Die Pharse des ITCY mit absurden Urteilen wie um Naser Oric

Was für eine Rechts Verdrehung des ITCY, wenn der verantwortliche Kommandeur, von jeglicher Verantwortung für Kriegs Verbrechen an Serben frei gesprochen wird. Der ITCY hat sich damit entgültig zur Pharse erklärt.

Belgrader Problem durch Haager Urteil
Freispruch für Ex-Kommandanten von Srebrenica belastet neue serbische Koalition
„Skandalöser Freispruch.“ – „Noch ein schwarzer Tag für das internationale Recht.“ – „Das UN-Tribunal hat jegliche Glaubwürdigkeit verloren.“ So und ähnlich reagieren serbische Politiker, nachdem das UN-Kriegsverbrechertribunal in Den Haag vergangene Woche Naser Oric, den ehemaligen muslimischen Kriegskommandanten der ostbosnischen Stadt Srebrenica, freigesprochen hat.

Besonders peinlich ist dieses Foto, wo der Chef der UN Mission Naser Oric als Fremden Führer hat.

The head of the U.N mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina, U.S diplomat Jacques Klein, left, walks with Bosnian Muslim wartime commander Naser Oric in Sarajevo.
(AP Photo)

Die Begründung des Berufungsgerichts – es gebe keine Beweise für die Verantwortung von Oric – löste erst recht Empörung in Serbien aus. Das Tribunal stellte nämlich gleichzeitig „außer Zweifel“ fest, dass im Winter 1992/93 an inhaftierten Serben „schwere Verbrechen“ begangen worden seien. Nach Angaben der bosnisch-serbischen Behörden zerstörten und plünderten muslimische Truppen unter dem Kommando von Oric dutzende serbische Dörfer, töteten hunderte serbische Zivilisten und vertrieben Tausende.

„Ich habe die Särge der unschuldigen Opfer gesehen und mit ihren Familienmitgliedern gesprochen“ erklärte Serbiens Präsident Boris Tadic. Diese Menschen forderten, dass die Verbrecher verurteilt werden. Mit dem Freispruch für Oric habe sich das Tribunal der Mit-täterschaft für Kriegsverbrechen schuldig gemacht, sagte Serbiens scheidender Premier Vojislav Koštunica. Und der Vorsitzende des Nationalrates für die Zusammenarbeit mit dem UN-Tribunal, Rasim Ljajic, brachte die politischen Folgen des Urteils auf den Punkt: In Serbien gebe es nun kaum jemanden, der nicht glaube, dass das Tribunal eine rein politische Institution sei.

Das könnte sich als eines der größten Probleme für die neue proeuropäische serbische Koalitionsregierung erweisen, die am heutigen Montag gebildet werden soll..


Um welche Verbrechen geht es eigentlich?

n Kurzform die Fakten im Urteil gegen Naser Oric! Das Ermorden von Serben und die Plünderung der Dörfer um Srebrenica.

Crimes indicted for :

Murder, cruel treatment (violations of the laws or customs of war)

Between 24 September 1992 and 20 March 1993, members of the Military Police under the command and control of Naser Oric detained several Serb individuals in the Srebrenica Police Station and in the building behind the Srebrenica Municipal Building and subjected them to physical abuse, serious suffering and serious injury to body and health, and inhumane treatment by the guards and/or by others with the support of the guards. In some instances, prisoners were beaten to death. Physical abuse included beatings by various objects including wooden sticks, wooden poles, steel pipes, metal bars, baseball bats, rifle butts, bare fists, kicking with boots and forced teeth extractions with rusty pliers. These beatings and physical abuse caused severe pain and injuries such as fractured bones, severe injuries to limbs and broken teeth. On numerous occasions, detainees were beaten into a state of unconsciousness. They were confined in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

Naser Oric knew or had reason to know that his subordinates were about to plan, prepare or execute the imprisonment, killing and/or cruel treatment of Serbs detained at the Srebrenica Police Station and the building behind the Srebrenica Municipal Building, or had done so, and he failed to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

Wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, not justified by military necessity (violations of the laws or customs of war)

During military operations between the units under the command and control of Naser Oric and the Army of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (VRS) forces in Eastern Bosnia that took place between 10 June 1992 and 8 January 1993, Naser Oric’s units burnt and otherwise destroyed a minimum of fifty predominantly Serb villages and hamlets in the Municipalities of Bratunac, Srebrenica and Skelani. As a result, thousands of Serbs fled the area.

Naser Oric knew or had reason to know that his subordinates were about to commit such wanton destruction or had done so and failed to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

Naser Oric implemented a strategy of wanton destruction to achieve his objectives. Accordingly, he did not make any or sufficient orders to prevent such wanton destruction. Naser Oric failed to address the issue of wanton destruction at the debriefings of operations. He personally took part in the attacks in Fakovici (5 October 1992), Bjelovac (between 14 and 19 December 1992) and Kravica and Ježestica (7 and 8 January 1993). He continuously failed to make any or sufficient orders to prevent wanton destruction. These acts and omissions instigated the commission of the crimes and aided and abetted the perpetrators to commit such unlawful and wanton destruction not justified by military necessity.

UN Anklage 

Es erinnert an die Pharse um den Kriminellen Ramuz Haradinaj, der nie wegen eines Verbrechens verurteilt wurde (nur sein Bruder Daut)

Butcher of Serbs Goes Free

siehe auch Naser Oric in der Presse 

Die Amerikanischen Islamischen Terroristen, welche unter dem Kommando der CIA Operation „Riots“ den Balkan terrorisierten!

Die Hintermänner des Balkan Islamischen Terrorismus sind US Politiker, welche identisch sind für die Inzenierung der Iran Contra Affäre!


November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.

aus der Mafia Website AACL

There is evidence that the US administration in liason with its allies took the decision in the early 1980s to destabilise and dismantle Yugoslavia.

The decsion to destroy Yugoslavia as a country and carve it up into a number of small proxy states was taken by the Reagan adminstration in the early 1980s.

NATO’s Reign of Terror in Kosovo

By Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, February 25, 2008

The following text was written in the immediate wake of the 1999 NATO bombings of Yugoslavia and the invasion of Kosovo by NATO troops.

It is now well established that the war was waged on a fabricated humanitarian pretext and that extensive war crimes were committed by NATO and the US.

In a bitter irony, the so-called International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague is controlled by those who have committed extensive war crimes. It was not President Milosevic, who was poisoned in his prison cell, but NATO who started the war in Yugoslavia.

According to Nuremberg jurisprudence, the ultimate war crime consists in starting a war. According to William Rockler, former prosecutor of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal:

„The [1999] bombing war violates and shreds the basic provisions of the United Nations Charter and other conventions and treaties; the attack on Yugoslavia constitutes the most brazen international aggression since the Nazis attacked Poland to prevent „Polish atrocities“ against Germans. The United States has discarded pretensions to international legality and decency, and embarked on a course of raw imperialism run amok.“

According to Nuremberg jurisprudence, NATO heads of State and heads of government are responsible for the supreme crime: „the crime against peace.“

Reagan’s NSDD 133 (1984) „Secret and Sensitive“

There is evidence that the US administration in liason with its allies took the decision in the early 1980s to destabilise and dismantle Yugoslavia.

The decsion to destroy Yugoslavia as a country and carve it up into a number of small proxy states was taken by the Reagan adminstration in the early 1980s.

A „Secret Sensitive“ National Security Decision Directive (NSDD 133) entitled „US Policy towards Yugoslavia.“ (Declassified) set the foreign policy framework for the destabilization of Yugoslavia’s model of market socialism and the establishment of a US sphere of influence in Southeastern Europe.

Yugoslavia was in many regards „an economic success story“. In the two decades before 1980, annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaged 6.1 percent, medical care was free, the rate of literacy was 91 percent, and life expectancy was 72 years.

While NSDD 133 was in itself a somewhat innocous document, it provided legitimacy to the free market reforms. A series of covert intelligence operations were implemented, which consisted in creating and supporting secessionist paramilitary armies, first in Bosnia then in Kosovo.

These covert operations were combined with the destabilization of the Yugoslav economy. The application of strong economic medicine under the helm of the IMF and the World Bank ultimately led to the destruction of Yugoslavia’s industrial base, the demise of the workers‘ cooperative and the dramatic impoverishment of its population.

Kosovo „Independence“

The record of US-NATO war crimes is important in assessing recent developments in Kosovo.

From the outset of their respective mandates in June 1999, both NATO and the UN Mission to Kosovo (UNMIK) have actively supported the KLA, which has committed numerous atrocities.

It is important to understand that these atrocities were ordered by the current and former prime ministers of the Kosovo „government“.

Since 1999, State terrorism in Kosovo has become an integral part of NATO’s design. The present government of prime minister Hashim Thaci (a former KLA Commander), is an outgrowth of this reign of terror. It is not a government in the common sense of the word. It remains a terrorist organization linked to organised crime. It is instrument of the foreign occupation.

Michel Chossudovsky, 23 February 2008


siehe die Senats Resolution Nr. 150 von 1986 von Bob Dole zur Zerschlagung von Jugoslawien


By Benjamin Works, Director, The Strategic Issues Research Institute

Hack and I, along with a select group of others, have been at war with the KLA over its heroin and terrorist connections. We also knew something about how political money bought this war policy. Here’s the story.

Back in 1995, late in the Bosnian war, I got a reference to a 1986 Senate Resolution proposed by Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, decrying Yugoslavian official oppression of the Albanian population of Kosovo –that’s 1986, when the Albanian Autonomous government was still fully operational. Joseph DioGuardi, a New York Republican, sponsored the companion House Resolution, both of which never emerged from committee.

I got a copy of that Senate Resolution Nr. 150 from the Congressional Register of June 19, 1986 and then let it sit in my file for a long time, while the NATO occupation of Bosnia appeared to keep things calm. Meanwhile, Bob Dole managed to lose the 1996 Presidential Election, then vigorously supported Mr. Clinton’s year-by-year extensions for keeping some 6900 US soldiers in Bosnia.

As the KLA insurrection in Kosovo reached civil war levels, I began to think about that resolution and how it misrepresented history. I had done considerable reading on the origins of the Yugoslav conflicts, pulling Washington Post, New York Times and other reports from the 1980s, bearing on Kosovo and the collapse of the Federative Republic’s communist government under the pressure of ethnic-nationalism.

Well, pieces fit together showing that all along it has been the ethnic nationalist fascist losers of World War II in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo who have been exploiting the political process in Germany and the United States. Their goal has been to effect the division of Yugoslavia and the cleansing of Serbian populations from their territories, while purporting that “Greater Serbia” was the menace to European security and not the post-fascist “Greater Croatia” and “Greater Albania.”……..

It is clear that Bob Dole and Joe DioGuardi, in league with Croat and Bosnian fascist emigrees, worked very effectively to set up US foreign policy to dismantle Yugoslavia and ruin the Serb people. They have succeeded admirably because they were organized and persistent, while their opponents were disorganized and, ultimately, outnumbered by the overwhelming flood of media propaganda. Now, the US taxpayer is on the hook for Billions of Dollars, while our service personnel will be tied down for years in Bosnia and Kosovo, again attempting the kind of nation building that failed so spectacularly in Somalia and Haiti.

For those wishing to inspect the details of these fundraising, I have loaded the summary lists compiled thus far at my website along with a companion reading file on the KLA and Heroin and KLA Drugs.



Mafia Hotels aus der Geldwäsche des Gambino Clans südlich Durres.
Das Hotel Adriatika, Hotel Bel Conit (hier sieht man den überlangen Lincoln noch in 2001, mit dem die Gangster herumfuhren.



Zur Methode der CIA Operation „Riots“ gehörte vor allem, das auch das Wirtschafts Embargo der UN gegen Jugoslawien gezielt unterlaufen wird, weil man aus den Profiten den Krieg und seine Söldner über den CIA, Delta Force und den Mi6 und seine Terroristen Ausbilder der SAS finanzieren konnte.

Der legendäre Cadillac, der 1994 vom Montegrinischen Geheimdienst dem Albanischen Innenminister Agron Musaraj yur Verfügung gestellt wurde, mit Fahrer, um für den Treibstoff Schmuggel nach Serbien über den Grenz Übergang Hani Pot zu organisieren. 1997 wurden damit dann Prostituierte zum Hotel Florida gebracht und 2008 steht das Fahrzeug mit Motor Schaden in der Nähe der American Bank of Albania in Durres bei der See Promenade.
Im Hintergrund die blauen Türme des Sabri Godo, in denen sich die Büro Räume der Bank of Albania befinden und wo die Bankkonten des Waffen Schmuggels um Meico, des Bin Laden Financiers Yassin Kadi etc.. geführt wurden bzw. werden.