Was die Kosovaren zu ihrer Komiker Truppe meinen, die mittels Wahlfaelschungen und der NATO Mafia an der Macht sind

Verschiedene blogger kommen zu Worte im Original Text.

Die NATO Website setimes, versucht wieder ihre Handlanger  zu rechtfertigen!

Wie durch uns International bekannt wird, hat gerade die Verbrecher Organisation AAK, von Ramuz Haradinaj vor den Augen der Welt massiven Wahl Betrug begangen und einfach Wahlurnen mit gefälschten Wahl Zetteln gefüllt. Hier der Film! Die Pacolli Partei AKR, wird damit um den Wahlsieg betrogen.

Wahlen auf Albanisch: Die Haradinaj -Kosovo Mafia schiesst sich wieder mal die Wahl Sieger aus

Tension Grows in Kosovo Town After Shooting


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Bloggers reflect on Kosovo’s elections


Bloggers celebrate the fact that international observers found the voting process generally free and fair, but are concerned about election irregularities.

By Art Malone and Linda Kardaku for Southeast European blog — 20/11/09

photoA voter casts her ballot in Pristina on Sunday (November 15th). [Laura Hasani]

On Sunday (November 15th), Kosovo voters headed to the polls in the first elections since the country announced its independence from Serbia in February 2008. The elections, for mayors and municipal assembly members in 36 municipalities, were a major test of democracy.

International and local monitors considered the process to be a success. Preliminary results released by the Central Election Commission (CEC) determined that 20 of the municipalities will have to hold another voting round in December because no candidate won by a large enough margin.

It appears that Prime Minister Hashim Thaci’s Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) scooped up the most mayoral posts, followed by President Fatmir Sejdiu’s Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). Ramush Haradinaj’s Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) was third.

But the elections were not without irregularities. The Election Complaints and Appeals Sub-Commission has received over 150 complaints since October 15th, when campaigning began.

Bloggers express both enthusiasm and disappointment about the election.

Patriot Gashi praises all of Kosovo and the PDK for the high-level of responsibility shown. „We open the door for ourselves in Europe. Congratulations and cheers to all of you!“

dritoni reflects the mood of the winning PDK. „Lead Kosovo forward Mr. Prime Minister, with foreign investment and you again would be selected prime minister.“

In contrast, Meli, an AAK supporter, says „Go forward Alliance [AAK], you are the best. In the next election you will lead.“

Therandasi offers a more analytical perspective. „I think that the results from the municipal election are as expected. PDK is strong with this percentage, LDK managed something of a comeback and the AAK electorate I think is not real, and this would be seen clearly in a general election.“

Antivota is skeptical of all these views. „They had prepared the fireworks,“ he says. „It seems they had a deal before about who was going to win.“

Others voice similar concerns. Votuesi wonders whether „my ballot is counted or considered invalid“. Hasani agrees and speaks for most when he declares he is „against stealing votes“.

Yet, factoring in the criticisms, ramadan sees the elections from a long-term perspective. „The fair, free and democratic process is far more important than winning or losing of any municipality,“ he says.

Njomza concludes by inviting her compatriots to take a rational view of the elections. „It’s not the time either for champagne or condolences,“ she writes. „It’s time for finding the language of co-operation for improving citizens‘ lives.“