Ilir Kumbaro wird an Albanien ausgeliefert

Kumbaro lebte mit falschen Namen:  Shaqa Shatri !

Der echte Shaqa Shatri von Prizren hat nun den falschen Kumburo identifiziert. Kosovaren erhielten damals leichter Asyl in Europa.

Former Albanian intelligence head arrested in London faces extradiction

Kosovo ex-secert service head false ID. Photo BBC
Kumbaro’s false ID

A British court yesterday cleared the way for his extradition of the former Albanian intelligence chief, who is wanted for torture and kidnapping. The etradition must be approved by Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
Ilir Kumbaro, 55, who was wanted worldwide for torture and kidnapping, was arrested at his flat in Fulham, in west London, the BBC reported. He had lived in Britain under an assumed identity for 13 years while receiving government benefits. When he entered the UK in August 1996 under the name of Shaqa Shatri, Kumbaro had convinced the country’s immigration authorities that he was a refugee from Kosovo fleeing Serbian persecution. Under his false identity, Kumbaro was granted indefinite leave to remain and issued with a British passport.
According to BBC, it was an apparent slip-up that had brought Kumbaro to the arrest. In order to claim incapacity benefits for his depression, he had to register with the Health Authority. Instead of registering as Shaqa Shatri, Kumbaro inexplicably used his real name.
The images of Kumbaro from Albanian intelligence files, including one of a young Kumbaro in communist uniform, had an uncanny resemblance to the man living in Fulham, BBC marks.

Kosovar Shadow of Albanian Murder Suspect

Pristina | 02 April 2009 |

Ilir Kumbaro

Ilir Kumbaro

Shaqir Shatri, whose personal details were used for several years by the Albanian secret agent Ilir Kumbaro, claims that his ID was stolen in Tirana in 1993.Shatri became very disturbed a week ago, when he saw his identity broadcast on TV by the British police. A native of the village of Kushinin near Prizren, he says that he has no connection with Albania’s Secret Service, and that he will press charges against Kumbaro.

Ilir Kumbaro is accused of the 1995 murder of Albanian businessman Remzi Hoxha. Although Tirana had issued a summons against him, by hiding under Shatri’s identity, and because he declared himself in Britain as a Kosovar refugee, Kumbaro had escaped the authorities searching for him.

Shatri reported that his suitcase, along with his documents and money, were stolen in Tirana in 1993. “I reported the theft of my ID and money to the Tirana police ”, said Shatri. After the end of the Kosovo conflict in 1999, his ID was confiscated by the border police.

British police discovered that, due to the lack of a UNMIK counselling service, the registration office in Prizren had issued further documents to Ilir Kumbaro in the name of Shaqir Shatri .


REmzi Hoxha

und nochmal Remzi Hoxa
Arben Sefgjini
Arben Sefgjini

Arben Sefgjini Chef der Albanischen Finanz Polizei entlassen, wegen Ermordung von Remzi Hoxha in 1995


Stupid Kosovo Authorities Hashim Thaci and Fatmir Sejdiu like a Idiot Muppet Show

Kosovo Authorities Confuse Diplomats

Pristina | 03 April 2009 |

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci (left) and President Fatmir Sejdiu (right)

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci (left) and President Fatmir Sejdiu (right) like a Idiot Muppet Show.

Kosovo’s authorities continue the tradition of confusion over the names and status of international personalities.The Presidency, Parliament and the Government have each given different versions of the name and role of the Estonian Ambassador to Brussels, Karin Jaani.

Only the presidency gave the accurate name and position of the Estonian diplomat, who arrived in Kosovo to present her credentials on behalf of her country, as a non-resident ambassador.

Meanwhile, the government introduced Jaani as the Estonian Ambassador to Vienna, while parliament announced her as the Estonian Ambassador to Pristina. Kosovo’s parliamentarians forgot that, until now, Estonia had no embassy in Pristina.

This confusion is not new. In September 2008, Nicolas Kalantziano, a senior official from Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was confused by Kosovo’s President with Christos Zacharakis, the Greek Special Representative of OSCE.

The President spent the entire meeting addressing Kalantziano as Zacharakis.

In another case, Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, addressed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as Mrs. Allbright during Kosovo’s delegation meeting to the US State Department in March of this year. Allbright was Secretary of State in the 1990s.


ENEL und viele Projekte seit 10 Jahren in Albanien welche nie verwirklicht wurden.

Vor 10 Jahren wurden schon Müll Verbrennungs Anlagen auch in der Porto Romana verhindert. Dort wollte sich der berüchtigten USB Geheimdienst Chef von Karadic etablieren Herr Damir Fazllic mit einer Industrie Zone, wo im Oktober Alles beschlagnahmt wurde und wie so so oft der Kriminelle der sich Aussenminister von Albanien im Moment nennt und seine Familie verwickeltist.

Lulzim Basha, dessen Vater schon einer der leitenden Direktoren bei der VEFA der grössten Pyramid Firma war, ist heute angeklagt und seine Immunität wurde ihm genommen. Lulzim Basha, der im Kosovo unter Deutscher Anleitung das Betrügen, Manipulieren, fälschen und stehlen Profi Haft gelernt hat.

Albanian Environmentalists Seek to Scrap Power Plant

Tirana | 03 April 2009 | By Besar Likmeta

Coal power plant

Coal power plant

Albanian environmental NGOs contested on Thursday the environmental impact study by Italian company Enel of its Porto Romano coal-fired thermal power plant, demanding that the government should either revise or cancel the project.The Ekolevizja movement, a front organisation comprising several Albanian environmental NGOs, accused the Italian energy giant of ignoring Albanian laws in its environmental impact study of the plant, of misrepresenting the nation’s energy strategy and providing misleading information on the application of technologies for carbon capture emissions.

“Because the evaluation of the environmental impact presented by Enel contains serious errors and misleading information, we have requested the Ministry of Environment to refuse the permits necessary for this project’s construction,” said Merita Mansaku, Albania regional co-ordinator for CEE Bankwatch Network.

According to Ekolevizja, Enel’s environmental impact study does not give a clear evaluation of carbon emission by the plant during production.

Environmental groups estimate that, if the Albanian government proceeds with the project proposed by Enel, its carbon-fired thermal-power plants will increase carbon emissions in Albania by between 6 to 7 million tons every year, doubling current emission levels.

“Although Albania is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, it is not specified in any agreement that Albania has signed with the Italian energy giant who precisely should bear the burden of the environmental costs of Enel’s plants,” said Xhemal Mato, Ekolevizja’s executive director.

When contacted by Balkan Insight, Enel’s press office directed all questions to the company’s International Business Development officer, Marco Arceli, but he was not available for comment. Follow-up emails to the company elicited no reply.

However, according to the Institute for Environmental Studies, Albania stands to lose around €250 – €300 million annually in carbon tax revenues from this project alone, while, according to the government, most of the electricity produced by Enel will be exported to Italy.

Although the Albanian government has been under pressure from Italy to approve the plant project, it has yet to take the decision to approve its construction.

In December, for example, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi visited Albania in a bid to seal Tirana’s approval for the construction of the power plant. In the last few months Foreign Minister Franco Fratini and Minister of Economic Development Claudio Scajola have also visited Tirana to lobby for the plant.

Enel plans to install two 800 megawatt coal-fired thermal power plants in the Porto Romano area outside the port city of Durres. The company ultimately plans to extend the plant to a generating capacity of approximately 1,300 megawatts, which would supply electricity to both the Italian and Albanian markets.

However, environmental groups maintain that Albania does need such large power plants and that they are being built without clearly informing the public on their environmental impact.

“At one meeting that Enel held with local villagers to discuss environmental impact, they spoke in English”, Mato told Balkan Insight. According to him, Albania will move from having 98 per cent of its power generation carbon emission-free, to roughly 40 per cent, if the plants are approved.

“The only reason Enel is coming to Albania is that they cannot pollute at home,” he added.



Agim Pepa der Mörder des Polizei Präsidenten Gani Malushi

Am 3. August 2003 wurde der Polizei Präsident Gani Malushi von Kruje-Fushe in der Porto Romana nördlich von Durres erschossen mit seinem Fahrer. In der Porto Romana und nördlich von Durres liessen sich illegal zahlreiche kriminelle Banden auch aus dem Kosovo nieder.

Agim Pepa
Das damalige Fahndungs Foto von Agim Pepa aus 2003


Agim Pepa: Pse e vrava Gani Malushin

(Dërguar më: 03/04/09) Gjatë një interviste për „Gazeta Shqiptare“, nga qelitë e burgut të Sigurisë së Lartë Peqin, Pepa rrëfen të vërtetën e ngjarjes së 6 gushtit 2003 ku mbeti i vrare komisari Gani Malushi dhe shoferi i tij, Gjovalin Ndreu

TIRANE-Agim Pepa, autori i vrasjes se komisarit Gani Malushi rrëfehet në një intervistë për Gazeta Shqiptare duke treguar detaje sesi ekzekutoi Malushin dhe shoferin e tij.
Kanë kaluar pesë vjet prej atij momenti dhe i dënuari me burgim të përjetshëm vazhdon të këmbëngulë se „Gani Malushin e ka vrarë pa dashje“. Gjatë një interviste për „Gazeta Shqiptare“, nga qelitë e burgut të Sigurisë së Lartë Peqin, Pepa rrëfen të vërtetën e ngjarjes së 6 gushtit 2003. „Gjovalin Ndreu ishte hasmi im. Babai i tij më kishte vrarë babanë. Sipas kanunit, duhet të merrja gjak. Në Mirditë nuk të jep njeri kafe nëse nuk merr gjak“, – thotë me qetësi i dënuari. Ai tregon më tej se i ka kërkuar falje gruas së Gani Malushit dhe u vetëdorëzua pasi nuk donte që çështja të merrte ngjyrime politike….  (Lexojeni te plote intervisten tek Gazeta Shqiptare Online).


Vrasesi i Gani Malushit: Si e eliminova komisarin

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