Die Schweinegrippe war eine gefälschte Pandemie der Pharma Mafia


Die Schweinegrippe war eine gefälschte Pandemie

Dr. Wodarg sagt: “Um die patentierten Medikamente und Impfstoffe zu vermarkten, haben die Pharmafirmen Wissenschaftler und Behörden beeinflusst, welche für die Volksgesundheit verantwortlich sind, damit diese weltweit die Regierungen alarmieren.”

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WHO Plays Dubious Role in Swine Flu Pandemic

On June 11, 2009 Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the WHO,

by Daan de Wit

Global Research, February 7, 2010
WHO income streams

With an influential organization such as the WHO, independence is crucial. It’s therefore justifiable to examine its sources of income. From an extensive article in the weekly Austrian magazine Profil it’s evident that in 1998, the majority of the WHO’s income came from governments. After the WHO entered into ‚partnerships‘ in 2004, most of the money came from ‚voluntary contributions‘, some of those of course coming from industry.
‚Every year an average of between 200 to 1000 people die from complications of the flu [in The Netherlands]‘, reports the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. The institute made it known as early as December 24th of 2009 that the Swine Flu epidemic was over. ….