NATO Communication Zone West, COMMZ (W) bei Durres

Communication Zone (West)

Communication Zone West (General information).

Communication Zone West, COMMZ (W), is a subordinate command of the KFOR NATO-led international force maintaining stability in Kosovo and throughout the Balkans.
Although organized on 1 September 1999 as COMMZ (W), Italian Forces deployed from the original phase of this operation. During „ALLIED HARBOR“, an Italian Brigade (Task Force North) was under AFOR as early as April 1999 and deployed in its current location (Plepa Compound) near Durres.
COMMZ (W) maintains open access of the Lines of Communication (LOC) throughout Albania and along the Albanian/ Kosovo border supporting the mission of KFOR and Operation „JOINT GUARDIAN“.
COMMZ (W) operates under the immediate direction of KFOR (REAR) Headquarters.

Communication Zone West (Structure).

COMMZ (W) is composed of soldiers from six countries (Italy, Greece, Turkey, United States, France, Germany and Poland), with Italy as the leading nation. Moreover, a large contingent of Italian Forces that support COMMZ (W) headquarters and Italian Forces assigned to KFOR is based in Durres.
COMMZ (W) structure consists of the headquarters‘ staff, a Combat Support Unit, an Italian Budget and Finance section, an Combat Service Support Unit including logistic support assets and a Field Hospital, an Infantry Regiment, a Greek Battalion, an Air Cavalry Tactical Group, a Carabinieri Company and a Turkish Platoon as Military Police.