Robert Gelbard, der die Kosovo UCK – KLA als Terroristische Organisation dokumentierte

Robert Gelbard

Hier der beeindruckende Lebenslauf von Gelbard

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Nur zur historischen Aufbereitung, einige klare Aussagen aus Amerika, das die UCK-KLA eine Terror Gruppe ist. Die Verhaftungen und Verurteilungen sprechen sowieso ein klares Wort.

Aus dem US Senats Bericht über die UCK Terroristen

The UCK is, without any questions, a terrorist group,‘ Gelbard said.“

July 21, 1998

Ambassador Robert Gelbard,
Special Envoy for the Balkans,
United States Department of State
2201 C Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20520


Sunday, June 28, 1998 Published at 12:41 GMT 13:41 UK

World: Europe

The KLA – terrorists or freedom fighters?

Der Report stellt fest, das die Führungs Etage der KLA Banden eine Gruppe von Radikalen und Islamischen Extremisten ist, ebenso von Drogen SChmugglern.

In February 1998, Robert Gelbard, Clinton’s envoy for Kosovo, said that the KLA „is, without any questions, a terrorist group.“

In February 1998, Robert Gelbard, Clinton’s envoy for Kosovo, said that the KLA „is, without any questions, a terrorist group.“

Intelligence folks say Gelbard’s assessment is dead on the money. The KLA’s leadership and ranks are filled with radicals, Islamic crazies and heavy haters who are as responsible as Milosevic’s worst thugs for the catastrophe visited on the tormented people of Yugoslavia.

International cops say the KLA includes global drug dealers and arms smugglers who’ve been in bed with the Albanian Mafia for years. The lawmen report that profits from these shady deals armed the KLA and financed their guerrilla attacks on the Serbian police, military and the residents of Kosovo — terrorist assaults that along with Serbian brutality certainly helped trigger the shootout in Yugoslavia in the first place.

Once again, as with the 1990s Afghanistan War, we may find ourselves relearning the hard lesson that yesterday’s freedom fighters can easily become tomorrow’s terrorists. America has a long history of training and arming the Manuel Noriegas and Saddam Husseins only to have their soldiers kill ours when they’re no longer our favorite thugs.

So the civilian laptop commandos must stop playing Oliver North and give up on the wrongheaded idea of supporting the KLA on the sly.

Secret armies composed of wild-eyed thugs and idealistic kids don’t work. The KLA must be disarmed, or American peacekeepers will pay a price in the minefields of Kosovo.

Col. David Hackworth is co-author of the 1989 international best seller, „About Face“ and the subsequent „Brave Men.“ His latest book is „Hazardous Duty.“…hackworth.html

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August 5, 1998

An Accomplice to War in Kosovo?
by Gary Dempsey

Gary Dempsey is a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute.

In its latest foreign policy scramble, the Clinton administration is trying to reverse the perception that it favors independence for Serbia’s embattled Kosovo province, where more than 300 guerrillas, policemen and civilians have been killed since February. Making its first public criticism of the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army, the Contact Group (representatives of the United States and five European nations) issued a statement recently admonishing the KLA and stressing that „violence is inadmissible and will not solve the problem of Kosovo.“ The Contact Group also announced that it will seek a United Nations Security Council resolution calling on the insurgents and the Serbian government to agree to a cease-fire.

Flirting with KLA terrorists: support is building to arm the KLA to fight against the Serbs in Kosovo, though evidence suggests it is a drug-smuggling, leftist terrorist group with plans of conquest. (World: Kosovo Liberation Army).

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The Lies Of The Racak „Massacre“ And Other Myths Of Kosovo

Remember why NATO spent 78-days bombing Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999?


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