Details of millions-worth armament deal between Georgia and Pentagon

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Russian military intelligence says it found out details of millions-worth armament deal between Georgia and Pentagon
Search carried out in house of former Russian GRU battalion officer Musa Yamadayev
Moldovan security service engaged in investigation of explosion on gas pipeline
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Former head of Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security to face court over leak scandal
Special task group to search for Swedish steamship on secret services mission which was lost in 1947

Russian military intelligence found out details of millions-worth armament deal between Georgia and Pentagon
An official of the Russian military intelligence who wished to remain unnamed ‘leaked’ to journalists today the information that the United States have allegedly offered supplying of large lot of armament, military equipment and ammunition to Georgia in the amount of more than $100 million, and to carry out the transaction through the private company, Barrington Alliance Incorporated with the head office in Chicago, instead of governmental channels, online edition of the Moscow daily Izvestia reports. It says the offered armament includes upgraded ground-to-air missiles Patriot-3, personal portable infrared homing surface-to-air missiles Stinger and Igla-3 missiles of portable and motorized versions, Javelin man-portable surface-to-air missiles, and precision-strike semiactive laser-guided Hellfire II missile systems. The quantity of ammunition, including cartridges for small arms, has been estimated in dozens of millions pieces, according to the Russian military intelligence official.
The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has confirmed this information. „After the military confrontation in the Caucasus, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia created a structure under the name, Studying of Warfare Lessons. According to its conclusions, it is necessary to urgently raise potentialities of the Georgian army in conducting of anti-aircraft and anti-tank defense, and also to have highly mobile forces of special operations capable to effectively operate in the mountains and equipped by modern means of warfare, the official of the military intelligence has prepared read the prepared text to the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS. „The delivery to Georgia of the specified armament by the USA completely corresponds to conclusions of the Georgian militaries“.
Last week the head of the Russian military intelligence Alexander Shlyakhturov declared that the NATO member-states, Ukraine and Israel had been rendering military assistance to Georgia. The NATO delivers small arms and equipment, the USA conduct trainings of personnel, Israel sells drones, and Ukraine sells tanks and means of air defence, according to the head of the Russian GRU, Newsru adds.
Russia Today TV channel, referring to Israel’s daily Maariv, reports that the US is hiring Russian-made freight planes belonging to UTI Worldwide Inc. to transport arms and ammunition to Georgia. The paper says the Pentagon is redirecting supplies to Tbilisi that were earmarked for Iraq.

Search carried out in house of former Russian GRU battalion officer Musa Yamadayev
The search has been carried out in the house of Musa Yamadayev, one of the Yamadayev brothers Chechen clan and a former officer of the Russian GRU Vostok battalion, radio Ekho Moskvy reports.
Referring to the Investigatory Committee of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office, news agency Interfax expands that this action was authorized by court within the framework of a criminal case. Musa Yamadayev is a suspect in the case on disappearance of the member of the GRU Vostok battalion, Alikhan Khaladov. Musa Yamadayev was repeatedly summoned to interrogations, however he never attended any.

Moldovan security service engaged in investigation of explosion on gas pipeline

Die neue Aussenpolitik: Merkel unterstützt den Weg Serbien in die EU Integration

Merkel empfängt serbischen Präsidenten Tadic

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Berlin — Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) empfängt heute den serbischen Präsidenten Boris Tadic. Themen der Gespräche im Berliner Kanzleramt sind die beiderseitigen Beziehungen und die wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, die politische Entwicklung auf dem Balkan sowie die Annäherung Serbiens an die Europäische Union. Serbiens Nachbarland Montenegro hatte im Dezember 2008 eine Bewerbung um Mitgliedschaft in der Europäische Union eingereicht. Serbien plant diesen Schritt ebenfalls – möglicherweise noch in diesem Jahr.

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Merkel: Germany Supports Serbia’s EU Integration
Belgrade | 17 November 2009 | Bojana Barlovac

Tadic merkel
Boris Tadic and Angela Merkel in Berlin
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that Germany explicitly supports Serbia’s EU integration.

After meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic on Monday in Berlin, Merkel said „Germany believes that Serbia has fulfilled the conditions for entry into force of the Interim Trade Agreement with the European Union.“

She added that there is a „logical order of steps“ on every country’s path toward EU and pointed out that Serbia should submit its EU membership application only when the agreement goes into effect.

The trade pact is part of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, SAA, signed last spring. It was immediately suspended due to the Netherlands’ strong opposition.

The Dutch are opposed to unblocking the deal before war crimes fugitives Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic are delivered to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY.

Merkel announced that Germany supported the SAA entering into force soon and that she would lead talks on this with EU partners and countries and that think Serbia hasn’t met the conditions for that to happen.

The Serbian President said that Serbia is doing everything to continue cooperating with The Hague and pursuing the arrest of the two war crime fugitives.

„I believe that the unfreezing of this agreement and submission of [EU] candidacy will be possible this year, after the upcoming report of the ICTY Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz,“ broadcaster RTS quoted Tadic as saying.

Tadic, accompanied by Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, paid a one-day official visit to Berlin on Monday to meet with German top officials and discuss bilateral relations, political development in the Western Balkans and Serbia’s EU integration.

Merkel and Tadic also discussed regional issues, mainly Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, which is the only point on which Serbia and Germany do not share the same opinion. Tadic reiterated that Serbia will never recognise the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

Later in the afternoon, Tadic and German Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle attended the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Serbian power company Elektroprivreda Srbije and the Germany-based integrated energy conglomerate RWE at the German Economy Ministry.

Merkel also offered her condolences over the death of the Head of Serbia’s Orthodox Church, Patriarch Pavle.

Serbian skaters find „freedom“ on the pavement

Serbian skaters find „freedom“ on the pavement


Skateboarding keeps Belgrade’s youth on the streets — in a good way.

By Bojana Milovanovic for Southeast European Times in Belgrade — 17/11/09
belgrad skater

A skater catches some air at Belgrade’s skate park. [Nikola Barbutov/SETimes]

At the skateboarding park in Belgrade, which opened last year, skaters can be found doing kickflips, grinding rails and pulling off the mother of all tricks, the ollie — where a rider lifts his or her board into the air almost as if by magic.

Two skaters took a break from the course to sit down with SETimes and talk about their love of the sport.

„I’ve been skateboarding for four years now. I first encountered it [skateboarding] through video games and wanted to start doing it for a long time. The whole thing dragged on a bit because I had to gather the money for skateboarding equipment and that costs a little less than the average Serbian salary,“ said Misha, 18.

He is one of the co-founders of the skate club Logic.

„Skateboarding might seem easy, but it’s not really. One has to give up a lot in order to skateboard the way we do and to master all the tricks. You have no coaches, all you have are friends who can show you how it’s done,“ says Misha. Injuries are common. Despite pleas from his parents, Misha still rides almost every day — even after tearing the ligaments in his ankle a handful of times.

Branislav, 16, once broke his arm trying to pull off a stunt.