Kosovo: „Threatening the Foundations of a World Order“

Kosovo – new Muslim nation arises from a Serbian rib ripped from its cage by George Bush
Tony Dolz

Tony Dolz is a National Security Analyst with the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and author of papers and articles on border security and immigration reform.

By Tony Dolz
February 19, 2008
Kosovo insurgents declared independence from Serbia, Sunday, February 18, 2008.

The Muslim terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army was established in the mid 1990s. Its goal was to create a greater Muslim Albania out of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Kosovo has been under a United Nations protectorate since the end of the war that saw Kosovo taken from Serbia in 1999.

Life in Kosovo has been a nightmare for Serbians and Roma (gypsies). Muslim Albanians civilians have burned many Christian churches, forced Serbians to flee the province and terrorized those that remained. Law enforcement by the United Nation forces have been colossally ineffective at maintaining the peace and to complicate matters the Muslim terrorists who grappled the province from Serbia were given police roles by the UN protectorate. Under UN protection they insurgents also have control of the Parliament. This is like assigning the mice to guard the cheese.

Serbia after the war was corrupted into a puppet government role by the United States, which promised economic aid and a path for elitists in Serbia to get rich on post war reconstruction in exchange for submission and tolerance of the UN protectorate of Kosovo.



February 19, 2008

„Threatening the Foundations of a World Order“
The Independence of Kosovo

Russia has repeatedly made it very clear that it will not recognize nor accept an independent Kosovo but rather uphold Serbia’s historic claim to the province.

Recall how World War I broke out after a Serbian nationalist assassinated the Austro-Hungarian archduke in 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. When the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia, Russia came to the defense of its ally. The alliance system kicked in; Germany and the Ottoman Empire joined the Austro-Hungarian, while France and Britain joined Russia. That system is long gone, but the relationship between Russia and Serbia, deeply rooted in ethnic and religious ties, should not be taken lightly.

Recall how Bill Clinton’s big war was „Operation Allied Force,“ conducted by a somewhat reluctant NATO at U.S. insistence in 1999. Building upon NATO’s „Operation Deliberate Force“ targeting Serbian fighters in Bosnia four years earlier, it resulted in the aerial bombing of a European capital (Belgrade) for the first time since 1945. Human Rights Watch concluded in 2000 that between 488 and 527 Yugoslav civilians were killed as a result of the bombing, which forced Belgrade to obey Washington and withdraw its troops from the heart of the Serbian homeland.

That heart, of course, is Kosovo. Since the seventh century, when the Serbs pressing eastward from Dalmatia established themselves in the old Roman province of Upper Moesia, Kosovo has been the spiritual core of the Serbian nation. The Serbs have shared it with others, notably Albanians, and the Serbian gene-pool is itself complex and changing over time. But Serbian identity was shaped by the Battle of Kosovo Polje (The Field of Blackbirds) against the Ottoman Turks in 1389, in which both Serbian King Lazar and the Ottoman sultan Murad were killed. Modern historians differ about whether this was a draw or heroic defeat of the Serbs; nationalist mythology depicts it as the latter.
…….On Sept. 13, 1999, the Church of Saints Cosma and Damian, built in 1327, was obliterated by a bomb blast. The initials of the Kosovo Liberation Army were painted at the site. By that time some 20 Serbian religious sites had been blown up, including the Dormition of Mother of God parish church, built in 1315. Another 40 others had been attacked or looted. All of this took place after Serbia’s capitulation to Washington in June 1999, and the arrival of the NATO-led „peacekeeping force“ (Kosovo Force; KFOR) presiding over NATO’s new protectorate. KFOR, currently 16,000 strong in a province of two million, has provided some protection for Serbian holy sites; in June 1999 French troops prevented the rape and murder of nuns and a priest at Devic Monastery after the fifteenth century structure had been desecrated and looted by KLA militants. But NATO basically empowered and legitimated forces that proceeded to destroy or desecrate over 70 churches or monasteries by October 1999 (21 in the U.S. zone of responsibility). Meanwhile more than 200,000 Serbs fled the province. During the summer of 1999, 40,000 Serbs fled Pristina.

The destruction continued; 35 sites were attacked in 2004. Last March Decani Monastery (founded in 1327) came under mortar attack. Such incidents are seen by Serbs as not only as assaults on their culture and history but efforts to erase that history.

Some Albanians claim that they were the original inhabitants of Kosovo, a land four-fifths the size of Connecticut. They claim descent from the ancient Illyrians who inhabited the area from about the fourteenth century BCE. It appears as likely they migrated from what is now Albania during the Ottoman period, coming to outnumber the Serbs. One hundred years ago, however, migration into the region brought the Serb population up to the level of the ethnic Albanian: 50/50. Thereafter the greater Albanian birthrate reduced the Serb population to a mere 10% of the total. Following the ethnic cleansing of the last decade, the figure’s down to maybe 4%.
………..The leadership of the newly declared nation of Kosovo is rooted in the KLA; Hashim Thaçi, the new Prime Minister, was a member of its inner circle. The Government of Serbia alleges that he met with Osama bin Laden in Tirana in 1995.
He has been accused of connections with the Albanian, Czech and Macedonian mafia, and of membership in the Drenica Group, controlling 10-15% per cent of criminal activities in Kosovo including arms smuggling, car theft, prostitution and illegal trafficking in oil and cigarettes.


Special Report; Arms Smuggling Routes Enhance Extremist Capabilities in South-West Balkans; Albanian Separatists Expected to Mobilize in Spring if Kosovo Does Not Get Independence
Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis – January 31, 2007, Wednesday


Deutschland vollendet die „Lebensraum – Gewinnung’s “ Politik von Nazi Deutschland mit der Anerkennung des Kosovo

Kosovo: USA und EU vollenden Pläne Hitlers

Das geht aus einer in den USA veröffentlichten Erklärung des Königlichen Rates des serbischen Kronprinzen Alexander Karadjordjevic hervor
Die, 19 Feb 2008 20:44:00

Washington,(19.02.2008)-Der Tag der Ausrufung der Unabhängigkeit des Kosovo geht als Schande für Europa und die USA, aber auch als Vollendung der Pläne von Mussolini und Hitler in Bezug auf das ehemalige Jugoslawien in die Geschichte ein.
Das geht aus einer in den USA veröffentlichten Erklärung des Königlichen Rates hervor, der ein Konsultativorgan des serbischen Thronfolgers, Kronprinz Alexander Karadjordjevic, ist.“Auf dem serbischen Territorium wurde ein Teil des Projektes von Mussolini und Hitler vollendet“, so der Rat. Wie es heißt, ist der 17. Februar 2008 ein Datum, dass „in der Geschichte mit Schande bedeckt“ sein wird.Die Schuldigen sind laut dem Dokument „nicht die Albaner, sondern diejenigen, die sie unterstützt, anerkannt, gefördert und finanziert haben“.

Die Autoren werfen Europa vor, seine Prinzipien verletzt zu haben. Die USA werden beschuldigt, die Ideale der großen amerikanischen Präsidenten – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln und Woodrow Wilson – verraten zu haben.“An diesem Tag hat Europa sein Gesicht verloren, seine Geschichte entehrt und gezeigt, dass es in seinem Organismus den Virus des eigenen Scheiterns trägt. An diesem Tag hat Amerika Washington, Lincoln und Wilson verraten“, steht es im Dokument.

In einer weiteren Erklärung teilte Kronprinz Alexander mit, „tief geschockt und verletzt zu sein und das Geschehene mit Schmerz aufgenommen zu haben“.“Heute fühle ich, dass die ganze Welt gegen unser Volk auftritt und eine tiefe Ungerechtigkeit begeht“, so der serbische Thronfolger.

Der Sohn von Peter II., dem letzten König von Jugoslawien, betonte, dass in der Situation um das Kosovo das „Völkerrecht verletzt wurde“, und bat die internationale Gemeinschaft um Hilfe.“Ich rufe die internationale Gemeinschaft laut dazu auf, Freundschaft und Verständnis zu zeigen und bitte, die Verhandlungen mit unserer Regierung unverzüglich fortzusetzen und das serbische Volk in diesem für unsere Geschichte kritischen Moment nicht im Stich zu lassen“, äußerte der Kronprinz.Zudem rief er dazu auf, die Sicherheit der serbischen Minderheit im Kosovo sicherzustellen und „alle Kirchen und Gebetstätten der Serbischen orthodoxen Kirche gänzlich zu schützen“.

Nach Beginn des Zweiten Weltkriegs lehnte Peter II. die Zusammenarbeit mit Hitler ab und war gezwungen, nach Großbritannien ins Exil zu gehen. Nach dem Krieg kamen in Jugoslawien die Kommunisten an die Macht, die dem Monarchen und der gesamten königlichen Familie die jugoslawische Staatsangehörigkeit aberkannten und ihr Eigentum beschlagnahmten.

Kronprinz Alexander wurde 1945 in London geboren. Seine Pateneltern waren König Georg VI. von Großbritannien und Königin Elisabeth II.Nach dem Krieg zog Peter II. in die USA, wo er 1970 starb. Er wurde in der jugoslawischen orthodoxen Kirche des Heiligen Sawa bei Chicago (US-Bundesstaat Illionois) beigesetzt.

Kronprinz Alexander wurde vor acht Jahren die jugoslawische Staatsangehörigkeit zurückgegeben. Er lebt gegenwärtig in Belgrad.

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Sankt Gallen/Belgrad,(18.02.200cool -Der Gesamtwert der Immobilien im Kosovo beträgt nach Einschätzung der staatlichen Organe und von Experten rund 220 Milliarden US-Dollar. Vier Milliarden US-Dollar davon entfallen auf das Privatvermögen der aus der Region vertriebenen 30 000 serbischen Familien, berichtet die Agentur Tanjug

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