha, kann Nichts mehr verwundern und über die kriminell agierende Tochter Argita Berisha und Lulzim Basha, wird auch inzwischen immer mehr geoutet.

Identisch im Fatos Nano, Ilir Meta Verbrecher Staat davor!

Fatos Nano Drug Allegations

Date: Friday, December 01 @ 15:03:04 GMT
Topic: Albania News

Below is the translation of a document that was provided to me by a friend in Tirana. The report was assembled from conversations with three separate sources, one who works for an Albanian intelligence agency and two others who work within Nano’s circle. The translation tracks the original.

Fatos Nano – Ex Prime Minister of Albania


By Gary Kokalari – Political Analyst – Exclusively for ACLIS

The current drug trafficking routes in Albania and their relations with Prime Minister Fatos Nano.

Albania has become an important country for the trafficking of drugs, establishing itself as a safe transit route between East and West. Albania has made available to this kind of traffic its human resources and its political power. Before 1997, the drug trafficking in Albania was blooming through the planting of drug related plants and their sale outside Albania. Strong drugs such as heroin or cocaine were not present at the time because of the lack of serious partners and partners with political power. Former Minister of Interior Agron Musaraj (1993-1996) was a supporter of such groups, but his limited political power could not empower these groups. After Agron Musaraj left, the new interior minister of the Democratic Party, Halil Shamata, proposed new tough legislation against organized crime which was approved in the parliament in Autumn 1996. The legislation included strong punishment for drug and weapon traffickers and very often fixed prison terms.

Agron Duka, Mafia Clan with Fatos Nano und Lefter Koca

Kommentar: Alles Folgen, weil EU, Deutsche und vor allem US Politiker zu lange mit prominenten Verbrechern zusammenarbeiteten, Berufs Kriminelle Lobbyisten damit Geld verdienten und Verbrecher Strukturen nun erneut zementiert sind. Im Verbrecher Staat des Salih Berisha, kann Nichts mehr verwundern und über die kriminell agierende Tochter Argita Berisha und Lulzim Basha, wird auch inzwischen immer mehr geoutet. Alles erinnert an 1997, als die Salih Berisha Bande mit Tritan Shehu, in der Deutschen Botschaft vorstellig wurde und 600 Millionen DM verlangte, wegen dem Pyramid Gesellschaften um einen Volksaufstand zu vermeiden. Kurz darauf gab Salih Berisha verbrecherische Befehle, die Militärlager zu plündern und um das zu vertuschen, wurde das Militär nach Hause geschickt, wie die Polizei aufgelöst um im Chaos mit hoch kriminellen Freunden und Terroristen aus dem Kosovo Albanien in Ruhe plündern zu können.

 Natürlich gibt es mehr Mafia Minister in der Regierung Sailh Berisha, der mit allen wichtigen Verbrecher Kartellen auch des Kosovo eng verbunden ist. Bekannt wurde 2010, u.a. auch Ministerin Majlinda Bregu, Fatmir Mediu, Ferdinand Xhafferie (u.a. Partner des Verbrechers Xhavit Halili rund um die Todeschwadronen), und der Chef der Skrapari Bande LSI Partei: Ilir Meta! Rund um den Mafia Zirkel der aktuellen Vize Präsidentin der PD Partei: Albana Vokhsi, mit ihrem Lebensgefährten den Mafia Boss: Artan Tartar, was sogar in den geheimen NATO Repors erwähnt ist.

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Sokol Olldashi – 2005 Innenminister, 2007 Transport Minister:: finanziert von der Top Drogen Mafia in SHIAK

Rechts Ridvan Bode, von der Korce Drogen Mafia mit Sitz in SHIAK finanziert seit 1993, wo er zuerst einmal Zoll Direktor im Hafen Durres (um die Drogen Exporte zu garantieren ab 1994, 1996 Finanzminister bis 1997: Ab Ende 2005 erneut Finanzminister) wurde und komplett mit der Gjoka Mafia, den kompletten Drogen Umschlag- Verteiler in SHIAK, Fähren in Richtung Italien und damals auch VEFA Fähre nach Patros, kontrollierte.  siehe Balkanforum

Bevor: Fatos Nano (Ilir Meta Drug Allegations

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Bevor: Fatos Nano (Ilir Meta Drug Allegations

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania


Prime Minister Sali Berisha



  1. kukRexhep ARAPI, resident in Katund Sukth, nicknamed “KEPI” has a criminal record as follows:

Fatmir Mediu, mit den Dumm Dödels der US Poltiker, eine Legende. Insbesondere rund um Senator Engel

>Mediu Goes to Washington with “the Christian Mafia”

 Fatmir Mediu Goes To Washington

Written by Penn Bullock

construction firms, around Skhelzen Berisha and others guards!

Wie in Deutschland, oder siehe Hochtief, Strabag mit Tremi am Flugpaltz, sind Baufirmen der Motor der Regierungs Bestechung: Auch in Deutschland, sitzen Politiker, in den Betrugsbanken, oder Bestechungsfirmen.
Die Firman “Gener 2” dhe “Victoria Invest”, sind wie so üblich Strohfirmen, welche von ehemaligen Leibwächtern geleitet werden,wie oft der Drogen- Waffen- Frauenhandel ebenso. Zur Tarnung wohnt dann ein Salih Berisha, im Pallast des Bashkim Ulaj, der nun über getürkte Baulizenzen, natürlich Bauaufträge ebenso erhält! Alles normal in Albanien und der Autor Tedi Blushi, gehört zur Elite der Albanischen Journalisten.

Albania -News – Albanien –







Die Peinlichkeiten der US – EU Botschafter in Albanien, die nur viel dummes Zeug daher reden ! ohne Resultate


Das Ansehen der auslaendischen Botschafter ist inzwischen gleich Null in Albanien, weil man Tatenlos zusieht, wie das Land durch Null Institutionen, in eine reine traditionelle Landraub Orgie verfaellt, wo sich jeder Land nimmt, wo er will und oft mit militanter Gewalt. Fast taegliche Schiessereien in Albanien und fast 10.000 Tode inzwischen sind die Folge und das Ausland sieht zu, wie militante Politiker Banden, auch teure Urbanistik Plaene der Weltbank, aus Italien und Deutschland finanziert praktisch als nicht exististent behandelt, wie die Anrechte der Alt Anwohner. in Sued Albanien sind 82% der Kuesten Grundstuecke so in Mafia Hand gekommen und das Geschaeft, wird in einem Amok Zug weiter fortgesetzt, oft durch die gut bekannten Tropoje Polizei Banden, des Salih Berisha, welche bereits die kompletten Innenstaedte von Tirana und Durres vor 15 Jahren verwuesteten.

Man koennte hier nur den OSCE Botschafter Eugen Wohlfahrt als Ausnahme bezeichnen, und zum Nachplabber Trupp gehoert die Deutsche Botschafterin Carola Müller -Holtkemper, ist nicht einmal in der Lage, das jemand in der Botschaft waehrend der Geschaeftszeit anwesend ist und hat Null Kontakte zu den 3 Alt- Investoren, welche Arbeitsplaetze geschaffen haben. Man macht halt munter weiter, wenn mit hohen Millionen Aufwand, unkontrolliert KfW Gelder in die Wasser Projekte des Landes gesteckt werden und so auch Sarande vollkommen zerstoert wurde, durch die beruechtigte Gjoka Mafia, des Salih Berisha.

Hier schwafelt der US Staatssekretaer Tom Countryman, den selben Unfug, wie vor 2 Jahren in einer Art Schallplatten Wiederholung. Besonders beliebt, sind das leere Geschwafel, bei dem Nonsens US Botschafter Alexander Arivzu und bei der Deutsche Botschafterin Carola Müller -Holtkemper. Die kassieren viel Geld, mit einer Arbeitsleistung von 16-jaehrigen Hauptschuelern.

Eugen Wollfahrt, der neue Chef der OSCE — Frühstücks Ei und Spaß Veranstaltung, aus Jucks für die Prominenz: dachschadender Albaner Mafia!dachschaden

Deutsche Mafia Diplomaten im Balkan: Sabine Bloch, Herbert Schenck, Thomas Weck , Michael Dumke und Nertila Dumke
Interview with Bardha Azari of Voice of America Albanian Service
Tom Countryman
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
Washington, DC
May 25, 2011

VOA Albania: Mr. Countryman, Albania just went through local elections on May 8th, however the results of these elections have raised disputes between the majority and the opposition on whether the ballots dropped in the wrong color boxes should be counted as valid. What is your opinion on the issue?

DAS Countryman: Let me talk about the elections first on the positive side.

The fact that Albanians turned out at such a high participation rate shows how deeply they care about their country and about the future of democracy in their country and I want to salute the citizens of Albania not only for high participation, but for going through the voting process peacefully. I also want to salute the members of non-governmental organizations who deployed more than a thousand non-partisan monitors throughout Albania. I think these are extremely positive in demonstrating in Europe and the United States that Albanians desire clean and competitive democracy. So I think this by itself is a great victory for the people.

I think it was the most clean and fair elections that Albanians have had in their history. Not to minimize the problems that were there and that remain, but I see very many positive signs in how the elections were conducted.

Secondly, I think there is something for each party to conclude about the election. Both of the major parties, the democrats and the socialists, did better in some areas than they expected and worse in other areas than they expected. It leads me to conclude that the Albanian political life is balanced between two strong forces. That creates an extra obligation on the part of both of those parties to find ways to work together in a civilized political manner whether it is in the town halls across the country or in the national parliament or in the preparation of the next national election.

I think it’s what the people of Albania demand and what the United States and the European Union and the OSCE also expect.

On the specific question you asked, the question of counting the miscast ballots was not well handled. We’ve said throughout the process that the rules must be clear and that they must be applied in a transparent and fair manner.

The rules about counting the miscast ballots were made only after election day. The legal basis for making this decision is not clear to us. I understand the argument put forward by the Central Election Commission, but this is an argument that could have been made and should have been made prior to the elections, and on the basis of a consensus among all the parties. The way it was handled here has unnecessarily put a shadow on what was otherwise a very positive process.

Please note I’m not saying the decision is illegal, I’m saying that the legal basis is not clear to us and it appears that it is not consistent with the past practices of election commissions.

Now the way forward is to resolve this issue according to the constitutional institutions that Albania has established. And this means first, appeals in the Central Election Commission and then appeals to the Electoral College. Those appeals must be allowed to proceed independently, and both parties must pledge, must promise that they will respect the final decisions of the Electoral College.

VOA Albania: Mr. Countryman, when you say that both the EU and the United States of America have called on both parties to dialogue and reach a consensus on what will happen with the miscast ballots, while in the meantime we’re waiting for the appeals to be filed and the decision from the Electoral College. So are we expecting here a legal conclusion of the whole issue? Or a political conclusion?

DAS Countryman: That’s a good question. When we say consensual decisions, speaking for the U.S. now, what we should have seen is a decision within the Central Election Commission before the election was held on what to do on this issue of miscast ballots which has been an issue in previous elections. That’s where the consensual decision should have been taken.

At this point we have a certification of an interim result by the Central Election Commission that was not taken on the basis of consensus. Therefore it is now a legal issue for the Electoral College to decide, and we expect the members of the Electoral College to make a decision on the basis of the law without pressure from any party. That’s the legal obligation and that’s how the issue of the next Mayor of Tirana should be settled.

But politically we expect of both parties to avoid making threats about demonstrations or violence if they don’t like the result. We expect each of them to say politically that they will respect the decision of the Electoral College. And we expect them to show a greater cooperation and more commitment to democratic processes at all levels, whether it is the smallest town in Albania or in the capital city or in the national parliament. That’s the distinction I would make between legal and political. The parties must create the political atmosphere in which the Electoral College can make a clear legal decision.

VOA Albania: In the previous parliamentary elections we had the socialist opposition underscoring the importance of every vote being counted while now the opposite is happening. What would you have to say about that?

DAS Countryman: The principal of having every vote counted is important. The more important issue is the fairness and consistency of the rules that are applied here. It is of great regret to us that there was not more agreement between the two major parties about the procedures for this election. This question could have, should have been settled in advance before the counting process started.

VOA Albania: In a situation like this the counting has started and there is a lack of guidance in the law, in the electoral code, if you will. Should the Central Election Commission make an interpretation of the law if they don’t have a clear specification there? Or should it abide by the precedent in this case?

DAS Countryman: That’s a hard question and I think it needs to go to the Electoral College to answer. Again, if there had been a greater spirit of consensus from the two parties they could have reached an agreement on procedure before the election or even before the voting, the counting process started.

What else they should have done in a situation where they did not have consensus, I’m going to leave that to the Electoral College. I’ll again just express our disappointment that this particular decision was not made with consensus, does not have a perfectly clear legal basis, and we’re not certain that it has been consistently applied. But those are decisions on which the Electoral College needs to make a final ruling.

VOA Albania: The socialist party candidate, Edi Rama, has said that he will not recognize results that will not show him a winner by ten votes, while his democratic party arrival, Lulzim Basha has noted that the will wait until the whole legal process of the election results is over. Do you have a message for these two candidates?

DAS Countryman: First I congratulate both of them. Clearly each of them did a good job of motivating their supporters to come to the polls. The fact that the election is so very close between the two, each of them should take as a compliment. And I do sincerely congratulate them.

I have to say at the same time, however, that it is not responsible to state in advance that the results will be rejected if a candidate doesn’t like the results. That is the opposite of what the constitutional system requires.

The European Union, OSCE and the U.S. have done everything we possibly can to make this election fair and transparent. We didn’t do the work, the people of Albania did it. It is absolutely necessary that that same insistence on fairness and transparency goes to the very end of the process. That’s why threats not to recognize the results, threats to use demonstrations or violence if the legal result is not what is expected, are unacceptable in a democracy.

I think that years from now people in Albania or in Brussels or in Washington may not remember who the two candidates were. What they will remember is whether the people and the state of Albania solved a difficult issue in a close election, whether they solved that issue with violence and demonstrations or they solved it with dignity by respecting the legal process. And what we expect of a NATO member and a country that hopes to join the EU is to rely on the dignified option on appealing to the legal process that is in place.

VOA Albania: A very last question, Mr. Countryman, will this tense situation created by these elections have an impact on Albania’s aspiration for membership in the European Union?

DAS Countryman: I’ll go back to my previous answer. It depends upon how they solve it. As I said, overall, this was a very positive election. Yes, the election in Tirana was close and controversial, but remember how many hundreds of mayors and thousands of candidates were elected across the country in a transparent way, without the kinds of disputes that we’ve seen at the local level in the past.

To sustain that positive image of these elections it’s absolutely necessary that both parties and the people of Albania insist that this is solved according to legal mechanisms, solved with dignity, not with violence. That will determine whether this will be a positive or a negative episode for Albania in its aspiration to join the European Union.

VOA Albania: Mr. Countryman, thank you very much for the interview. Thank you for your time.

DAS Countryman: Thank you, and please again pass my congratulations to all the people of Albania for what I think is a genuine demonstration of democratic spirit.

VOA Albania: By all means. Thank you very much.

US Botschafter in Tirana: Alexander Arvizu

Gary Kokollari, seit 20 Jahren, als einer der wenigen US-Albaner bekannt, weil er auch hohe Jobs in US Firmen hatte, ebenso für seine Analysen, auch gegen die Fatos Nano Mafia rund um Agron Duka, Lefter Koca und co., stellt in einem veröffentlichten Brief an den US Botschafter Arivzu, ganz offen die Frage, warum der Botschafter Nichts unternimmt, gegen die kriminell operierende Verbrecher Gruppe des Salih Berisha, seiner Justiz Sabotage und erinnert an die vielen Verbrechen von früheren US-Botschafter, u.a. Josef Limprecht (als Terroristen und Mafia Partner eliminiert, Mitte Mai 2002)  mit seinem Drogen schmuggel, Todesschwadronen und als Vertreter u.a. der Welt Betrugs Firma: New World Telekom (, welche die Albanische Telekom damals übernehmen sollte mit leeren Versprechungen.  Ebenso wird er auf die Article im Magazin “Rollingstone” angesprochen.“The stoner arm dealer”, was nur eine Zusammenfassung, einer US Kongress Untersuchung ist, rund um Mafiöse Geschäfte des Fatmir Mediu und der Salih Berisha Gruppe, was viele Tode in Albanien und in Afghanistan zur Folge hatte.
Eduard Kukan: Albanien hat seine Chance vertan – und die Idioten Mafia Truppe des Pyschopaten Salih Berisha
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Eduard Kukan: Albanien hat seine Chance vertan – und die Idioten Mafia Truppe des Pyschopaten Salih Berisha

US Botschaft in Tirana: “Die Politiker arbeiten nicht für das Volk”

Albanien im Chaos, der kriminellen Politik Clans

EP: Albania lost its chance
25/05/2011 19:40

EP: Albania lost its chance
After the European Commission, the European Parliament has also reached that conclusion that May 8th local elections were a lost chance for Albania.
Eduard Kukan
The head of the Delegation for Balkan, Eduard Kukan, declared that Albania is experiencing a political stalemate and recent elections did not help overcoming it.

Die Peinlichkeit des Wolfgang Grossruck in Tirana!

Sonder Modell eines Österreichischen Idioten: Wolfgang Grossruck 

PM Berisha meets Wolfgang Grossruck, Vice-President of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

          Mr. Grossruck thanked for the warm hospitality and congratulated PM Berisha for the victory of the Democratic Party and “Alliance for the Citizen” ruling coalition at May 8 local polls and especially for Lulëzim Basha winning Tirana mayoral race and said that elections were a big moment for democracy in Albania.


Prime Minister Sali Berisha received today Mr. Wolfgang Grossruck, Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.


After he gave a warm welcome, PM Berisha thanked Mr. Grossruck for his constant interest in Albania and the Albanian people; the contribution he has made for strengthening the bilateral relations between Austria and Albania; the promotion of Albania image in Austria and Europe and for arousing the interest of Austrian investors and public in our country.


Mr. Grossruck thanked for the warm hospitality and congratulated PM Berisha for the victory of the Democratic Party and “Alliance for the Citizen” ruling coalition at May 8 local polls and especially for Lulëzim Basha winning Tirana mayoral race and said that elections were a big moment for democracy in Albania.


Further on, Mr. Grossruck and the delegation accompanying him- it was composed by a number of professionals, intellectuals of different fields and representatives of the Austrian business- appreciated highly the extraordinary achievements of the government of Albania reforms during this period and took an interest in the numerous opportunities Albania offers for the foreign business and investments.


PM Berisha acquainted the Austrian friends with the great potentials Albania offers in fields like tourism, electricity production, water resources, building of necessary infrastructure and the most favorable environment that the government of Albania has created during this period for the business and investments like the online registration through the One Stop Shop system, e-taxes, e-customs, and e-procurements.


During the meeting the interlocutors also highlighted the great cooperation between Albania and Austria and the governments of the two countries in many fields. And they also appreciated the fact that the Austrian investments take the third place of the foreign investments in Albania, in important sectors like banking and Hotel and Tourism Management.


15 “vizitat turistike” të Grossruck, në ditët kur SALIU merr vendime ekonomike

Nga Kledian Lula

Vetëm 24 orë pas deklaratës që kryeministri Sali Berisha bëri me bujë të madhe në mbledhjen e qeverisë, duke e vetë-shpallur Shqipërinë si “Miss turizmi në planet”, zbriti në Rinas “turisti” i parë. Quhet Volfgang Grossruck. Edhe pse në Rinas e në “inventarin” e Ministrisë së Turizmit është shënuar si numër “turisti” i futur në Shqipërinë “moderne turistike”, në fakt ka ardhur si “turist politik e propagandistik”, i ftuar enkas për këtë lloj “turizmi” nga qeveria “Berisha”. Ditën që erdhi Grossruck, madje vetëm 1 orë më parë, kishte përfunduar mbledhja e qeverisë “SALI” për privatizimin e aseteve të ndërmarrjeve, qendrave e objekteve sociale, ushtarake dhe ekonomike shtetërore. Madje Grossruck, kishte marrë me vete edhe një “ushtri turistike me biznesmenë” austriakë (siç i prezantoi), të cilët nuk besoj se duhet të kenë ardhur për detin dhe malet shqiptare, por siç e thanë, për listën e ndërmarrjeve që SALIU i ka nxjerrë me urgjencë në privatizim, tamam si të ishte plaçkë e vjedhur. Po kujtojmë 15 vizitat që ka bërë në Shqipëri, miku i kryeministrit SALI, deputeti austriak dhe Zv/Presidenti i Asamblesë Parlamentare të OSBE, Volfgang Grossruck.

1. Nëntor 2005: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, një ditë pasi qeveria vendosi privatizimin e ALB-TELECOM. Del në krahë të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike për sukseset e qeverisë dhe fitoren e luftës kundër korrupsionit.

2. Janar 2006: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, një ditë përpara se qeveria të vendoste privatizimin-koncensionar të Shërbimit të Transportit Rrugor (Targa-patenta, kolaudime makinash). Del në krahë të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike për sukseset e qeverisë, reformat efiçente, lirinë e medias dhe demokracinë e konsoliduar.

3. Maj 2006: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, 3 ditë pasi qeveria vendosi dhënien me koncension të industrisë së kromit dhe bakrit. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike për sukseset e qeverisë në privatizimin e ekonomisë, integrimin e shpejt në BE dhe fitoren e luftës kundër korrupsionit.

4. Tetor 2006: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që qeveria vendosi hapjen e tenderit ndërkombëtar për ndërtimin e Hidrocentralit të Skavicës. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë për suksesin në luftën kundër varfërisë, korrupsionit dhe përmbushjen me sukses prej qeverisë, të rekomandimeve të OSBE ODIHR dhe pikave të paketës së parë të Marrëveshjes së Stabilizim-Asociimit

5.  Shkurt 2007: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, vetëm 5 ditë përpara zgjedhjeve lokale dhe 22 ditë përpara mbledhjes së qeverisë për dhënien e lejeve për ndërtim fshatrash turistikë në bregdet. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë publike për organizim zgjedhjesh me standarde dhe për gabimet e opozitës në këtë proces.

6. Tetor 2007: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck me investitorë austriakë, bullgarë e rumunë, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, 10 muaj përpara përpara mbledhjes së qeverisë për koncensionet e hidrocentraleve. Del në krahë të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike për stabiliteitn ekonomik e politik në Shqipëri dhe arritjet e larta në konsolidimin e demokracisë.

7. Nëntor 2007: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që do bëhej mbledhja e qeverisë për shtimin e fondit për tenderin e rrugës Rrëshen-Kalimash. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike pozitive për rrugën e kombit dhe investimet e suksesshme të qeverisë, garanton liberalizimin e vizave brenda qershorit 2008.

8. Janar 2008: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që do bëhej mbledhja e qeverisë për ndërtimin e TEC-it të Durrësit dhe shpalljen e fituesit për prodhimin e Kartave të Identitetit dhe Pasaportave Biometrike, fiton mes akuzash për “pazare” firma “SAGEM”, gjen në zyrë dhe Damir Fazllic. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike pozitive për mbështetjen e OSBE-BE për suksesin e reformave ekonomike të kryeministrit SALI dhe për vendimin e KE, për liberalizimin e vizave në shtator 2008. Kritikon ashpër opozitën në emër të OSBE-BE.

9. Mars 2008: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, 15 ditë pas tragjedisë së Gërdecit. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë për mbështetjen që i jep BE dhe OSBE qeverisë dhe kryeministrit, për vendosjen e drejtësisë dhe luftën kundër korrupsionit e krimit të organizuar.

10.  Nëntor 2008: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që qeveria miratonte ligjin për privatizimet publike dhe buxhetin 2009. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë publike për mbështetjen ndaj qeverisë për buxhetin OSBE, BE, FMN e Banka Botërore, si mundësi garantimi për liberalizmin e vizave në qershor 2009.

11.  Mars 2009: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, flet për “organizimin e përsosur të zgjedhjeve parlamentare”. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bënë deklaratë publike pozitive për zhvillimin e turizmit, lirinë e medias, luftën kundër korrupsionit dhe krimit të organizuar.

12.  Qershor 2009: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që Ministria e Ekonomisë zbatonte vendimin e qeverisë për dhënien e 220 koncensioneve të hidrocentraleve dhe për import-eksportin e energjisë elektrike me Greqinë, Malin e Zi dhe Serbinë. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë publike pozitive për zgjedhjet, për zhvillimin e turizmit, lirinë e medias, luftën kundër korrupsionit dhe krimit të organizuar.

13.  Shtator 2010. Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që do bëhej mbledhja e qeverisë për miratimin e ndërtimit të parlamentit të ri shqiptar. Del në krah të Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë publike pozitive për zhvillimin e turizmit, lirinë e medias, luftën kundër korrupsionit dhe krimit të organizuar.

14.  Janar 2011. Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, 5 ditë pas krimit shtetëror të 21 Janarit. Del në emër të OSBE e BE në krahë të policisë shqiptare e Sali Berishës, bën deklaratë publike pozitive për sigurinë publike në vend, për statusin si vend kandidat në BE të Shqipërisë, për pafajësinë e qeverisë në vrasjen e 4 protestuesve dhe për destruktivitetin e opozitës që pengon integrimin.

15.  Maj 2011: Vjen në Tiranë Volfgang Grossruck, takohet me kryeministrin SALI, ditën që u bë mbledhja e qeverisë për privatizimet masive dhe 1 ditë përpara gjyqit në Kolegjin Zgjedhor për votimet e 8 Majit. Del në krahë të Sali Berishës, uron kandidatin e PD Lulëzim Basha për “fitoren” dhe në kundërshtim me KE, OSBE e BE, i quan zgjedhjet e 8 Majit “të shkëlqyera”.

Und dann die Peinlichkeiten rund um das Verbrecher Kartell, des Salih Berisha, seiner Tochter Argita Berisha, Lulzim Basha und dem Balkan Mafia Boss: Damir Fazllic, mit seiner Energie Firma RUNDAP, einer Energie Handelsfirma, welche etliche Regierungen im Balkan finanziert. Hinzu kommen die System Betruegereien rund um Treibstoff Schmuggel, Betrug aller Art im Energie Geschaeft, wo die Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt.

Ein neuer Artikel, rund um den Albanischen Energie Versorger CEZ und Rundap!


KESH rrit rezervat për sezonin veror

(Dërguar më: 28/05/11) Genc Kondi

Korporata Elektroenergjetike Shqiptare i ka dalë përpara sezonit të verës, që vazhdimisht ka qenë i thatë, duke rritur rezervat e saj hidrike. Për të bërë të mundur një gjë të tillë, sipas njoftimeve zyrtare nga KESH-i, është pakësuar përdorimi i ujit të kaskadës së Drinit, duke siguruar një blerje të energjisë në import. Një gjë të tillë, KESH-i tani e ka më të lehtë ta bëjë, pas rezultateve shumë të mira financiare të vitit të kaluar, kur fitimet e realizuara shlyen një pjesë të madhe të borxheve, të marra në vite. Vlera totale e energjisë së blerë në të dyja procedurat e kryera gjatë muajit prill arriti në 3.352.182 euro. Konkretisht, theksojnë specialistët e Korporatës, në procedurën e parë të blerjes/importit të energjisë elektrike për periudhën 1 prill-30 prill 2011 u ble energji elektrike nga “GEN-I Tirana sh.p.k.” në sasinë prej 36 milionë kilovatorësh. Ndërsa në procedurën e dytë të zhvilluar për blerje energji elektrike për periudhën 8 prill-30 prill 2011, u ble energji elektrike nga “Rudnap a.d.” në sasinë 2.64 milionë kilovatorë, “GSA sh.p.k.”, në sasinë 4.22 milionë kilovatorë; “GEN-I Tirana sh.p.k.”, në sasinë 3.69 milionë kilovatorë dhe “CEZ Trade Albania sh.p.k.”, në sasinë 15.84 milionë kilovatorë. Ndërkohë, siguria e furnizimit të mëtejshëm është garantuar dhe do të garantohet edhe nga finalizimi i suksesshëm i projekteve të rehabilitimit të hidrocentraleve në kaskadën e lumit Drin dhe kaskadën e lumit Mat, duke vijuar me rehabilitimin e hidrocentralit të Komanit, dhe që do të vazhdojë me implementimin e projektit madhor të sigurisë së digave në të gjitha hidrocentralet e kaskadës së lumit Drin dhe kaskadës së lumit Mat. Ndërkaq, po punohet intensivisht në objektin fundor të Kaskadës së Drinit, HEC-n Ashtë, ku tashmë vijon procedura e montimit të një numri të madh gjeneratorësh. Hidrocentrali të punojë me anën e 90 turbinave të vogla, të cilat mundësojnë një shfrytëzim veçanërisht efikas të ujit. Nga viti 2012, në Ashtë do të prodhohen 240 milionë kilovatorë energji elektrike.

eben der weitläufigen Verwandtschaft von Salih Berisha, mit Lulzim Basha zu Damir Fazllic, läuft das Geschäft so.

Der Albanische Staat, expoirtiert udn importiert Strom über die Damir Fazllic Firma “Rudnap” in den Balkan.

Eine Geld Quelle ohne Ende.

ALBANIAN PRESS: “Bosnian trafficant linked with Tirana`s Klan and “Gerdeci Blast”

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“Shekulli” Photo News: Tom Ridge togather with Damir Fazlic during agreement with Berisha in his office. (clic elargement Shekulli)

The Independent Newspapers of Albania “SHEKULLI“, “TEMA“, “ALBANIA”, “GAZETA SHQIPTARE“, KORRIERI” ecct have inquiring the “black link” of the Bosnian traficant Damir Fazlic as the head of Albanian mafia installed inside of the Berisha Government, including Foreign Minister Lulezim Basha and the daughter of PM Berisha Argita Maltezi. Every think exploded after the arrest of Damir Fazlic in Sarajevo last day.

The implication of Damir Fazlic since the politic elections of 2005 when Fazlic where political consulent of Sali Berisha wined the elections representing the american company BG&R.

The business of Fazlic in Albania including 5 companies the most important where “AC European Finance”, “Capital Investment Management Corporation”, “ALPHA”, all in collaboration with “Legal Maltezi Studio” the daughter of PM Sali Berisha Argita Maltezi and the Foreign Minister Lulezim Basha.

Damir Falzic according to Albanian press where also impliced with “Gerdeci Blast” as colaborator of Company “ALBA DEMIL” when the president Mihal Delihorgji is under arrest as responsible of the “Gerdeci Blast”. Falzic was also important consulent for the national investment of Albania, the High Way Reshen Kalimash (links Albania with Kosovo) a question that accuses for corruption the FM Lulezim Basha.

But the most important implication of Damir Fazlic not only for the Klan of Prime Minister Sali Berisha is the his represent as “right brunch” of very known Former Director of “Home Land Security” Tom Ridge during a meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha in his office, transmitted by the albanian TV media last year.

Ridge’s work on behalf of Albania was well-documented, starting on Dec. 31, 2006, when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Ridge “landed an unusual first client in the prime minister of Albania” for his new consulting firm.

The New York Times reported on June 9, 2007, when President Bush visited Albania that Ridge worked “on a range of issues, including the implementation of a national identity card” for the country.

The very known albanian analyst Mero Baze the Editor of Newspaper “TEMA” often has expresed his opinion about Gerdeci Blast with Berisha Klan and the trafficant Damir Fazlic as lobbyist and important consulent.


Anscheinend wurde bei der Auszaehlung der Wahlstimmen viel manipuliert!

Diesen Eintrag drucken






EU-Bank finanziert die Verbrecher Kartelle in Albanien


Die EU Kommission, stellt aktuell fest, das die Politische Klasse keine Verantwortung und Reife bei den Wahlen gezeigt hat, was nicht ueberrascht, weil wir laenger ueber die Verbrecher Kaste der Politik berichten.


25 May 2011 / 08:53

EU Concern Over Albania’s Stray Ballots Result

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele on Tuesday expressed doubts over the legality of the results in the race for Tirana mayor.

Aber wo bleiben die Sanktionen, wie sofortige Einreise Verbote, fuer komplette Politiker Mafia Familien? Diese primitiven Verbrecher, werden auch in Zukunft praechtig an den Krediten der Weltbank und EU verdienen, solange man auch fuer den eigenen Drogen Handel etc., die komplette Justiz ausschalten und kontrollieren kann.

 Die komplette Zerstoerung der Albanischen Gesellschaft und des Tourismus, wird durch Milliarden schwere Kredite der EBRD, Weltkredite finanziert, denn Auflagen gibt es nicht. Und die Albaner machen was sie wollen, was ja akutell vorgefuehrt wird, in einem Nonsens Staat, wo max. Teile der Polizei funktionieren und man erneut die Raubzuege, krimineller Banden finanziert. letztes Jahr, warnte sogar der Albanische Geheimdienst vor einem Jahr, vor den Zustaenden.Null Resultat Missionen, wie die EU Justiz Mission EURALIUS, was eine neue korrupte und kriminelle Kaste von Richtern und Staatsanwaeltechen schuf, wo nun Moerder und Gross Drogen Schmuggler sich freikaufen koennen, sind nur Beispiele. Die Geheimdienst Reports

 Die “Penner” Truppe der EU ignoriert alle Probleme auf dem Balkan

Joint statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Füle on AlbaniaJoint statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Füle on Albania

25/05/2011 ”[…]We take note of yesterday’s publication by the CEC of results of the mayoral election in Tirana. However we also note that the legal soundness of the decision of the CEC to count the so-called misplaced ballots is a matter of concern. The country’s interest and the continuation of European integration should prevail ahead of party interests. The political leaders should live up to the European and democratic aspirations of the Albanian citizens”, stated High Representative/Vice President Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Füle on 24 May.

Commission President Barroso and Commissioner Füle start the second leg of the regional visitCommission President Barroso and Commissioner Füle start the second leg of the regional visit

19/05/2011 Commission President Barroso and Commissioner Füle start the second leg of their regional visit to the Western Balkans on 19 May. During the visit they will meet with the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99, as well as civil society representatives to stress the Commission’s support to their European perspective and to encourage further necessary reforms. President Barroso has decided to postpone his visit to Albania until the political situation has normalised. “The countries of South Eastern Europe belong in the European Union. Enlargement remains a powerful tool for deepening democracy, the rule of law, security and prosperity in Europe”, said President Barroso prior to the visit. “But it is the leaders and people of the region who hold the key to the pace and the timing of their own European future. I will therefore encourage our partners to speed up their reforms and tackle the outstanding challenges and conditions with renewed vigour.”

Hier erzaehlt aktuell der durchgeknallte Pyschopat Salih Berisha, etwas von landwirtschaftlichen Bauprojekten. Alles ist eine Luege, denn er hat die Baupolizei ausgeschaltet, die Gerichte in Folge, wie die Staatsanwaltschaft lahm gelegt in Folge und verwuestet mit seinem kriminellen Horden der Politik, das komplette Land, was man in Sarande, Durres, Velipoje, Pogradec, Orikum besonders gut sehen kann. Jeder betoniert wild herum und vernichtet ganze Waelder an denn Sees und an der Kueste. Sein Schwiegersohn Jamarber Malltezi, war sogar Weltbank Koordinator fuer den Coastal Management Plan, und trotzdem vernichtet diese kriminelle Familie mit der Tochter Argita, dem Sohn Shkelzen und dem Berufsbetrueger Lulzim Basha Albanien, indem Baupolizei ausgeschaltet wurde und man selbst eigene Villen Projekte inzeniert, wie das “Laze Projekt” auf 100 Hektar. » Propaganda Medium “BIRN” macht sich zum …

Wie jeder an den TV Aufnahmen und Fotos erkennt, handelt es sich nicht um eine Ansiedlung, sondern um klare und illegale Hotel Bauten, welche sogar noch im Rohbau waren. So werden einfach Medien … Herr Jamarber Malltezi ist Schwiegersohn von dem PM Salih Berisha, der in einem Meer von gefälschten Grundstücks Urkunden die neuen Küsten Master Pläne der Weltbank und Albanischen Regierung koordiniert und ist der Albanischen Mafia ganz einfach im Wege. … weiter lesen

Der Mafia Boss: Vangjnush Dako im Wahlkampf in Durres

EBRD finanziert mit Milliarden, die Infrastruktur einer rein kriminellen Politikerkaste, welche strohdumm ist und im Bereich von korrupten Idioten anzusiedeln ist, welche die Bevoelkerung in einem Recht losen Staate, terrorisiert. Die Deutsche KfW, spielt eine wichtige Rolle, bei der Zerstoerung Albanien und das nun im Jahre 10! Besonders sind hier die Wasser Rohr Finanzierungen zu sehen, Abwasser Systeme welche eine wilde Ansiedlung der Albaner Mafia zur Folge hat, welche sich mit gefaelschten Papieren ueberall Land aneignet und zu betoniert. siehe auch Berlinwasser und die Finanzierung u.a. der Mafia in Kavaje.

Viele solche Schilder sind in Albanien zu finden, das die EU – Bank gezielt illegale Mafia Ansiedlungen finanziert, wo kein Gesetz gilt und nur die Politker Mafia Baufirmen damit Geld verdienen.

European Investment Bank: Exchange of views with Philippe MAYSTADT, EIB President

Das sogenannte Kavaje Projekt war eines der teuersten Projekte der GTZ – BMZ und Botschaft in Albanien und der damalige Botschafter Peter Kiwiett wurden massiv darauf hingewiesen in 2000, das dieses Projekte einzustellen sei, weil man nur die Mafia finanziert. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit über Jahre mit der Albanischen Mafia, welche ähnlich wie später die Kosovo Institutionen unterwandert hatten, war dieses Projekt mit den falschen Leuten immer zum Scheitern verurteilt.

Aber die Kriminellen aus der Rodeco Consult, GTZ und von Berlinwasser waren damals nicht zu stoppen, denn es gab einfach zuviel Geld zu unterschlagen für die SPD Politiker und Viele profitierten davon.

Praktisch erfolgte eine Umlenkung der Aufbau Geld mit Hilfe der Albanischen Mafia direkt als Teilhaber in die SPD Kasse und auf die Privat Konten von Pseudo Beratern, was man auch sehr gute neben dem Kavaje Projekt beim Korce Projekt der Cooperations Partner GTZ – Albanische Mafia sieht.

Deutschland, macht mit der KfW in diesem Mafia Sumpf weiter, wie Projekte in Sarande, Pogradec aufzeigen, wo keine Gesetze gelten u.a. mit der hier aufgefuehrten Gjoka Super Mafia, welche gerade in Sarande abgewaehlt wurde.

Gjoka Super Markt: uralte Drogen Gross Verteil (15 Jahre alt) Stelle in SHIAK um die Familie Dashamir Gjoka, welche auch die komplette Polizei und den Zoll viele Jahre finanzierte durch Unter Capos, wie Hekuran Hoxha usw.Spezialisiert auf die Finanzierung von Politikern, wie aktuell u.a. Sokol Olldashi, Ridvan Bode, rund um die Verbrecher wie Agim Hoxha, Vangjush Dako, “Ben” Hasani (Hasanbeliu) einer kriminellen Legende, welche viele Jahre u.a. Mailand kontrollierte.

Mafia Firmen Zentrale Durres: Thepsi, Teuta, Advocats Mafia

Bashkim Ulaj
Rruga e Arbrit, fituesi i paracaktuar
salih Berisha roja
Bashkim Ulaj (rechts)
(Dërguar më: 11/04/11) Tedi Blushi

Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Rrugëve ka zhvilluar në datën 8 prill dy tendera. I pari ka qenë ai për ndërtimin e ‘Rrugës së Arbrit’ (segmenti Ura e Brarit – Hyrje tuneli Qafë Murrizë), me fond limit të përcaktuar, vlerën prej 1.945.051.750 lekësh. Ndërsa tenderi i dytë ka pasur për objekt prokurimi sistemim-asfaltimin e rrugës Librazhd-Qafë Stude (loti 3). Fondi limit i përcaktuar ka qenë 1.894.399.110 lekë. Për të mundësuar që të dy këto tendera të fitohen me vlerën e tyre të plotë, nga ana e DPRR-së është vendosur një kriter diskriminues, që aktualisht e plotësojnë vetëm dy firma. Bëhet fjalë për kompanitë “Gener 2” dhe “Victoria Invest”, të cilat dyshohet se janë paracaktuar si fituese.


Die Gjoka Mafia, spielt eine Grund Rolle, bei der Geldwäsche, Drogen Exporte (über 10 Tonnen Heroin über den Supermarkt in SHIAK bei Durres) Geldwäsche ohne Ende und Baufirmen Nonsens Projekte rund um Grundstücks Diebstahl, Urkunden Fälschungen und illegalen Bauen in Miliarden Höhe.  Da alle Stimm Boxen ausgezählt wurden in Sarande am 9. Mai, wurde Edmond Gjoka sehr deutlich in Sarande als Bürgermeister abgewählt. Er hinterlässt, eine stinkende Stadt, Tausende von illegalen Bauten, verseuchte Strände und Lokale, die von Hgyiene und Essen Null Kultur und Ahnung haben, aber illegal gebaut wurden im Raum Sarande. Paranoide Idioten halt, wie der Tourismus zerstört wurde.

Presidenti Topi takon Kryetarin e Bashkisë së qytetit të Sarandës, Edmond Gjoka..

Mafia Report in Albania

Date: Sunday, June 10 @ 17:27:36 UTC
Topic: Albania News


Read inside: „Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania“ , „My letter to Tom Ridge“ , „Fatmir „Watchman“ Mediu and President Bush“ – by Gary Q. KokalariH.E. Sokol Olldashi
Minister of Telecommunications and Transportation Republic of Albania
Tirana, AlbaniaZoti Olldashi:Not surprisingly, as of this date I have not received a response from you on the correspondence below and the attached report that contains various allegations against you. If this information is not true, one would think you would have an interest in clearing your name.

Gary Q. Kokalari – Political Analyst


By Gary Q. Kokalari – Exclusively for ACLIS

With respect to another matter, now that your are responsible for telecom, do you plan to take any action to bring the transparency to the interconnection agreement and Albtelecom privatization issues that were intentionally avoided by your predecessor, Lulzim Basha, and Sali Berisha? Perhaps you will have the opportunity to ask President Bush his opinion on this matter.


Gary Q. Kokalari

H. E. Sokol Olldashi
Minister of the Interior
Republic of Albania
Tirana, Albania

Zoti Olldashi,
It is my understanding that Sali Berisha and you were offended by my letter to you that alleges your affiliation with Albanian criminals. This is completely understandable. But please know that as an Albanian, I am offended by the persistent stories of crime and corruption emanating from Albania . And I am offended by politicians like Sali Berisha, a communist dictator masquerading as a democrat, who says one thing but does another. And I am also offended by politicians like Fatmir Mediu, Lulzim Basha and Fatos Nano and their unexplainable, unjustified sources of wealth.
Der “Sacra Corona Unita” Mafia Boss: Albino Prudentino (Geschäftspartner der Mafia Ministerin Familie Majlinda Bregu) wurde heute ausgeliefert
Albino Prudentino, Langzeit Partner der Albanischen Mafia und der Politiker Prominenz, auch um Lefter Koca, Ilir Meta, Fatos Nano, wurde heute ausgeliefert. In der kriminellsten Stadt von Albanien, Vlore, war absolut jeder Beamte, Politiker ein Freund und Geschäftspartner der Apulischen Mafia und das teilweise seit über 35 Jahre, denn den Zigaretten Schmuggel, gab es schon in der Enver Hoxha Zeit, mit Schnell Booten. Heute früh um 6 Uhr wurde er über den Flugplatz Rhinas ausgeflogen. Es erinnert an den verhafteten Staatssekretär Almir Rrapo des Aussenministers Ilir Meta, Chef der Skrapari Bande, der an das FBI ausgeliefert wurde vor 5 Wochen.

Almir Rrapos

Staatssekretär Almir Rrapo, verhaftet und ausgeliefert, auf der “Most wanted” Liste des FBI und natürlich enger Partner des Ministers Ilir Meta, einem der kriminellsten Gestalten in Albanien und Partner der UCK Top Mafia Terroristen. Ilir Meta, wurde unter dem dreisten Kriminellen Joschka Fischer, als “Reforme”, verkauft, obwohl sein Drogen schmuggel, allgemein damals schon bekannt war. DAW und FES Partner natürlich und damit vom Steuerzahler finanziert.

Raporti „Olldashi“ ne zyrat e CIA dhe FBI

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Pjesa e pare / Emra dhe rrethana konkrete, për lidhjet direkte me deputetin-ministër
Raporti në duart e amerikanëve: Sokol Olldashi, i implikuar rëndë me botën e krimit në Shijak
Fillimi i raportit…:Rexhep ARAPI, banor në Katund Sukth, me nofkën „KEPI“ ka një listë penale si më poshtë:Në vitin 1991 (në mars), ka vrarë në Portin e Durrësit, për shkaqe gjakmarrjeje, qytetarin A. Çyrbja, banor i fshatit Katund Sukth; është arrestuar për këtë krim në 1994 dhe është liruar për mungesë provash.Në Prill 1997, në bashkëpunim me Gëzim Aleksin, banor i Katër Rrugët e Shijakut (i arrestuar për vjedhje me armë dhe i dënuar me 12 vjet burgim, është në proces gjykimi si anëtar i Bandës së Kanunit) kanë rrëmbyer me qëllime përfitimi ortakun e biznesit, Lul Alimadhi (Firma e Këpucëve në Qendër Sukth) dhe e kanë liruar mbasi kanë marrë shpërblimin prej 150 milionë lirash italiane.Në Prill 1997, bashkë me Zamir Çyrbe nga Katundi Sukth, ka vrarë nipin e çim Xhijes (ortaku i Lul Alimadhit), i cili ishte në të njëjtën kohë truproja e Lulit; vrasja është kryer në Qendër Sukth, e pazbuluar.Nga 1998 deri në 2001, ka qenë një nga organizatorët kryesorë të trafikut të grave me qëllim prostitucioni, që vinin nga vendet e ish-Bashkimit Sovjetik; në 1999 është hetuar nga Zyra e Prokurorit të Përgjithshëm në Fier dhe gjatë kërkimit, në magazinat e tij përgjatë autostradës në Fermë Sukth, janë gjetur të strehuara dy vajza nga Moldavia. Zyra e Prokurorit të Përgjithshëm në Fier, e mbylli çështjen.

Në 2003, bashkë me bandën e tij kriminale, u përpoqën të vrisnin qytetarin Xhevdet Plaku, banor i „Lagjes 15“ në Durrës, në afërsi të vendbanimit të tij, për shkak se ky i fundit kishte vrarë vëllanë tjetër të Kepit, në Torino, për shkaqe droge. Armët e krimit janë gjetur dhe Zyra e Prokurorit të Përgjithshëm në Durrës, po e ndjek çështjen.

Ai është një nga trafikuesit kryesorë të femrave, armëve dhe drogës që kalojnë nga Shqipëria për në Itali, Gjermani dhe Holandë. Ai tashmë i ka shkatërruar magazinat përgjatë autostradës në Fermë Sukth dhe po ndërton një objekt gjigant shumëkatësh, me anë të përfitimeve nga aktivitetet e trafikimit të lartpërmendur.

Ka të dhëna në këto momente, se Interpoli Spanjoll ose Portugez, ka botuar fotografinë e tij, si person i kërkuar për trafikim ndërkombëtar droge. Ai është një nga miqtë më të ngushtë të Ministrit të Punëve të Brendshme, S. Olldashi, të cilin e takon të paktën dy herë në javë, kur darkojnë bashkë ose në shoqërinë e anëtarëve të tjerë të grupit. Ata mbahen në kontakt nëpërmjet shoferit të Olldashit, Lali, njeriu i tij më i besuar. Ky person është i rrezikshëm dhe i dëmshëm, i regjistruar në arkivat e policisë si person me tendenca të rrezikshme kriminale, si vrasje dhe trafikim droge e prostitucioni.

Klani „XHAKJA“, me vendndodhje në Katund Sukth, kanë një listë penale si më poshtë:

Në 1994, qytetari Ilir Xhakja ka qëlluar me armë në lokalin e Qerim Malokut, në fshatin Sukth, është arrestuar, por më tej është liruar. Gëzhojat e gjetura në skenën e krimit, korrespondojnë me ato të gjetura në skenën e krimit të vrasjes së qytetarëve Gentian Gjoka dhe Petrit Lyti në 1998, në fshatin Hamallaj; çuditërisht, e pazbuluar.

Në 1998, banda Xhakja (Ilir, Agim etj.) kanë vrarë në fshatin Hamallaj qytetarin Gentjan Gjoka (nip i Dash Gjoka) dhe Petrit Lyti, mik i Gentit, të dy nga Hamallaj; ngjarje e pazbuluar.

Në 1998, Ilir Xhakja, bashkë me persona të tjerë kanë vrarë qytetarin Qerim Maloku në Katund Sukth, një ngjarje që është zgjidhur në vitin 2003, kur u gjend arsenali i armëve të bandës „Xhakja“. Ai po hetohet për këtë vrasje. Z. Olldashi po kujdeset personalisht që kjo çështje të mbyllet, si shpërblim për ndihmën që ka dhënë klani „Xhakja“ gjatë zgjedhjeve të 2005. Kjo ngjarje është në gjykim pranë Gjykatës së Krimeve të Rënda në Tiranë, ku ndër dëshmitarët okularë, përfshihen edhe ish-oficerët e policisë, Urim Koka (SPZ në atë kohë, i arrestuar tashmë në Itali dhe i dënuar me 15-vjet burg për trafik prostitucioni) dhe Maksut Zhiti (SPK në atë kohë); të dy miq të Xhakajve; ky i fundit është emëruar nga Olldashi, si drejtor i Rezervave Shtetërore në Durrës, si shpërblim për nderin e bërë…..