Serb Demonization as Propaganda Coup

Serb Demonization as Propaganda Coup

By Edward S. Herman

Global Research, April 9, 2009
Foreign Policy in Focus

The successful demonization of the Serbs, making them largely responsible for the Yugoslav wars, and as unique and genocidal killers, was one of the great propaganda triumphs of our era. It was done so quickly, with such uniformity and uncritical zeal in the mainstream Western media, that disinformation had (and still has, after almost two decades) a field day.

The demonization flowed from the gullibility of Western interests and media (and intellectuals). With Yugoslavia no longer useful as an ally after the fall of the Soviet Union, and actually an obstacle as an independent state with a still social democratic bent, the NATO powers aimed at its dismantlement, and they actively supported the secession of Slovenia, Croatia, the Bosnian Muslims, and the Kosovo Albanians. That these were driven away by Serb actions and threats is untrue: they had their own nationalistic and economic motives for exit, stronger than those of the Serbs.

Milosevic’s famous speeches of 1987 and 1989 weren’t nationalistic – despite the lies to the contrary, both speeches called for tolerance of all „nations“ within Yugoslavia. He also never sought a „Greater Serbia,“ but rather tried to maintain a unified Yugoslavia, and when this failed – with the active assistance of the NATO powers – he tried, only fitfully, to allow stranded Serb minorities to stay within Yugoslavia or join Serbia, a matter of obvious „self-determination“ that NATO granted to Kosovo Albanians and everybody but Serbs (for documentation on these points, see this Monthly Review article I co-authored with David Peterson in October, 2007).

Biased Reporting

Many well-qualified observers of the Bosnia wars were appalled at the biased reporting and gullibility of mainstream journalists, who followed a party line and swallowed anything the Bosnian Muslim (and U.S.) officials told them. The remarkable inflation of claims of Serb evil and violence (and playing down of NATO-clients‘ violence), with fabricated „concentration camps,“ „rape camps,“ and similar Nazi- and Auschwitz-like analogies, caused the onetime head of the U.S. intelligence section in Sarajevo, Lieutenant Colonel John Sray, to state back in 1995 that

America has not been so pathetically deceived since Robert McNamara helped to micromanage and escalate the Vietnam War.Popular perceptions pertaining to the Bosnian Muslim government.have been forged by a prolific propaganda machine. A strange combination of three major spin doctors, including public relations (PR) firms in the employ of the Bosniacs, media pundits, and sympathetic elements of the US State Department, have managed to manipulate illusions to further Muslim goals.

Numerous others made the same point: Cedric Thornberry, a high UN official who investigated atrocities in Bosnia wrote in Foreign Policy in 1996 that

By early 1993 a consensus developed – especially in the United States, but also in some Western European countries and prominently in parts of the international liberal media – that the Serbs were the only villains.This view did not correspond to the perceptions of successive senior UN personnel in touch with daily events..[and one kindly soul at UN headquarters] warned me to take cover – the fix is on. …

Lulzim Basha’s Gangster complott and Damir Fazllic

Damir Fazlliç, the way I knew him

„TEMA“ Newspaper, Albania

By Mero Baze*

I personally know Damir Fazllic. I think I met him first time on the same day with Sali Berisha, unless the latter was feigning during that first meet in Washington , January 2005. The American company BG&R contracted him as a specialist for Balkans and he would be part of the team for helping PD electoral campaign in 2005. After contract was signed and it was agreed BG&R would stay by the side of PD, Fazllic asked for a contact person in Tirana. KOP (policy orientation committee) had 2 weeks it was created.

Lulzim Basha was not that known during the time. While I had his name on the tip of my tongue to give him as the contact person. Fazllic pronounced it almost like me.- He is the one I need, – he said. Wondered where they knew each other, but I had no bad impression. Like 2 people from Balkan emigrating to Europe and Balkan it was no wonder they knew each other. But BG&R left in July. Damir Fazllic, on the contrary deepened his friendship with Lulzim Basha and his brother-in-law, who for a reason always used to stay two steps backwards or open the car door. In September 2005, during the second week of PD coming into power, they were very clear in their plan. They would make money. Damir Fazllic opened 3 companies within 2 days which always had as administrator Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law, Erion. He sold the 3 of them later: one in Cyprus and 2 partially to a former Partizani football player of Beograd .

There isn’t much importance on money transfer and fiscal infractions. The worst in all this story is that power moves from Lulzim Basha to Argita and Damir. The advocates she recommends, like Kola or Qeleshi, are the one who wrote the company letters; notary Pustina who works now with Shkelzen is the company notary; Brecani, Berisha’s niece is the company’s accounting expert; Enkelejda Isufi, cousin of Lul Basha brother-in-law is the translator… thus in an endless chain of connections enclosed within a sect which moves from Basha, to Argita and Fazllic flings the whole story of Berisha’s power cupola. By the end of 2005, I had a personal incident with him. Kosovo govt was trying to contract BG&R for lobbying about country’s independence. It was about an amount of $1.5 million. Ibrahim Rugova, who was in his last days of life, couldn’t convince UNMIK for the official payment, while he didn’t accept for underhand payment, like Fazllic proposed. The parties split even inside BG&R. to take control of the situation, Fazllic goes to Beograd and signs an informal agreement with the Serbian deputy Prime Minister, where mentioned that BG&R will lobby for the Serbian govt against Kosovo’s independence. The price was double and terms were lighter.

The other party within BG&R send to me a copy of Fezllic speculation and explained this was not true, but Fazllic was putting pressure on Kosovo’s govt, that if they didn’t sign for the money he would connect to the Serbians. It was hard for Berisha, as a popular person in Kosovo. The nephew Stanisic of was putting pressure on Rugova’s Govt, where he entered with Berisha’s business card.I sent by email to Berisha the contract model of Damir and Serbian deputy Prime Minister. I had no answer. He didn’t open it for three days. All of a sudden the contract was published in Gazeta Shqiptare. I was shocked, as the only person to have it on the email was Sali barisha and me. I asked his secretary about who opened the account She told that only her and any PR consultant. She said possibly Sejamin. I didn’t ask further.

That day in the evening I was in debate on Klan with Edi Rama. It was my first debate with him and I was frightened of getting nervous. The debate started in the most imponderable way to me. Edi Rama was also holding BG&R agreement with Serbia and opened the debate with it. I stopped him untactfully and started explaining it is a fraud. Berisha himself was confused from my explanation and after the debate asked me how “I knew all those things”. I told him I sent him by email, but it ended on Gazeta Shiptare. He never gave an explanation on this, though I understood his discomfort.Two days later I went his office and sent him what could be called “Fazllic“file. There were a pile of writings in the Bosnian and Serbian press accusing him on financial frauds, connections to Legija who killed Gingic but any harebrained person would accuse him either for being a British spy.

He sticked to this last one- They are closed minds. – he said -Don’t you see him named British spy?! – Not everybody, – said I. – Only one. The others call him thief and killer.- Don’t take it for granted, – he said. I had forgotten Damir Fazlliçin, though I saw him often in the boulevard, 2 steps forward Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law, who continuously changed cars of over 100 thousand euro. One day, early 2006, showed up and told me he brought Tom Bridge as a consultant for Berisha. – I would have brought even Clinton , – said he – by early January 2007.-Great, – Said I and left. While working on the investigation of a terrible corruption file of Telecom, I ascertained that million euros were transferred to a private internet company whose owner brought the director of Telecom as an emigrant from US to Tirana. The director, Ilirian Kuko, an his side was wanted by the Albanian govt as he left without paying $250 000 he borrowed from a bank. Angrily, I go to the Premier and tell him Telecom director cannot be tolerated any further. I told him about the thefts. – I know, – said he, – but I’m afraid my audit made a mistake. That report must be corrected. Then I had to tell him Telecom director was a thief who was wanted and should get arrested. – Don’t publish anything, if I catch him I’ll put him in jail.Feeling uncomfortable, he picked the phone and started talking in English. He was talking to Damir. He asked to provide those papers he promised for Telecom.

After the conversation was closed and I didn’t understand how he would investigate it. Actually I started seeing Damir more often with Shkelzen. The later was kind of legal director “Eagle Mobile”, the lethargic mobile company of Telecom at that time. I don’t know what happened, but attacks on privatization of Telecom stopped and some months later was signed the agreement. The director I cared about was neither was criticized, dismissed or punished. He left free, settling his debt and earning other millions. Then, during summer 2006, an ex friend of Fazllic, member of BG&R, Hans Jones arrives in Tirana with a Greek businessman. He was looking for a kind of research on water-power station of Vjosa. He asked for some meetings with Prime Minister and Minister of Energetic. Berisha welcomed them and sent them to Bojaxhi. He also welcomed them decided to discuss positively when the study started. Some days later it happened to be present in meeting with lulzim basha and he chuckled about a dangerous person. He was Hank Jones. – He arrived in Albania secretly, – said he, – and somebody send him to Berisha. – I sent him, – said i. – As far as I remember he was a friend of Damir. – No, he cheated you, – said he. – he’s not a friend of Damir. He wants to make business here, but as long as I’m alive I won’t allow him. There was anger inside him. He, the man who smiles all of a sudden had become a beast. Someone entered his yard. I was surprised with his aggressiveness. Actually, it was quite otherwise.

I arranged a his meetings but he himself was a go-between for the Greek businessman, a nephew of former President Stefanopulos. Eventually, his project was shut down. No steps were taken to do a research on Vjosa. No consents were given by the Ministry. Later, I learned an Austrian company, behind which stood the ‘Consultancy” of studio “Malltezi” and Damir, was doing a full research on Vjosa. Lulzim Basha was still showing more tranquility.I had the chance to see him one weel later. I went to his office with Mitro Cela and Filip Cakulli. Llazar Angjeli, a distant cousin of Anastas Angjeli, had a serious issue. He was having a gas station along the motorway demolished at the exit of the road to Rinas. He claimed he has permits for it. The 3 of us went to Lulzim Basha. We explained briefly the issue, with the cheer of Filip and my brutality. I told Angjeli thinks you are demolishing it for political reasons. If so, don’t do that, because you have not been in Albania and don’t know who that businessman is. I told him Sali Berisha publicly promised in 2004 he wouldn’t touch the business, as like he said they have nothing with Llazi Angjeli, but they do have with Anastas Angjeli. Basha looked firm. “You’re wrong, – said he. – I have nothing politically, only technically. Even a sack with cotton we put there we have to move it, imagine now a gas station! It does not meet the technical conditions.

He convinced the 3 of us it had to be demolished. He stayed later with me, as to show more confidentiality and re-convinced me for that thing. We painfully told to Llazi. One month later I was in Saranda with Filip, when the waiter offered us whisky for free.- It’s from Llazi, – said he. We greeted Llazi brokenly, as we didn’t finish him the job. But he seemed smiley.- Stupid me wanted to deal with you, – said he. – You just blow things. I sent you as there are rumours these guys of the Doctor don’t take money. How did I know they do, but not from you. We were perplexed until Llazi told us he solved this issue with money. And the gas station actually, though it’s not a sack with cotton, like Basha said, is in the right place. Lulzim Basha’s brother-in-law looked more boasted around. And with a new car also. The idea that Lulzim Basha was a thief stuck in my head.

The case was very illustrative. Damir Fazllic was there if he needed him for any deal. Durres-Kukes road was under tendering process and he was waiting for the new case. Meantime, his brother-in-law was assigned deputy minister and issued road tenders. He classified which was good and bad, according to the affinity they created with it. Fazllic was handling with the consultant company, while the brother-in-law with the Albanian subcontractors. On the Albanian side was found Riviera , a company almost out of all standards on road construction, while tens of other serious companies were in competition. The international consultant Ecorys Netherland BV , was found in Netherland, where Basha and his brother-in-law had arrived. A real mess was done, as the first decision of July 10 2006 assigned Ecorys as the consultant company, by the time when in June 14 2006 by CMD no 481 it’s mentioned this company which proposed the classification criteria of the international bid for Rreshen to Kalimash. (thus one month before it was assigned by CMD, Ecorys Group is mentioned in the CMD no 481) This scandal might not tell the essence of corruption on that road, but it tells the essence of arrogance and unprepared decisions of the duo Basha-Fazllic. By the time local elections were upcoming, lulzim basha was prepared to be the PD candidate for Tirana municipality.

At least, Berisha publicly insinuated this. With this he also justified the demolition of Zogu I Zi. This last one was a perfect combination of a simply personal interest of the closest person of Berisha’s son, Shkelzen, with the ugliness of that crossover. When I learned the true reason why it was being demolished, I felt grief, but when I though it had to be demolished because it was ugly I felt good. But I couldn’t stay tongue-tied…..

Wegen zu langem Verfahrens Dauern, wird die Anklage gegen den Lulzim Basha nieder geschlagen

 Lulzim Basha ist ein Profi Betrueger, was er bei seiner persoenlichen Bereicherung im Kosovo gezeigt hat. Sein Vater war leitender Direktor in der groessten Albanischen Betrugs Firma VEFA.  Wie die Fakten zeigen, hat Lulzim Basha ein illegales Letter of Intend unterschrieben um Bestechungs Gelder zu regeln.

Die Begruendung fuer die Einstellung des Verfahrens ist schon mehr wie merkwuerdig und spricht fuer sich.

Die Famlie Basha ist in andere grosse Betruegereien in Albanien verwickelt, u.a. um Damir Fazllic, wo der Schwager von Lulzim Basha leitender Direktor war.  Name Erion Isufi und damit u.a. aktiv in die Geldwaesche ueber Zyprische Banken verwickelt.

Die Beendigung des Verfahrens ist deutlich Politisch motiviert vor den Albanischen Parlaments Wahlen.

Unterdessen kann der demokratische Außenminister Lulzim Basha aufatmen: Das Oberste Gericht stufte die Anklage des Politikers wegen Amtsmissbrauchs und Unregelmäßigkeiten bei der Auftragsvergabe beim Bau einer für die Regierung prestigeträchtigen Schnellstraße aus Bashas Zeit als Transportminister als „ungültig“ ein. Alle Ermittlungen gegen Minister Basha ab dem 6. November seien gegenstandslos, da „außerhalb des Untersuchungszeitraumes“. Laut Staatsanwaltschaft entstand durch Basha und den früheren Straßenbaudirektor Andi Toma ein Schaden in Höhe von 232 Millionen Euro.

Albanian Supreme Court terminates corruption trial of foreign minister Basha


TIRANA, Albania — The Supreme Court on Friday (April 10th) terminated the corruption trial of Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha, local media reported. The court announced that the prosecution failed to meet the deadline for completing its probe of Basha, who as transport minister allegedly manipulated a 2006 deal to build a section of the Durres-Kukes Highway. Basha allegedly influenced the selection of the US-Turkish company Bechtel-Enka to build the most expensive segment, causing a 114m-euro loss to the state. He denies the charges. (AP, MIA – 10/04/09)

Visa liberalisation for Western Balkans by 2010 ?

EU members want visa liberalisation for Western Balkans by 2010


The foreign ministers of eight EU member countries have sent a letter to the European Commission urging it to speed up elimination of the visa regime for those Western Balkan countries that have met the requisite criteria.

(MIA, Makfax, Beta, B92, Radio Srbija – 09/04/09)

photoForeign ministers of eight EU countries have urged cancellation of visas for the Western Balkan countries. [AFP]

Eight EU member states have urged the European Commission (EC) to take quick steps towards lifting the visa requirements for the Western Balkan nations, Serbian and Macedonian media reported on Thursday (April 9th).

„We believe that the essential decision on the abolishment of the visa regime should be taken without delay, as soon as the states meet the set criteria,“ the foreign ministers of Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia said in a letter, dated April 4th. The EC opened visa facilitation talks with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia last year.