Peter Scholl Latour im ZDF über die Wahlen im Iran

Peter Scholl Latour über die Wahlen und die Proteste im Iran

am 15.06.2009 im ZDF Morgenmagazin

Immer wieder peinlich, was dazu Deutsche Politiker von sich geben u.a. wenn Klein Geist Dumm Leute wie Eckhardt von Klaeden ~Atlantik Bruecke Spinner, wie Cem von de Gruenen~ auch noch Aussenpolitisch Berater von Merkel ist, deren Arschkriecherei bei Bush in 2003 und dann auch noch der Georgien Besuch in 2008 gut in Erinnerung ist.

FEATURE-Land rights tricky issue as Albania poll nears

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

FEATURE-Land rights tricky issue as Albania poll nears

Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:04pm EDT

* Land titling core problem as Albania heads for elections
* Politics paralysed by sense illegal building exceeds legal
* International officials point also to corruption

By Adam Tanner
KSAMIL, Albania, June 25 (Reuters) — Fatmir Murati liked the patch of public land across the street from his apartment so much, he built a house there. Speckled with lemon and orange trees, the terrain is a political battleground.
The fact thousands like him have no clarity about who owns what land is a legacy of the longest-lasting Stalinist regime in Europe. It’s also a major campaign topic as Albania, an emerging democracy that aspires to join the European Union, heads to the polls at the end of this month.
Both Sali Berisha, the country’s dominant political figure since Communism’s fall in 1991, and Socialist challenger Edi Rama say land titling is a priority as Albania seeks foreign investment.
The country in April became NATO’s 28th member, after a tumultuous 1990s including a crime wave, marred elections and a dip into anarchy. Many Albanians lost their savings in pyramid schemes and up to 3,000 were killed in the ensuing violence…………
…………Suela Pogace, general manager of the Hotel Adriatik in Durres, an Adriatic town near Tirana, describes her thoughts when looking across the wild melange of construction along the coast.
„I want every building to be down, there to be an earthquake,“ she said in the cafe of her hotel, the first in Durres from 1962. „It’s the only way for this to be solved.“

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