Fatmir Limaj, wird erneut von US Anwälten in der EULEX Korruptions Anklage verteidigt

 Nur Super Verbrecher, können sich derart teure Anwälte ständig leisten und bezahlen, was schon Alles über die Kosovo Verbrecher Clans aussagt. Bei der Durchsuchung des Transport Ministeriums vor 3 Wochen, waren bereits alle Computer Daten gelöscht worden, was allein schon in jedem Staat illegal ist und über die Fakten Lage, gegen das Verbrecher Kartell und dem Grund der Anklage der EULEX genügend aussagt.click to zoomDie Zentrale der Todesschwadronen des Mordes an Albanern auch in Albanien, um die Bar: DRENCIA!Die Zentrale Bande, der Todesschwadronen auch in Albanien, Durres, Tirana, Pista Illyria, Shkozet bei Durres! 6 Operations Gebäude gab es allein in Durres, darunter die Bar-Restaurant „Kosovo“ direkt am Hafen (abgerissen so in 2002, weil Autobahn Bau Kreisel) und vor allem die Bar „DRENCIA“, heute Hotel-BAR DRENCIA – Hotel Kosovo.Sabit Geci hinten Rechts, S.Selimi, Fatmir Limaj, Lushtaku, Hashim Thaci.—————————————————————————————————————————————-Kfor 26.05.2010, Ausgabe 21/10«Wir sind Clowns»Unter dem Schutz der ausländischen Truppen blüht im Kosovo die Kriminalität. Fahrzeuge von internationalen Ermittlern werden in die Luft gesprengt. Die Nato und die Schweizer Armee kapitulierten vor den Gangstern, berichten Swisscoy-Offiziere.Von Philipp Gut……………..Weltwoche.chStandorf.lawyers fly to Kosovo to defend minister of transport

Published: 09:49 p.m., Wednesday, May 26, 2010

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – MARCH 5: Fatmir Limaj appears at the War Crimes Tribunal to enter a plea on charges of four counts of crimes against humanity and five counts of violations of the laws or customs of war March 5, 2003 in The Hague, Netherlands. The indictment alleges that Fatmir Limaj was a commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and was responsible for the operation of the Lapusnik/Llapushnik Prison Camp in 1998. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images) Photo: ST, Michel Porro / 2003 Getty ImagesThree Stamford lawyers have been hired as part of legal team seeking to vindicate the Kosovo minister of transport and telecommunication in a corruption case that has sparked controversy overseas.Attorneys Stephan Seeger and Ryan O’Neill, who are based in Stamford, flew to Kosovo this past weekend to meet with Fatmir Limaj, a popular official who is under investigation on claims that he and other ministry personnel accepted bribes in exchange for contracts to build roads in the newly formed country.Meanwhile, a third lawyer, attorney Mark Sherman, has stayed stateside working to lobby American officials to take an interest in the case and research the legal issues.“We are here to investigate why this transpired,“ Seeger said in a phone interview from Kosovo. „This is a transitional country and not everything is certain over here. There were concerns raised by his American supporters who wanted to ensure he received the proper representation.“Sherman said Limaj, a leading figure in the governing Democratic Party of Kosovo or the PDK, has advisers in Greenwich, which is one of the ways he and his colleagues were contacted.“We are confident we can meaningfully contribute to the minister’s defense team, as well as help raise awareness here in the United States about this case,“ said Sherman, who plans to go to Kosovo on the next trip…………………….http://www.greenwichtime.com

Tre avokatë amerikanë mbrojnë Limajn

Tre avokatë amerikanë mbrojnë  Limajn



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Prishtinë, 27 maj  – Tre avokatë nga Stamfordi (SHBA) janë angazhuar si pjesë e ekipit ligjor në përpjekje për të shfajësuar Ministrin e Transportit, Fatmir Limaj, në një rast korrupsioni që ka nxitur debate edhe jashtë vendit. Përfaqësuesit ligjorë, Stiven Siger (Stephan Seeger) dhe Rajan 0’Nil (Ryan O’Neill), me qendër në Stamford, fundjavën e kaluar kanë ardhur në Kosovë për t’u takuar me Fatmir Limaj, i cili është nën hetime me pretendimin se ai dhe një pjesë tjetër e personelit të ministrisë kanë pranuar ryshfet në këmbim të kontratave për ndërtim të rrugëve në Kosovë, shkruan portali „Greenwichtime.com“, të cilin e transmeton QIK-u…………………..http://www.koha.net/index.php?cid=1,22,22952