Montenegros Club und Drogen Business Leute: Der Club Maximus in Kotor als Drehscheibe der Drogen

Und wieder einmal Nichts Neues aus dem Sued Balkan, wo Nachtclubs, sogenannten Business Leute, Sport und Politik eine Einheit bilden.

In einer Internationalen Operation, hat man ueber 2 Tonnen Kokain auf dem Atlantik dieser sogeannten Geschaeftsleute beschlagnahmt. Es erinnert an die Gruppe um Sokol Kociu und Ferdinand Durda (Deutsche Ehefrauen), welche in Haft sitzen mit der selben Methode und einem eigenen Frachtschiff, was mit 8 Tonnen Kokain nach Albanien in 2001 aufgebracht wurde. Schon damals war die Verbindung zur Albanischen Politik gut bekannt, weswegen kriminelle Politiker und Deutsche Lobbisten wie der DAW, diese Leute mit Visas foederte und gezielt Verbrecher Verbindungen zum Drogen Handel aufbauten.

„Montenegrin ordered massive cocaine shipment“
19 October 2009 | 19:33 | Source: Tanjug
PODGORICA — Ivica Daic says that all persons from Montenegro suspected to be linked to the case of cocaine smuggling from Columbia would be questioned.

Daily Dan from Podgorica writes today on its front page that the person who had ordered the drugs from Columbia is Dragan Šaric – a „businessman“ from Pljevlja in northern Montenegro – who owns several cafes,
popular night club Maximus in Kotor, on the Adriatic coast, and Rudar football club from Pljevlja.Daic told the newspaper that all persons believed to be connected to the case would be interviewed, “especially those who are related or have business connections to the suspects who tried to smuggle 2,8 tons of cocaine from South America to Serbia“.The drugs, seized in international waters of the Atlantic in a joint operation between the Serbian intelligence service (BIA) and the America’s DEA as part of an international counter-narcotics operation, are estimated to have a street value of about USD 250mn.“According to instructions of the special prosecutor we will interview all persons who in any way have connections to the three arrested men suspected of the cocaine smuggling, especially if they have family and business connection,” he pointed out.

He says that the raid that resulted in the seizure of the shipment was part of the activities aimed at intensifying fight against all sorts of organized crime – based on a decision adopted by Serbia’s Council for National Security.

Daic praised the cooperation between the Serbian police (MUP) and the police forces in the region, „especially the Montenegro police“. He also announced that the Serbian MUP would ask them to „check the information about all persons the police is interested in concerning security“.

Meanwhile, Željko Vujanovic, who was arrested by Serbian police under suspicion that he was connected to the drug smuggling, is a close relative of the Šaric brothers from Pljevlja, who have a reputation of being „wise guys“ in Montenegro – but who have so far escaped conviction for any crime.

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Darko Šaric’s defense lawyer Josif Mickovic denied that there was a connection „between his client and cigarette smuggling“, and announced that he would sue the newspaper „for publishing an article on cigarette smuggling and mentioning Šaric’s name in that context“, Tanjug news agency reprorts.

“Darko Šari has nothing to do with the cocaine that was seized a few days ago in Uruguay,” Mikovi told another Podgorica daily, Vijesti, and added that his client’s connection to the case was „plain fiction“.

“Mentioning the name of Darko Šari in such a context represents a particular kind of charge and verdict for what is serious felony, that was delivered after a shortened trial without presenting the evidence, determining the facts and without any doubt expressed by authorized state body,” stated Mikovi.


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Tobacco Mafia, assassinations cases take new turn?
19 October 2009 | 12:33 | Source: FoNet, Blic
BELGRADE — Serbia’s public prosecutor has provided two key witnesses in the investigation of the so-called Tobacco Mafia, a Belgrade daily reports.
stanko subotic
Stanko Subotic
Blic newspaper writes today that the first witness is going to present new evidence against Stanko Subotic, aka Cane, who is accused of cigarette smuggling.

The other should provide information which would lead to the persons responsible for ordering and executing the murders of MUP Gen. Radovan Stojiic Badža and Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Pavle Bulatovic.

The key witness was provided by means of international cooperation in the region

and should give the prosecutor’s office solid evidence, which would incriminate Subotic as a cigarette smuggler, according to this article.

It is also stated that the witness is currently abroad. The authorities have already spoken to him, but the official hearing should take place in the next few days.

The other witness’ testimony could put an end to current speculations on who ordered the killings of Bulatovic and Stoji
ic. He is also in contact with the prosecutor’s office and he has already been interviewed, states the source close to the Ministry of Justice.


Sokol Kociu Schnellboot
Die „SIA“ von Sokol Kociu

Interpol Aktion in 2002 um die Gruppe von Sokol Kokiu in Durres Albanien!

Das System lebt und immer sind Politiker dabei und die Geldwaesche ueber Baufirmen in illegale Appartments Blocks und Hotels.

Der Montenegrinsche Innenminister und Vize.Premier Minister Ivica Dacic, hat eine direkte und enge Verbindung zu den Super Mafia Bossen, wie es halt so üblich ist im Balkan, vor allem in Rumänien, Bulgarien, Kosovo, Albanien, Kroatien und bis vor kurzem auch in Serbien.

Serbia: Cocaine Investigation Sparks Controversy

Belgrade | 11 February 2010 | Pedja Obradovic


Cocaine smuggling, ISN Security Watch, Dulue Mbachu

Cocaine smuggling, ISN Security Watch, Dulue Mbachu

Ivica Dacic, Serbian deputy prime minister and interior minister, said he would not rule out his possible resignation if media speculation about his associate’s links with Darko Saric, an alleged cocaine smuggler, turn out to be true.An investigation into an alleged criminal group led by businessman Darko Saric, who is of Montenegrin origin but holds Serbian citizenship, was launched after 2.1 tons of high quality cocaine were seized off the coast of Uruguay in October last year following a joint investigation by Serbian Security Services and the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Allegedly, the contraband was destined for western Europe, via Montenegro and Serbia. Saric is currently at large and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Local media have reported that Nikola Dimitrijevic, a relative of Dacic’s senior advisor, Branko Lazarevic, is connected with people close to Darko Saric…. Balkaninsight