Iran loses its only AWACS as Ahmadinejad threatens the world

Iran loses its only AWACS as Ahmadinejad threatens the world

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

September 23, 2009, 12:20 PM (GMT+02:00)

Iran’s AWACS destroyed in parade collision

Up above a big military parade in Tehran on Tuesday, Sept. 22, as Iranian president declared Iran’s armed forces would „chop off the hands“ of any power daring to attack his country, two air force jets collided in mid-air. One was Iran’s only airborne warning and control system (AWACS) for coordinating long-distance aerial operations, DEBKAfile’s military and Iranian sources disclose.

The disaster was a serious blow for Iran, leaving its air force and air and missile defenses without „electronic eyes“ for surveillance of the skies around its borders.

Spekulationen um den Albanischen LEK

Adrian Fullani, der Staats Bank Präsident ist und lange Zeit die erste Privat Bank leitete (Italo Albanese Bank), beruhigt das Albanische Volk, weil im Moment etwas Panik herrscht, die aus dubiosen Quellen geschürt wird.

Albania Seeks to Ease Currency Decline
Tirana | 24 September 2009 | By Gjergj Erebara
Adrian Fullani
Tirana’s streets have witnessed panic selling of lek
Albania’a Central Bank governor Ardian Fullani on Thursday tried to calm Albanians caught in a panic on Thursday by the sudden depreciation of the domestic currency, the lek, which has declined some three per cent against the euro in the past two days.

“Markets should stay calm. What is happening has no economic basis. The lek will continue to be our currency for many, many years,” Fullani said in an impromptu press conference.

Echoing Fullani’s comments, Minister of Finance Ridvan Bode also urged Albanians to believe in their national currency. In a speech to parliament minutes before Fullani’s press conference, Bode said: “Albanians should believe in lek because it is the strongest currency in the region and has been stable during the last ten years.”

The Lek’s decline has caused panic in Tirana, where euros changed hands for 138.6 lek in early morning on Thursday, 1.7 per cent higher than on Wednesday. By midday Thursday, the lek was quoted at 137.8, 1.1 per cent lower than on Wednesday.

The lek has been under pressure during the whole of 2009, mainly due to strong government expenditure and lower remittances. Its value has declined by 12 per cent since January, a concern to many Albanians many of who have taken out euro denominated loans.

Some analysts believe that the latest depreciation has been caused either by market speculation or panic. ..

In Serbien wird Immobilien Vermögen des Zemun Clans beschlagnahmt

Gericht beschlagnahmte nun das Immobilien Vermögen etc. von 2 verstorbenen Zemun Clan Mitgliedern

Court seizes property of dead Zemun Clan members
24 September 2009 | 12:01 | Source: B92
BELGRADE — The Supreme Court has permanently seized property belonging to the widows and children of Zemun Clan members Dušan Spasojević and Mile Luković.

Besides a 500sqm house in Šilerova Street in Zemun, Spasojević and Luković owned two more houses of 200sqm, a 1,000sqm shopping center, a bar, underground garages and an Olympic-sized swimming pool and fountain.

All the facilities were demolished during operation Saber, two days after the murder of Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić.