BiH Presidency Chairman Komsic starts blog

BiH Presidency Chairman Komsic starts blog


On January 25th, BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic became the third public figure in the country to start a blog. The response has been huge.

By Zeljana Grubisic for Southeast European Times – 08/02/08

photoBosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic. [Getty Images]

Although he is busy running state affairs, Zeljko Komsic — at 44, the youngest member of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) tripartite presidency — found time to start his own blog on January 25th. He is the third public figure in the country to become a blogger, after British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft and the director of the Sarajevska Zima Festival, Ibrahim Spahic.

Komsic’s blog,, allows anyone to correspond with the president. About 450 bloggers replied immediately to the president’s first entry, most expressing widespread enthusiasm for Komsic as a person and as a politician. Bloggers are delighted that the president is directly available to the public and said this is evidence of his open political agenda and personal substance.

„It is my expressed honour as an older (in years and experience) blogger to leave the very first comment…welcome my president and BiH Army co-sufferer during the war…Thank you for all your efforts to slow down the nationalistic cattle…Don’t let the councillors write your blog…it should be written by you or no one,“ writes umorni. …………………

Selma84 praises Komsic for communicating directly with an internet audience. „Respected president, welcome! It is good to see you online. To be able to contact the president of the country is an excellent move … unbelievable… if the tripartite presidency is abolished and only one president is voted in, I will vote for you. In fact, I volunteer to help with the campaign.“

Few bloggers seemed unmoved by the unprecedented access to the president. One of the few, rooney88 says, „Eh, we just needed you…first that Brit…then spaha [Ibrahim Spahija]…and now you…I don’t know why they advertise you instead of so many good bloggers


Der Bosnische Präsident startet einen eigenen blog um mit der Bevölkerung zu kommunzieren! Eine sehr gute Idee, auch wenn wohl der blog von einem seiner Adiviser betreut wird. So hat man direkten Zugang zur Bevölkerung denn die EU und UN Repräsentanz ist wohl nur ein desaströser Vorgang der die absolute Unfähigkeit der Westlichen Politiker dokumentiert.